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  1. I think if you took a look at the club racing scene back in the day you would find that reflected pretty much what the article discovered. I used to race Kyosho, starting with an Optima Pro, then upgrading to Optima mid, Lazer ZX and then Lazer ZXR. The majority of guys in my club ran Kyosho as they performed well, were robust, easy to work on and parts availability was good. I don’t think anyone raced a Tamiya, (Seen as more of a ‘toy’) or Associated, Yokomo etc ( too ‘exotic’). There was a couple of Schumachers in the club but they were owned by guys who raced at national level too if I remember correctly.
  2. Not going to argue with you, but he said he wanted a new transmitter that would work with the car. The receiver is 27mhz, therefore any 27mhz transmitter will work, with the correct crystals.
  3. Any 2 channel 27mhz transmitter will work with any 27mhz receiver, regardless of brand. They should all be capable of operating a manual speed controller servo, or an electronic speed controller, as well as a steering servo.
  4. No problem. There’s usually plenty on eBay for under £20 so you should be able to find something.
  5. Assuming the receiver is 27mhz, (which it should say on the top) then any 27mhz transmitter should work, as long as you have matching crystals. Plenty on eBay etc.
  6. I don’t mean any offence by this, but with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment a few model car bodyshells being sat in a depot somewhere is hardly going to be anybody’s priority, as frustrating as it may be for you. It’s not the end of the world, they will turn up eventually I’m sure. Be patient, and as others have said above, maybe buy some more bits and pieces to keep you busy.
  7. Depends what gives you the most enjoyment. I don’t ‘get’ the whole shelf queen thing personally, these cars are built to be used, abused and enjoyed, imho of course.
  8. Crystals arrived today, cheers 👍
  9. I raced one of them many years ago, but sadly sold it to upgrade to an Optima mid. There’s a couple on eBay at the moment but they are big money. I’d love another.
  10. Absolutely. I’m sorting through a load of old bits and pieces at the moment and anything I don’t need will end up in here.
  11. I’ll give you a shout next time I’m heading out with the car, not sure if it will be next week as I’m expecting a baby any day now!
  12. I can see the racecourse from my house, I’m just over the hill in Bevendean. Is your photo of the MX track on Wilson’s Avenue?
  13. Hi @•Axle, whereabouts in Brighton are you? Myself and @Dweeb are Brighton too.
  14. If the crystals are still available I could use those please.
  15. I got bored over lockdown, started reminiscing and got bullied into it by @Dweeb
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