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  1. Too bad RC Bearings doesn't ship to US. I think I will get the "Metal"
  2. The manual doesn't provide much detail info about the antenna even the MFC-01 manual. I think I will just hide the antenna / receiver cable inside the truck.
  3. I am thinking to use this regular ball bearings Tamiya #54579. Price is more reasonable.
  4. I am thinking just to use regular ball bearings cause the rubber shielded and the metal shielded are pretty expensive. Don't know if that make a big difference? Btw, where do you use the metal shielded one?
  5. What antenna do you use? I prefer not to use antenna for the truck. Thanks!
  6. Do you prefer ball bearing, rubber sealed ball bearing or Fluorine sealed ball bearing? Thanks!
  7. That looks nice! I plan to purchase the Tamiya 40-FOOT Container # 56326 & the Motorized Support Legs # 56505. Will the Coupler Lever Plate still fits with all these? *What is the alum plates on the top left & right? Are those third party option parts? Thanks!
  8. Ok. I see! I found a real truck pic and their antenna locations. I think I better not to use antenna because Tamiya one seems not proportion to the real thing. Thanks!
  9. The truck I have is Actros 1851. According to the manual, the antenna will be installed at a different location. Maybe those antenna won't fit?
  10. Exactly what I am thinking to do. Thanks!
  11. Hi Thinking to upgrade the Diff shaft / Axle shaft on my Actros 1851. It looks like they are a bit difference. Can someone confirm if it will fit? *Is it worth to upgrade? This option part is a bit pricey... ITEM# 56554 RC REINFORCED AXLE SHAFT SET https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tractor-truck-option-parts/rc-reinforced-axle-shaft-set/ Thanks!
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