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  1. Yeah it's not the best I was a bit dissapointed in it to tell you the truth... Looks the business but it's very fragile... Specially the front hubs..... My sons lunchbox is great he's bashed that about and not a single problem....
  2. Wow great quality fix. That's an awsome job. I. Might have a go at that if not out comes the jbweld lol... Thanksq
  3. Thanks for advise..... I'll get some straight away. Would you suggest roughing the outside up and spreading a small amount around the outside or just a small ball of it in the shaft.... I'm thinking a small amount round the outside. After a bit of keying up for it to grip to.
  4. Hi there thanks for the info I will be straight on the Bay and getting me some jb weld lol...
  5. Hi there I'm new to site. I'm just getting back into rc cars again and I bought the cool looking subaru brat. But I'm kind of regretting buying this model as I'm having major problems with the front uprights. They keep separating and th wheels fall off. I've bought two sets already and I've got a third ready to put on. I was just wondering it there was an upgraded part or a single piece part to replace it with. As this problem is getting me annoyed now. Please see picture this is the same on both sides happened at the same time both fell off and it rolled to a stop.... Any ides would be excellent thanks in advance.....
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