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  1. For 2WD buggies they handle bumps a lot better with kickup - it's also a form of caster adjustment. You note that touring cars don't have a lot, it's worth pointing out that neither do 4WD buggies which would probably average about 6 degrees of kickup Edit: Also improves on power steering for 2WD
  2. I've had 55 mph out of a TD2 with a 5.5T motor and 120 amp ESC on grass, could probably get quite a bit more running on tarmac and fiddling with the gearing. I've no idea how fast my other buggies are - I would think my B6.4 is quickest, bit I've not timed timed it yet.
  3. Unboxed mine today - and yeah there's not a lot of aluminium parts in the box, but I wouldn't expect any in a £200 kit. The plastics feel like reinforced composites - comparable to the materials you'd find used to make Tamiya's modern kits like the TD2/4, M07/8, CC02 etc. It'll be plenty strong enough for racing. RB5 parts, and some RB6 parts will fit if you want to add some carbon and aluminium bling
  4. Depends on a lot of things, racing on carpet in a clean hall I only need to top-up the shocks every couple of club nights, and the gear diff a couple of times a season (same for the diff and shock o-rings). I do brush down the car and inspect it for damage after every run though. Outdoor buggy racing is a different story (unless on astro) - the shocks need topping up after every event (or even mid event), and the seals needs changing regularly too, bearings need a clean after every meeting as well. And the car needs to be kept as clean as possible in general so that means way more frequent rebuilds (particulary for CVD joints for example).
  5. All the stock I've seen on sites so far has been very fleeting - I was lucky to get one on Rcmart. The stock status there never went to green, just straight to "last few units remaining". Edit: The big UK retailers are showing ETA for early April
  6. Anyone got there's yet? Mine left HK on the 18th and is currently in hands of FedEx - can't wait for this one to show up! Edit: As I post this the tracking updated to show it's going to be here tomorrow
  7. Main questions I try to find the answers to before purchasing a new kit: 1. Does it have any major weaknesses that would stop it being raced competively 2. If the answer to 1 is yes: can those problems be solved with hopups (Tamiya or aftermarket), and what would it cost 3. Are parts available if something does break - always pays to be thorough with the research to this one, no point investing a lot in a build and having one tiny bit stop you in your tracks when it breaks! These questions come as a result of some rather expensive bad experiences (E.g doing a 201 build from parts!)
  8. Thanks - I'll try out some extra velcro straps first and see how I get on as the shorty battery holder I linked to is nearly £50 shipped! I've had a quick go with mine and didn't have the issue you describe with the rear end spinning out (10.5T brushless) - so I would change the tyres first before doing anything else. These wheels https://www.jcracingproducts.co.uk/kyosho-2wd-ultima will let you run 2.2" tyres - so you can run any standard Schumacher buggy tyre/foam assuming you are UK based.
  9. At the high end, MoodyFools are good (https://moodyfools.com/) and Hiro Seiko as well
  10. Just finished my ReRe Ultima build - and it's a fantastic piece of kit. I'll be racing it at a vintage meet at the end of April so I already have a few few changes I'm planning on making to the car (UJs, 2.2 wheels etc.) The one thing I'm not particularly happy about is the battery mounting, a stick pack doesn't feel particular secure with the stock velcro mounts, I normally run a shorty packs in my other buggies and wonder if anyone has a decent way of mounting one of these - I found this on shapeways but it's very light on detail: https://www.shapeways.com/product/C2YXHKFNU/shorty-holder-for-ultima-frame-type-chassis?optionId=153718506&li=marketplace
  11. I have both the CC02 and CR01 I like the CC02 but it's not in the same league as a proper crawler, but I think it's a great "trail truck", mines great fun the woods with a superstock TZ motor. Its also great for zipping around the garden with a 13.5 brushless setup. It does have quite bad bump steer out of the box, so I think it's worth axle mounting the servo. The CR01 is much more capable as a crawler, but it's probably a slightly over engineered kit - I quite like that about it, it was a very challenging build. I also didn't feel like it needed a lot of hopups. I've added the carbon steel props, reinforced axles and drive cups and left it at that. It does need a very beefy servo IMO though, I tried a 20KG Savox but had to swap to a 30KG PowerHD.
  12. Still waiting for the kit to arrive - really looking forward to this one as I really struggle to get spares for my TRF201. Few bits have shown up already though: - Kyosho CVDs - TSR aluminium battery strap - Aluminium RF suspension mount from an RB5 - Some RB5/RB6 carbon reinforced plastics that may or may not fit - Brass front suspension pivot block that may or may not fit Just got to get some bearings ordered for the front steering assembly, and some M3 screws to replace the self-tappers. Not decided on electrics for this one yet so still got that to sort. Should be a great build - and looking forward to racing this on some of the grass tracks in this years regionals. Hopefully spares for these cars become available before the outdoor season starts.
  13. Getting one for £360 in the UK is about as good as your going to get - I've been looking at Tamico, RCMart and the other AsiaPac sellers and not found anything that would work out much cheaper. RCMart and PlazaJapan look like a good place to get the hopups, but PJ don't do the kits. So RCMart might work out ok if you want the LWB conversion and a load of aluminium bits / driveshafts etc.
  14. Internal ratio is 2.6 Smallest Kyosho spur listed is an option is 69T, largest is 82T.
  15. Destructions here: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/buggy/pdf/34311_DirtMaster_im.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiAuePwg9L9AhWTM8AKHY1gBWoQFnoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1nlGxyjfhg_cmYU1G_kFy_
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