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  1. There's a thread on here somewhere called the buggy damper thread - well worth a read if you can find it
  2. I think I'd like to scratch build a buggy in 2021 - a modern T-Tech Predator 4WD would be a lovely thing to get right.
  3. I've found the DF03 shock set to be excellent - feel much nicer than the stock plastic buggy shocks
  4. I don't mind cars having faults - but I despise faults that can't be solved without a 5 axis mill or some other elaborate piece of kit I don't have
  5. There's 2-3 things that can't be easily fixed that make the **** thing useless at most tracks: No front kick up / to low / no slipper clutch / short wheelbase Fine for a car park racer - but I'll be converting mine to a rally car as soon as I finish my XV-01 build. I think it might be better fit for rally with its on-road origins.
  6. Really fancied an FF car, but didn't fancy the cost of the Tamiya option this time round so went for the new Schue: Still waiting for some titanium screws and the alloy front diff mount to arrive
  7. TT-02B - it's just not a good buggy. At all. In any way.
  8. I'd say the Yokomo is the best thing on your shortlist, though parts can sometimes be a pain with Yok stuff. TA-07 Pro is a very good car - currently £150 on RCJaz and might be worth considering?
  9. Great thread, very interesting stuff. The videos from Team Xray are pretty good if your interested in how stuff goes together and the machines used for production, this series has episodes for the manufacture of various components and is very interesting set of videos: https://youtu.be/rXZCx9n5y40 Xray are probably the only manufacturer to meet or exceed the quality of TRF kits IMO, so probably slightly different from high volume ABS moulded parts on a typical models production - but their kits are very similar construction to the TRF420 etc.
  10. @nginsb I do use a big reusable cable tie as well, but it's secure enough to run without it as well for me. Mines really tight in that same space with the strap over the top - I wonder if the Spektrum shorty batteries are slightly fatter/longer or something?
  11. If you rotate the rear brace between the rear shock mount through 90deg (so what was the top of it should now be orientated toward the front of the chassis) it makes the battery tray the exact length of a shorty lipo...
  12. Are you sure this problem is all to do with the springs - if things are too 'bouncy' then thicker oil can help - or visa versa if your not getting enough... Spring kits from competition cars can also be a relatively cheap and easy way to get a variety of springs in the same size, just pick a set from a kit with a similar weight to what your planning on running. E.G https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=371768&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnb79BRDgARIsAOVbhRqC9g6vaoWgBCbxWQffWGNKRwYY8lRiFlOLvwCAGhioEy6_0Mnc6r8aAlAAEALw_wcB Or at the more extreme end of the scale (not cheap but they do much smaller and cheaper sets as well... https://www.pbmracing.co.uk/products/spares/team-associated-b62b62d/_p_69966_team-associated-v2-12mm-big-bore-buggy-springs-full-set-front--rear-12-pairs/
  13. Yeah those look to be a similar design to the GF-01 and the fronts from the DF-03 (just different colour and coating?) - will need to be 90mm for CC02 (like buggy rear) to maintain ride height and travel I believe
  14. Very interested to see what the new 54991 damper kit looks like - I'm guessing 4 of the rears from the DF-03 buggy damper kit is reasonably likely...?
  15. Tamico still have the long damper spec version in stock and the standard delta intergrale as well for around 230 euro UK stock appears to be in short supply generally at the moment.
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