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  1. hehe i think i know what the problem was.. The front shocks fell apart when i tock them.of last night so i guess there was my problem had a pair of tamiya orginal shocks so put them on and the car lifted about 10mm.
  2. Was trying to upload some picture but havent managed due to wrong size on the image. I have about 5 mm free ground clearence at the front atm from the chassie to ground I ordered some new body mount but havent got them yet. Thinking of replacing the shocks and hoping that helps. If i lift the chassie up, the front wheels and suspension drop like 10-15 mm and if i drop the front end there is no spring at all in the shock when it lands so i guess the shocks ar bad. Will try to fix the images so i can upload them
  3. hehe sry new in here so didnt think about pictures. will fix it. about the height i just want it to go clear for minor stones on the pavement cos as it is now the body is almost in the ground and cant raise it anymore coz the guy i bougt it of has cut the body mount brackets just.above the body. but im not sure i need it higher new shock may fix it coz i rhink the ones that is on are broken.. im just guessing i consider me as a noob in this area..🤣🤣🤣
  4. Is there a way to increase the ride height on my ta03f? i guess my shocks needs to be replaced cos there are 2 diferent types on the car. is there anything more i can do to increase the hight on it?
  5. hi gus dunt know if im posting in the right forum but got my hands on a ta03f. But i need some new parts and a manual. Any1 that know where i can get a manual for it. Tamiyas site only has manual for the ta03 pro and another ta03 but dunno if its the same? And does the ta03f pro parts fit on my chassie?
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