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  1. The part i needed is the L9 in the circle. Appreciate the help but i managed to get the part from someone on a Facebook group who kindly posted it to me so all up and running again now! Thankyou. Could admin please close this post? Cheers
  2. Hello peeps Anyone got this L part they wanna sell for the Zahhak by any chance?? Cant find it anywhere apart from Tamico but you gotta spend minimum £135. Cheers Dom
  3. This is still for sale. Will take £100 plus postage, grab yourself a bargain!
  4. Im putting funds together for a monster truck so probably not, but thanks for asking!
  5. Haven't worked out pricing for the hop ups, not in a rush to sell but will sort it soon. Cheers for looking
  6. Would like it all to go to a good home, would rather not split
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