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  1. Yes your right, the ones I've seen seen , ebay, seem overpriced, and I'd like to build my own rather than a preowned built up one. I'll just have to keep a eye out. Thanks for the reply
  2. Is the boomerang still available for sale but just out of stock everywhere, or have tamiya stopped making it? Thanks
  3. Hi, very new to the hobby, just built a pumpkin , and eagerly awaiting a delivery of the super hotshot. I am wanting to paint it black . The shocks that come are bright yellow and i would prefer them to be black. I know that the front and rear are different sizes , just wondered if black ones off another tamiya model would suit. Or somewhere where i could get them, without to much modification as im still a novice. Im only running it for my own pleasure i dont need high performance parts. Any advice would greatly appreciated
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