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  1. That's lovely - I have a Pro2 awaiting restoration and this thread has moved it up the priority list a bit
  2. You might want to use longer ends on the shock bottoms and remove the front and rear droop limiter bits too if you really need more ground clearance - though you might need to increase the steering link lengths if doing that possibly. I suppose another option might be to consider a full size set of 1/10th rally wheels (like you see on Xv-01) - probably have clearance issues though and a few other side effects....
  3. It's going to be an OK car - I think they are quite nice to drive. Buts it's not going to beat the modern stuff no matter what upgrades it gets. Schumacher team drivers take the CAT L1 Evo to races rather than the XLS for a reason!
  4. No Hop-ups - I don't think the M07R needs anything adding really. I went for a alloy steering rack but that was it.
  5. Well thanks for the feedback everyone - nice to know the RR isnt a bit of a lemon, will get one ordered in the next few days. And yes - will do a build thread for sure (though am planning on an LC Racing EMB first as its a bit unusual and is already in my shed!)
  6. Tamiya is safe, Xray and Schumacher too I think Associated and Losi aren't the companies they were IMO though can still compete for now. Yokomo and Kyosho are probably going to be around forever as well. I don't like the way Tamiya abandons established classes though (e.g 1/10th off road has very little in the way of competitive stuff)
  7. Having recently built an M07R I've been looking for a touring car to compliment it (not much m-chassis racing around me compared to other onroad classes) Initially I was thinking TC-01 as it invokes fond memories of my old Predators, but it doesn't look ideal as a TC, though it is a reasonably cheap kit, I can see it being quite expensive and still not that competitive against the latest and greatest from Xray and friends. I've thought about the TB-05 Pro as well - but it looks like a fair amount would need doing to the car for high grip tracks - and many topics discussing this car imply it's a bit of a money pit that will never quite match the TRF419/420... .. leading onto the TRF cars - too expensive, even imports don't stack up, but some reasonable deals on older models and some Evo's to be had (id rather run something current)... So just leaves the TA-07RR, available for around £470ish, putting it firmly in the same price bracket of the latest Xray T4 or Schue Mi7 - Good idea or not? Will be doing a bit of club racing and the odd open, 1/10th on road isn't my main class - but I'm not a bad 12th on road driver so I'd like something with potential (and preferably a Tamiya for less than 500 notes) Also TA07 MSX on the horizon - anyone know any dates (and is this really going to be worth it over the RR...?)
  8. A lack of club racing has made me take mine to the streets and such. I've used bits of lexan to neatly seal the gaps in the bottom of the chassis, and protected the entire chassis bottom with glass tape. I've also bumped up the ride height a bit. It's OK but really only any good on smooth clean surfaces. For surfaces with lots of stone chips, bumps etc I would probably want to add a bit more protection - maybe an undertray and some XV-01 inspired mudguards and some kind of rally rubber on the wheels
  9. Convert the TT02 to something in between a TT02B & TT02T? Would give you more terrain to choose from and bits are cheap
  10. Already race - don't intend to run a Tamiya 4WD buggy as main car, just want something that's not completely disgraceful on a modern high grip track (with bits that aren't super rare and expensive if possible!)
  11. Not having a lot of luck getting the TT02B race ready - the GPM steel gears I've used don't run true sadly and one of the yeah racing UJs I've fitted has a spot that's binding - so out of action until I figure out what to do next (the drive shaft at least should be easy to sort). Still quite fancy a DF03...
  12. I always struggle to understand the naming of the 'High Traction' parts. Is it for high traction conditions - so stiffer - takes away traction Or is it for low traction conditions - so more flexible - generates more traction?
  13. Will update if I find anyone else doing the same: MB Models: XB4 2020 £350 - at least £100 to £150 off what you normally find these for: https://www.rccarshop.co.uk/electric-cars/xr360007-xray-xb4-20-4wd-1-10-electric-off-road-car-p Real joy to build an Xray if you've never had the pleasure (easily a match for TRF stuff in terms of quality). Would have posted sooner - but wanted my shipping notification first
  14. Well - thread has accelerated my plans and an Xray XB4 2020 is now showing up tomorrow (good prices around now Xray have teased the 2021 version). I blame you lot - my next car was meant to be an M08 Concept to compliment my newly built M07R. Going to have to push back that TC-01 order as well if I'm not carful Gits.
  15. I think the lack of clutch is putting me off the Top Force a little, the rest of the hop ups look quite reasonable and not insane cost wise if you keep it to the essentials. I should already have enough bearings and hex screws, and the shocks and possibly driveshafts, wheel hexes and wheels from TT02B would fit (just like they would for DF03) I think both are now on the list to be added to the collection anyway
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