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  1. Well, thanks for advice. It is the light buckets that became loose and almost fell off. I will stay away from hotglue and try some of the other stuff thats mentioned.
  2. Ok, the problem is this. Included two sided tape just dont hold the headlight and rear lights. This was experienced today when my son drove around with his car for a while today. Weather conditions was this, sunny but alittle bit wet asphalt which dried up pretty fast. Some moist on the inside of the body did happen. So, will hot glue do the trick or should I get some semi heavy duty tape for this?
  3. Here is a post that takes up your questions Carmine A I have built two TT01E´s and have the TT02R now on my bench to be built in the near future. And the TT01E is fun to build and easy. It gave my son ALOT of knowledge of the mechanics and how stuff in a car works.
  4. And now we´r back on plan. Got a HPI Supra body of ebay! So now its a waiting game for hop-ups, electronics and bodyshell
  5. Im aware of that body. Im looking for a styled FnF look body. That Pandora body is the closest to what I wanted but as I mentioned the back looks awful and wrong.
  6. After looking and searching and abusing google to find someone that sells the HPI body, I have decided that it will not be a Fast and Furious Supra body on this car. I have emailed alot of stores and no one have it in store, not even Ebay or rcMart. The reason for this is simple, the Pandora body looks nice in the front but the rear looks so WRONG and also reading reviews about the Pandora bodies and when compared to other brands I will not use them. So, back to planing for the bodywork for the car
  7. And I agree with you. It looks cool, but thats it. After seeing some videos on youtube I´ve got the impression that you say. I think the winner will be the HPI body if I can find a store that sells it. Looks like its hard to get
  8. Thank you for inputs and suggestions, I appreciate it alot! When it comes to the body, its a nut to crack for me. I have two good candidates now and one thats a reserve: The two candidates is: - HPI Supra Aero body, this I like because of the allround looks and the parts that follows the kit. - Pandora Supra, the kit with Bomex style front, but the rear bumper looks kinda akward and it has got less options than the HPI kit The reserve is, Tamiya Toyota Supra Racing (A80) body. Its a reserve because It don´t have the "propper" styling Hard to choose and I got time to think and make up my mind. But if anyone has inputs or experience with these manufaturers, please let me know your thoughts
  9. Now the issues will be to find someone that has the correct shell i stock..
  10. OK, now the details for the body has been decided. A phrase from a movie will give a hint of what the car will look like "I owe you a 10 second car" And there will be different wheels and I cant find the Bomex style body so I will buy one that looks close enough. The paint job and decals will be as it should
  11. Superb, this was the confirmation I needed. Then I can start ordering shell and wheels soon
  12. Just a thing. Does HPI body shells fit the TT02 or will there be problems? On the HPI website they say this: 1/10Touring Car Size 200mm/Use offset wheels for 190mm width chassis In my head that should fit but if anyone have some expreience with this?
  13. And with a 13.5T motor, the torque will be abit higher than a 10.5T if i understands this correctly?
  14. The kit has arrived and here is a sort of unboxing. More pictures will be posted The box: The parts: The book: When looking at the parts bag I saw the aluminum parts and there is not that many of them. But full bearings, metal drive shaft, motor mount and different stuff. I will post some pictures when I open and sort parts for the different stages. So, next up is to decide on motor/esc and what other hop-ups to invest in.
  15. Well, has to fit a TT-xx chassis
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