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  1. Thanks for the info/link. I checked the site and saw how the brake discs attach. One day I'll try to gamble and purchase online from them. On a side note, I'm always amazed how many of these Japanese RC aftermarket companies are out there—but only selling to their domestic market. Must be a large local market if they can survive. Made me think about some of the Hong Kong brands and how they're the opposite and push their products to the global market.
  2. Wow. Those are somewhat rare. Only second time I've seen those arms--they were from Japan right? And do those brake calipers stay in place when the wheels/axles rotate?
  3. Thanks guys. Those are all some amazing TT-01s! @speedy_w_beans how does that chassis perform compared to the basic TT-01? @TurnipJF love the touch of that carbon upper frame and GPM battery heat sink. Thanks for the advice, I most likely will do some toe in. Have you raced a TT-02 and able to comapre? @hedge Ok that must be one insane setup. Love it. How does the chassis and transmission/drivetrain hold up? @mtbkym01 one of the more unique shells I've seen, looks very cool @svenb that's one clean kit, for the short wheelbase do you just flip the front and rear arms? I think I read about that somewhere. Anything else needed?
  4. (Not sure if this thread exist, I tried looking but didn't look far back enough .) Anyone want to share photos of your TT-01 (can be any variant). From exterior, body work, and shell off. Been holding out on getting another kit but had to pull the trigger on a TT-01E even if it's old because I have a thing for the Mercedes 190E 2.5-1.6 EVOII—the actual car and story. I can't wait to build it as a runner and very excited. In the meantime, it would be cool to see photos of everyone's TT-01 build to get me more excited and inspired . Anyone want to start? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Was surprised how much technology has changed and trying to imagine someone BITD racing against with someone with current servo tech. I think for general running I’ll just get something average.
  6. Working on an F103 and I was looking at the manual (it's an old Lotus 107B) and they have the Adspec/CPR unit as an example tx/rx/servo in the manual. So I looked up the TP-S148 servo and I noticed how low and slow the torque (3kg-cm) and speed (.22 sec) specs are and I'm assuming this was at 6.0V. I know it's an F1 car but was this enough back in the day? And is it enough nowadays? How much torque and speed is just enough for an F1 kit? Thanks.
  7. I personally and selfishly do want Tamiya to go back into the off-road buggy scene with new 2WD and 4WD TRF chassis. I think if they really made an effort they could do so well (but maybe it would hurt their bottom line). I watched a couple of videos from Lee Martin where he talked about his 201 and 511 (511X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0hmxVsW0l0, 201X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggR4o5OJp_Q). While running those cars he won the European Championship. It sounds like the TRFs had a lot of respect from pro drivers and the cars were as capable as their drivers. But it's probably too much of a gamble for Tamiya since RC racing doesn't seem to have the same hype with the general public as before. It just bothers me because I think about 1:1 cars and imagine BMW not having their M division anymore, Nissan without their Nismo, Mercedes their AMG, or Audi and their RS cars, and so on.
  8. Sounds like on-road is where most things are at? Just made me think of drift and the rise of drag racing here in the States. Of course aside from crawlers. Is the off-road buggy 1/10, 1/8, declining still the same? I probably have to find myself a TRF buggy before they become unicorns.
  9. What are your thoughts or even experiences with Tamiya's TRF line? Is it only for very experienced drivers/Tamiya fans? Is it starting to phase out? I was looking back at some of the TRF vehicles and started reading up on a number of them and the TRF brand. Very fascinating. Was doing research on the 4WD 501X and it has such an interesting story and how it sounded like the mule car was a frankenstein of parts including from various manufacturers (i.e., Yokomo, AE, Losi), in addition to the TA05 chassis being a base, until the the final product. I understand, for some time now, they don't have contracts with pro drivers or don't seem to participate in the race arena anymore. It looks like 4 kits have been produced after they stepped away from the race scene (419XR, TRF103, 201XR, 420). So with all that being said, I wonder if Tamiya will still keep producing kits for the TRF line? Or is there no demand for it even within the Tamiya community? is it a price issue? My dream would be for them to produce a new 4WD buggy but I know that's unlikely. But, would you pay the price for a TRF buggy if a new one came out?
  10. Thanks, everyone. I guess it sounds like there is no way of knowing. I wish it was more straightforward similar to the camera industry where they have a roadmap of what's to come—way in advance instead of announce months before the actual release.
  11. For those who have been into Tamiya RCs for quite some time, when Tamiya decides on a reissue/re-release is there a pattern on what comes out? For example, is it loosely based on a chronological timeline on when a series of vehicle(s) originally came out? Or is it just an arbitrary decision? I noticed that some kits/groups are from a certain year(s), but then some are not. Do they mix and match decades? Is it somewhat predictable like what years might come out? Been wondering because I’ve been looking/thinking of getting some old NIB on auction but want to wait because they’re so pricey. But I missed out on a few may times and regret. If there is somewhat a pattern then I’ll hold out. Sorry if this is posted in the General section, it’s not really a specific model or release question but something more general. Thanks. Some of the ones I’ve been interested in are: Dyna Storm Toyata Hi-Lux Monster Racer (or Nissan King Cab if I really have to) Wild One (missed out on this when it was still available) Thunder Shot
  12. I think the only way nowadays for an NIB is to buy on fleabay and pay a higher price, unfortunately. Or buy from overseas or used and just upgrade the parts. I held out a bit last year and now the kits I wanted are gone.
  13. Interesting how a tuk tuk company’s sticker is on it :). Sounds like a tough one unless some enthusiast from Thailand can help out
  14. That’s exciting! I hope you feel find that sponsor detail. I remember when I read this post initially I briefly tried looking for it. It’s those little details that are tough.
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