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  1. Swapped out the 27 turn for a 20. I added a heat sink since this pic. Running 3s shorty lipo, She hauls the mail nicely
  2. What Ive found with Tamiya is you may love the body, but hate the chassis. I wanted the VW Ghia or the Type 2 van. However, I just couldnt get past the uninspiring stock M chassis. I would buy the M08 and buy the body kit separately. Youll be alot happier with the handling.
  3. Just finished up my FF03. Running 3s shorty pack, 27 turn brushed (for now)
  4. Not sure what its like in the UK, but shipping prices to US is absolutely insane. I wont order from them.
  5. EDIT I was able to find the info during motor shopping. 2s is the limit for my set up
  6. Well, time to re-join the FF club! Im about 80% done with mine. First front wheel drive for me
  7. I was ready to do a build on the VW van. But they seem to drive too twichy for my liking. Happy building if you decide on one. I ended up getting an ff03.
  8. @ChrisRx718@Nicadraus Heres the video, gear rocks back and forth tamiya.mp4
  9. FF03, will try and post vid or pic
  10. Just started building mine this evening. Got the gear box all assembled with spur mounted. Is there supposed to be some slop in the spur hub? I do have the correct cross pin going through it. Surprised to see such a vague set up.
  11. Thank you, much appreciated.
  12. Looking forward to this build. Not a bad price either direct from tamiya with free shipping.
  13. Cracked opened the box. Took a peak inside
  14. No, not familiar with that. There is a port, but thought that was for a harness for sensored motors. Will have to look further into it
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