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  1. Great info folks. So my understanding based on your comments is that lipo batteries are the common battery types of today? Correct? My CC-01 has a Tamiya TBLE 02s and a rc4wd 55t motor. So a lipo would work? No fire? Lol I am assuming it will need an adapter maybe for the power plug correct? or cut and splice? The "MAh" though. The higher the better?
  2. Wow!. That monster looks sick. Can you provide more info on this build?
  3. Also....Carmine, Nicadraus.....this is what i got for juice. I have looked online for a more modern battery and charger. Can anyone recommend an upgrade that would not break the bank and be suitable for a cc-01 and a F350 which would be used rarely? Any input would be appreciated thanks all.
  4. Thanks Nica. I am now for the meantime done. I will down the road maybe add some home made wheel welds and revisit the front suspension (like you did) and swap the front steering as Carmine suggested. I finished off the lightning (basic) and added some accessories to the rack, interior and exterior. This project was fun but i would not repeat it.
  5. Also Carmine....any ideas for wheel wells for a CC-01 As you can see the gap is considerable.
  6. I tell you this Carmine....i prefer a Tamiya body to work with any given day. This was just an experiment for me. I have enjoyed it. She will never ever crawl much but she will look great as a shelf queen and a something i can pat my own back for. I will update more as i go along.
  7. Here is where i am at so far. I still have many exterior small details to add and have to complete the lightening, electronics inside and add the interior this body came with. I did have a full working winch for this project but it would have taken some more modification in the front so i scrapped the idea and will use the winch on my F-350 down the road anyway. Interestingly enough this chassis was easy to work with this body...almost as if Injora expected this. With that said the instructions were extremely poor and modification + common sense is a MUST. I will update more as i go along. P.S. The whole “BUDGET” idea flew out the window long ago.
  8. Getting there. Slowly but surely. Body is done. Will be putting together soon. Many details will follow i will update as soon as i can.
  9. Update....Work in progress. This will take a little time. The Colors will be a Military spec Khaki mixed with flat black. The body work has taken some time even using glazing putty. It will all come together eventually.
  10. I began working on the body. I am familiar with painting and finishing as i have done models before and some rc bodies. So this post is just an update. Also...... All your input has been nothing but SUPERB! and i am REALLY grateful. Thank you ALL. Please keep it coming. I am really enjoying the Forum. Thanks all.
  11. I see. I re ordered the mounts and used the same side on both ends. Now i have an extra pair of opposite ends that match. In the pic (left) are the originals ones from Tamiya on the right are the opposite ends from 2 sets of HR upper mounts. On my build since i was extending the chassis i was concerned of one shock mount off by about 3/16.
  12. Outstanding!!!!. Thanks for the info and showing your build. I see what you did at the front end.
  13. That’s a sweet looking Landfreeder Carmine even added a driver and cool looking paint job. I have had less time than expected but i did manage to fit the body. I had to change plans with just using magnets. In the rear, thanks to the chassis extension i was able to use pajero parts (i think) that came with the Landfreeder kit in order to attach the body to the chassis after fabricating an aluminum bracket and using rubber bushings in order to bring the bracket home onto the attachment points. At the front i kept the magnet but not glued to the top of the body as i noticed it would not sit flush with the hood so instead...again i made another bracket attached to the bottom part of the hood with adjustable extensions. Note that these magnets are INSANELY strong. I bought 4 as a set and these things are too strong if used by themselves...So by just using the attachments making contact on to the magnet and the screws as a guide for horizontal alignment it seems to work perfect. The first pick is the truck suspended in the air. Then i pre drilled holes on the roof for a rack with lights and added a bottom center skid plate. Hopefully i will start working on painting the body this weekend.
  14. Question? What if i run an M3 rod to length? What in your opinion would hinder proper rotation?
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