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  1. I've been trying to get hold of a TA-07 for a while but couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on an RR / MS / MSX with what they cost in Europe/UK. Glad I didn't now - I can happily wait for the 08r and justify it as a post Covid treat Hopefully its single belt, with the latest TRF420 suspension or better, and at least compatible with the SSBB dampers. Will be disappointed if its a flexible as the stock TA-07 Pro / R though - huge weakness for anything but lower grip surfaces.
  2. Anyone got their mits on the new alloy shock hopups yet and care to do a little review or post a few pics? Part #54991 Quite tempted to order a set. Currently have a set of Carson Big Bores - but other than being cheap they don't have a lot going for them
  3. This thread has given me a real hankering to rebuild my Yok MX4 Dam you and your awesome thread!
  4. Might be worth seeing if you can get the current tip resharpened? I used to use a local engineering firm to get tips for my cobra comm lathe resharpened.
  5. Do you know of any UK shops with the Zahhak in stock at the moment? Been looking for one for ages!
  6. The one thing that's always baffled me about them is the lack of competition grade stuff when they have a popular 1/10 off road club just down the road!
  7. The Postman Brought me thread appears quieter than usual... I wonder if that's semi related to all this chaos at the border & Brexit!
  8. It's been far too difficult to get lots of Tamiya stuff over the last 9 months - hopefully this gets sorted out quite quickly, though it's not the worst thing in the world to be forced back to buying more Schue and Xray I suppose!
  9. Yeah Racing dampers are pretty good - and rebuildable with Tamiya parts. Cheaper than the TRF dampers by a long way as well. Might be worth a look
  10. Believe it or not that's underweight out of the box for competitive racing in the UK. The weight of nearly all 2WD competition buggies will be very close to the BRCA minimum weights for 2WD (1474g) Interestingly the newest Couger Laydown 'Stock Spec' is quite a bit lighter than the KD by the looks of the spec: https://www.racing-cars.com/rc-models-2/cars/cougar-laydown-stock-spec-kit-k181 - though that kind of makes sense for a 17.5T limited class At least if your cars under weight you can put the weight where you want it for a tuning option!
  11. I think tamiya have found their groove with 1/10th on road - especially in the last few years. The TT02 is a fine entry point at a low cost for on road racing, with the the TA07 and TB05s being the next rung up as excellent race cars out of the box. If you have the skills to use it you can go big on the TRF420, TA07 MSX, or a TB EVO if the base models are holding back laptimes. I don't see any other manufacturers having such a broad range in a single class, and we haven't yet mentioned the XV01, and still available TA02s and TA05v2 (or TC01). So they're covering all the bases in one class with everything from £100 bashers right up to £600 competition cars - could they do this with their 1/10 offroad range as well? Possibly - but it would cost a packet, and most of the models in the range as it stands wouldn't make a suitable base for a competitive club car so they probably need to start from scratch, off roads also a bit more fragmented in terms of classes too. If TRF buggies had been profitable - would they have stopped making the most recent TRF buggies? Or do they just get a higher return investing that R&D money into the onroad side - who knows, but I feel like they won't do it unless they can really dominate - which is probably not possible for them in 1/10 off road without many years worth of effort.
  12. Totally understand what @Finnsllc is saying - and loving Tamiya doesn't stop you appreciating other brands of model at all Race grade off road 1/10 from the likes of Xray, Schue, AE, Losi etc are typically pretty good value, easy to get parts for, well supported and very nice to build with excellent quality components. I had the pleasure of building an Xray XB4 2020 after seeing one on offer at MB Models recently - everything about it is pretty much perfect and it was an absolute pleasure to build. Some of the newer on road tamiya kits are much better materials wise than some of the classics (the TB-05 Pro, TA-07RR (and up), TB Evos, TRF419/420, even the M-07R are all very good) - typically no self tapers in these kits, they are fully ballraced, and they have oil filled diffs, alloy shocks etc. Sadly Tamiya have nothing currently available in the competition space offroad - only the DN-01 is still available, and you need to spend a fair bit on it to get it upto Trf201 spec, and I can't see anyway of sourcing parts for the mid motor versions which would be quite limiting on modern high grip tracks. If Tamiya released a successor to the TRF211XM and support it I'd definitely get one to compete in 2WD - probably not going to happen though...
  13. No RC loot for me - but I did get a new Canon Powershot camera so hopefully my build pics will now come out better than my current phone cam pics!
  14. I found CC-02 to be an enjoyable build to do - still looks like some stock in UK too. I've got 2 kits to choose from in stock, thought I'd be away for Christmas so was saving them for Jan! Got to choose between an XV-01 LDS with a lot of hopups, or the new Schumacher Mission FT Bit late to order any bits now - so I hope I'm not missing anything I really need...!
  15. Those shocks look like HPI items to me - possibly anyway....!
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