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  1. Not sure if the "Be careful, generalising about Chinese manufacturing is probably racist (even though it's still quite common)." is directed at me. But I want to clear something up and want to make sure my post isn't taken out of context. First, I have not said a negative comment about Chinese manufacturing or the notion of "hate" on anything. My title does not indicate anything about that. I'm not generalizing. My point is, does it matter if Tamiya is still made in Japan? For me, the mid-range to high end kits do (and even some other products like static models and hop ups). I've never had an issue with their lower priced kits/parts/minis that are made in the Philippines because they are still very excellent and meant to be more affordable, and it has been that way for close to three decades. But if a re-re Egress or Avante will be made in China or the Philippines, will I pay the same premium price or desire it as much? At that level, Tamiya's made in Japan culture seems to be part of the brand and novelty. When an RC10 re-re came out I struggled to get it because it was more than the original that was made in the US. And when the original was on sale, it was 1/3 of what the re-re was that was made in China (even with China having lower labor cost). I'm specifically talking about Tamiya and RC cars and nothing beyond that. As for UK made 1:1 cars, I have no comment on that but I would've preferred the Cat XLS be made in the UK. And changing the question to yours about permitting poor quality products? It doesn't make sense as a business question, why would any decent brand want that? Unless you're making fun of it. I've been in Japan and worked there a number of times and I can't see a brand like Tamiya or similar that would do or think that. Perhaps you missed the title of the thread? I don't know how it turned into a British thing but what was wrong with title of the thread? It's genuinely a Tamiya + Japan specific question. I have RC parts made from other countries and I don't care as long as they are good companies with good products. And if the innovation starts from them, I don't mind paying a premium.
  2. I had started a thread somewhere and I noticed someone mentioned bringing the cost down—I guess in order to compete with other brands. And I've read many times about people being upset with how Tamiya prices their kits and products compared to what you can get from other brands. I agree that Tamiya can get expensive but I'm rarely bothered when it comes to their mid-range to high end kits because they're still made in Japan (and some of the hop-ups). Sometimes "made in Japan" can be the selling point for me. I can't think of prime American RC brands that are still made in the US. Team Associated and Losi may be designed in the US but then they can be made in China (even the re-re RC10), and this goes for crawler/truck brands. There might be aftermarket brands (like MIP) that are made in the US but they're relatively expensive. I recall my re-re Cat XLS and I don't think there were markings as to where it's made and I'm sure if it was made in the UK it would've proudly been noted—but also more expensive (is it made in the UK?). And then the Kyosho re-res that are now made in Taiwan instead of Japan. I think they had to upgrade the components to justify the price point and for people to be ok that it's not made in Japan anymore. Made me think that if the Egress or Avante re-re was made in China, obviously with a lower price point, would I desire it as much or care as much? Would it still be unique? I always felt that part of the novelty of Tamiya is that it can be made in Japan. How about for the rest of you? Do you care about the mid to high end Tamiya RCs (including hop-ups) being made in Japan?
  3. Loving the responses! After a long day at work, I'm sitting down and drinking, while reading and getting entertained. I'm with some on TRF and spare/hop up parts, better electronics, etc. I want TRF tools too. I do wonder if they will listen today or pay much attention to the market outside of Japan. Back then they did with the TRF line but now that's gone. It seems like they know their products will sell no matter what. I think Tamiya is in a very unique position compared to other RC brands.
  4. Tamiya has some interesting recent and new releases (i.e., QuadTrack, TC01, Blockhead Wild One, TD4, 4WD Saint Dragon, more TT02s, etc.) and it’s quite fascinating—how Tamiya can develop primarily for their market and still find large audiences around the world. If you worked for Tamiya’s RC division as one of the decision makers or lead designers/engineers, what kind of vehicle (or parts) would you want to develop or launch? And what would be the realistic price point?
  5. @Mad Ax Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading the review and pictures. Made me feel the ambience of weather and the meal with the beer. Congrats on wining the Lunchbox/raffle.
  6. Yeah haha makes sense. By they way, those kits you mentioned some I've never seen and looks terrible. Reminds of the time I came across the Wild Ceptor. Always wonder how it runs.
  7. Thanks @Juggular for all those examples/photos. Good point. I started looking at photos and it didn't seem too big, even the box. I probably have to build one without the MFCU—that thing is expensive! And yes, I wouldn'tt get a trailer. As for the ORV, last year I almost bought the blue edition Subaru Brat but waited too long. Sorry about that, I was referring to CC01 but instead posted CR01.
  8. Haha! I wasn't paying much attention and I meant CC01 vs CC02. Was just seeing CC01 instead of CR01 as the recommendation. Nice one! Makes want to build one. I remember seeing those two similar halves from the Tamiya catalog. Have to revisit it. Had the same thought about the TT02. It's almost better to be the worst if not the best at something instead of just being mediocre. Perhaps it's the reason why I haven't pulled the trigger on a TT02.
  9. I think the only others I've built are TC01, Grasshopper, and Storm Dragon. I do have other Tamiya kits but haven't built them yet or currently restoring them: TRF501X, DN01/TRF201, F103, F103GT, RM01, GF01, DB01RRR, TA02SW, M02, TF03, TL01, TA03R TRF, TT01E, TB03.
