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  1. Im very OCD ADD and jump from project to project i didnt really think i would build a 10 pan car i was doing a dad memorial 12th pan build and pans arent really my thing but i started putzing with these 10th pans i tested the electronics and much to my shock they work so i cobbled one together so far, it remined me of a latrax i had in the early 80s so i tossed that bumper on it. The previous owner had used the pins from tamiya plugs, he had shrink wrap on the female and mixed matched them so you didnt plug them in backwards, they were a bit nasty so i did swap in dean style. Everything on it was free from buying and flipping or in my RC junkyard, its very Jurassic but fun to run, i have enough to build a 2nd one. I splurged and bought a couple cheap used beater bodies to do a bomber rat type thing. Ill post more pix when i get the bodies. Cheers b
  2. Not trying to derail your thread but ive been having some thoughts on RC car scale after 2020 covid had me step away from my large scale gas stuff back to rc10 1/10th vintage stuff, i asked about the 2 bodies you posted as i didnt know i what scale they were but i knew they were different. And since your screename gives me a clue you are a rull size gearhead you might see what im seeing, my full size car is a 69 vette its flared and a 15x10 ansen with 295 50 fills it out old school sweet, however, if i go 1/10th scale a 15x10 rim and that almost ft wide 295 is a 1.5 wheel an inch wide which looks down right dinky on there compared to say a 2 + inch wide rear tire that if scaled up real size simply wouldnt fit under the rear of a stock c3 full size vette at over 2 ft wide. I guess i never back in the day realized how oversized rc tires were in porportion to their full sized counterparts. Back to your OT Nova, you say it was black and you used matte coat on the outside but the body looks grey more than flat black?
  3. Those two bodies are different scale correct?
  4. Camaro, seems i recall that article, they used the same vette body i used in several builds, its the same body as in the movie Dead pool but iirc that was an rc10ds ( modded ) i built at least 40 hornets and their spin off back then, i liked the straight rear axle on them. Also iirc the article started with how we all have stacks of rc10 and frog parts and brs full of track dirt, " street is neat" I wasnt in the rc biz but built and repaired for shops for fun, the local track started a bomber oval race type idea about the time my real career took off. Right now im putzing with a few old school builds, rat rod , bomber, wasteland warrior type builds. Heres a vette body my buddy hacked about 30 years back, its on a lowerd rc10, mix of parts, going to sand and paint the body flat from the outside, Pretty sure this was bolink, parma had the hemi vette a much more detailed and scale on version.
  5. About 30 years ago i built several onroad cars using the hornet as a base, ( all for other people ) I used shocks on the front so i would have suspension travel whithout putting extra holes in the body, i of course ran onroad wheels and tires a few years ago a fellow hit me on FB saying he still had the 63 vette i built him, I have no pictures, i got curious anyone else do this type conversion? Cheers b
  6. I need just one wheel adaptor, rc10 to bolink, I thought someone might have just one in their junk bin or a pair they dont need. Thanks b
  7. Very sweet, really diggin' it one of my projects is based on a 57 vette body a buddy just hacked the badword out of about 30 years ago, your paint gave me new motivations, i thought i would sand the body dull and use my air brush on the outside to fix and patina/race rash it, i want kind of an oval bomber wasteland warrior car.
  8. I grabbed a sight unseen rc box for 20, it had old radios, chargers, onroad wheels and tires some still with life left some in the bags raco stuff and 4 homemade pan cars i thought i would share, All are 10th scale ( wish one was 12th ) and 3 seem to use associated steering parts and pethaps rear parts, the nitro car ? Ive seen that weird cord on clutch bell brake before but cant recall where, 45 + years into rc will mess with your brain. If you recognize other stuff please let me know, the electronics seems early mid 80s the fellow that gave it up was in his 80s and claims it all works, and that he raced it back in the day, i havent tested it yet, but imagine it will work. Oh and heres one of the radios, I owned a lot of odd ones never one of this model.
  9. Here are a few pix of the rc10gt dirt oval build, Hey, i thought i washed that bulkhead #%%@. I placed a few restraints on myself, the body dates back to the 80s i actually raced a time or two with it on a modded rc10 goldie, The body holes were in it and i didnt want more holes, i considered magnets but they loose the old school vibe clips have, So i had to make the body mounts meet the body holes, with another restraint, little or no cutting up stock parts, the rear happened in a mix of parts all bolted together. The front required one hole, in hindsite i could have done it with no hole in the part but i got lazy, It worked out fairly well if i boast a little, with lots of room to raise the body if i wanna go ratfink tires on it. The wheels and tires on it now are okay for playing, 2.2" i believe so 1:1 that would make a 22" diameter wheel, i bit tall, and a tire over a 1.5 ft wide out back, but it looks okay for now, I really want to leave it a junkyard look but the hot pink just hurts my eyes so i will dye any pink or white parts red or black, Im hunting aftermarket rear arms like andys or rpm that would cure my pinkeye and crp rear bumper, for vintage cool factor and a front street bumper of some sort. If you can grab a Graphite TQ10 at a good price or you have an open budget go for it, they are just a blast.
  10. Hey rat thanks for the reply and kindness, I liked the optimas, worked on a couple never owned one, Yeah my 10 in the pic, its further along, ill post new pics tonight, its clean, rebuilt but not shelf queen detailed, im going to leave it junk yard looking, i liked how it turned out so much i very well may do a twin but go electric on the twin, Ironic you mention rc10s, as one project is a tribute build to my dad, hes gone now but he painted this bird body in the early 80s for a latrax car we had, He had a bird similar to this but was white, so i have been hunting an old school 12th pan car and admit i know very little about what 12th pans were out there, i sold a delta super phaser about 10 years back, should have kept it for this project, but didnt know then. This body has right at 8" wheel base, I plan to go old school electrics i have a good old tekin esc and several motors suitable.
  11. New here but Not new to RC, been putzing with this stuff over 45 years, ive built more tamiya stuff than i can count, My main thing the last many years was large scale gas but i like nitro over electric, yeah, im old school, Lately ive been doing some associated rc10 custom on road builds, both nitro and electric, dirt oval, bomber, rally type builds, so im on the lookout for a few aftermarket parts like arms and bumpers, Im hoping others are into old school junk as i am, Cheers b
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