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  1. Might sound obvious but have you checked that the grub screw on the pinion is properly aligned and tightened on the ‘flat’ on the motor shaft?
  2. I guess a lot of it depends on what you enjoy about the hobby. I’m not interested in scale realism, and could never consign a car to shelf duties. I own them to drive them, so for me it’s all about how it performs. Tamiya stuff has never been massively competitive in 1:10 off road, which is my main interest, so I’ve only actually owned a couple of them over the years. I’ve built plenty for friends and family though.
  3. Arrived today- very generous of you. They will make my nephew very happy. Thanks mate 👍
  4. I don’t wish to sound negative, but hornets are dreadful off road. They tend to bounce around all over the place due to the rear suspension design. Tends to take the fun out of driving it, which is the whole point of these cars. As others have mentioned, a DT03 or DT02 (sand viper) would be a better bet. EDIT- I see you’ve bought a Terra Scorcher- good choice 👍
  5. If you’re in the UK my brother could use those please- he just dug his old Super Hornet out for his son to learn with and has no batteries.
  6. Cheers, sounds good. That’s another avenue I can investigate 👍
  7. Thanks all for the advice. A friend has a spare 2.4g Tx that I was hoping to use, but if it’s not possible / straightforward I’ve got a spare 27mhz set so my easiest option will be to use that, if I can get this one out ( it looks to have been glued in!)
  8. Apologies if this has been covered but I’m after a little advice. Being ‘old school’ ( or just old!) I’m only experienced with 27mhz radio gear, and swapping crystals etc. I have recently bought a car that has a 2.4g receiver in it, but I don’t have a transmitter with it. If I get hold of a 2.4 g transmitter, is it just a case of ‘pairing’ it, or is it not that simple?
  9. I think if you took a look at the club racing scene back in the day you would find that reflected pretty much what the article discovered. I used to race Kyosho, starting with an Optima Pro, then upgrading to Optima mid, Lazer ZX and then Lazer ZXR. The majority of guys in my club ran Kyosho as they performed well, were robust, easy to work on and parts availability was good. I don’t think anyone raced a Tamiya, (Seen as more of a ‘toy’) or Associated, Yokomo etc ( too ‘exotic’). There was a couple of Schumachers in the club but they were owned by guys who raced at national level too if I remember correctly.
  10. Not going to argue with you, but he said he wanted a new transmitter that would work with the car. The receiver is 27mhz, therefore any 27mhz transmitter will work, with the correct crystals.
  11. Any 2 channel 27mhz transmitter will work with any 27mhz receiver, regardless of brand. They should all be capable of operating a manual speed controller servo, or an electronic speed controller, as well as a steering servo.
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