  10. Wow! Thanks for the responses. Seems like there are a few popular recommendations. Green ones are what I can get to sooner than later I think and purple are what's intriguing. 1. TRF501X — didn't see that coming. Thanks @djmcnz ! I actually have an unbuilt one that I'll build but not sure if I'll run it much so maybe I'll be ok with the screws not fusing. 2. Hot Shot — tough one not that I can't build it, probably just sad memories as my brother had one and he never let me drive it. Maybe I'll go for the Super Shot. 3. Novafox — this is a good one, always almost pulled the trigger on this but I don't why I end up not doing it. It takes a back seat a lot but thanks @Jonathon Gillham about the note on quick in stock form and unique chassis—that definitely increase the preference for this. 4. Lunchbox or similar chassis — man, I've seen this come up many times but I somewhat agree on how terrible this one is. Or maybe unsatisfying? I was just over at a friend's place testing it out. Very simple design but not as fun as a Grasshopper in my opinion. My friend didn't seem to like it as well. I do have a GF01 to build so might be too close. 5. Truck — this is a must at some point. I remember someone telling me that I wouldn't be a true Tamiya enthusiast if I don't build one. Just not sure if I have the room to store it as I live in a tiny house. 6. High-Lift/3 speed — I'll look into this. I'm curious but my interest isn't enough yet for the price. I know this is different but my next build is a 2 speed non-Tamiya crawler so it'll be interesting later to compare. 7. CR01 — almost got one but hesitated because of some negative review vs the CR02. But maybe it qualifies for the criteria. 8. SRB — this is good. Had a thread last week I think and some mentioned an SRB. I did order one and I think this might be a requirement for any Tamiya enthusiast. 9. Grasshopper/Hornet — done it so I can skip this one. 10. Bigwig — hmm gotta think about this one. I don't know why I've never been a fan of it, maybe it's because I when I was a kid I knew someone who literally wore a wig and had a Bigwig and I thought it was so uncool. It was a windy day and as the Bigwig made a pass his wig flew off of his head and landed in front of me. 11. M-06 — didn't see that one too and didn't know it could be a bland build experience. Someone recommended the R but maybe I should just do an M-08? 12. ORV — I did like the Monster Beetle when I was kid. But aside from the Lunchbox CW01, I think this is another where I've see a split on likes/dislikes. 10. Tamtech Gear GB03 exploded view — haha! I think that would be interesting but not sure if they sell these anymore? 11.1/700 scale Yamato — interesting but not to keen yet on static stuff. I do have a few in store but mostly figures.
  11. Is there such a thing? What's the worse kit/chassis that a true Tamiya fan owns or has to build? I'm looking for an interesting challenge/initiation as long as it's still attainable for a relatively affordable price.
  12. Are you referring to the Hobbywing Quicrun 1060? No experience with the 1080 but the 1060 might limit/cut off the power when things get too much/hot for it, which I've noticed. From my experience it's an overrated ESC—sometimes even a Super Stock RZ will tax it depending on the gearing. Definitely noticed how it struggles with a 32-35k rpm motor, no punch when it gets hot vs an older powerful brushed ESC which was consistent (but this was on a buggy/tarmac). As for ESCs, two come to mind that's still being produced: a KO Propo VFS-FR2 Pro—I believe it has no motor limit but unsure if you have to re-program it (I have one but wont be trying it soon though). The other is a Tekin RSX Pro, quite expensive. I believe you can use it for both brushed and brushless (but double check). Brushed setup will have a motor limit of 6T. If you're going 14T, Futaba has the MC330cr (goes up to 13T). I don't know much about new LRP ESCs as I'm in the US but I have two old ones: LRP AI Automatic Pro Digital Reverse (10T) and an F1 Bullet (no limit). I think those two are good alternatives if you can still find them—at least it's easier to find them vs older brushed Novak ESCs or older reliable Tekin ESCs.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I did state in my question that I was asking based on performance and I'd just assume with my list having TRF at the top it would be based on overall performance alone. I don't dislike terrible performing ones as you can have fun with it, for example a Grasshopper with a torque tuned motor running on pavement to me is a lot of fun. Maybe to make it clear, from a performance/track, and overall capability how would you rank the chassis? Maybe even competitive during their time. I'm sure there are a lot of fun and entertaining chassis out there that aren't designed for overall performance but those are more obvious. As a side note, I just built a Storm Dragon and pre-ordered a Wild One (Blockhead) based on subjectivity and for fun. From my perspective, the DN01 shares parts with the TRF201 so it has a lot of potential especially with fine tuning and some upgrades for casual track runs. I don't know how competitive it would be with other racing today but it would definitely be capable on a track vs other Tamiya chassis. As for fun, like others have expressed, sometimes it doesn't mean a super capable car can be a lot of fun. I feel a lot of the race spec RCs are precise, tunable, quick, durable, but not a lot of drive character. That's quite dead on. I was impressed with the Blitzer and from what I can tell from watching speed runs it's a tough one. That's interesting. I did notice something like that on the 2020 Tamiya catalog based on the copy. For example: - "The Perfect Choice to Get Started in the the World of R/C buggies!" = TT02B - "Cut straight to the action—hassle-free build, great drive!" = Racing Fighter, Neo Fighter, Aqroshot (DT-03s) - "Racing Buggies" = and they list Dark Impact/DF-03, Sand Viper/DT-02, and Zahhak/DN-01 Anyway, I was here to look for performance oriented kits but seeing @Re-Bugged's video, and mentions by @Juggular, @djmcnz, @Mad Ax, and that entry by @KEV THE REV about "work of art," I'm starting to rethink of getting one!
  14. As an observer back in the day, that was probably one of the best value/underrated 2wd chassis. Glad I was able to get one and squirrel some TRF201 parts. I'm still hesitant getting an SRB because I've seen mixed impressions from people who've had them. I need to test drive one myself though.
  15. Haha! Not trying to start a fire hehe. Just really curious from a subjective point of view. I only have five 2WD Tamiya buggies with a few more I'm eyeing. Just don't want to get mediocre/underwhelming chassis because I don't have room and don't want to waste time middle of the road ones.
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