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  1. I'm starting a Frog build tomorrow and would like to centre mount the servo and fit turnbuckles.. Anyone recommend a solution? Have been through all the posts with Frog AND turnbuckle as thought it would be quite common but I can't see anything..
  2. Cheers. It’s a fairly straightforward build. Had a few choice words when trying to fit the big stickers that fold round three sides tho 😅
  3. Thanks. I’ll try and get the DF03 set when available..
  4. Hey, I need a replacement front coil spring. The manual for the re re has the codes for the front and rear coils the wrong way round according to the Fire Dragon manual and it should be the 9805310 but I can’t find one anywhere. Any suggestions for a similar replacement? Pic of my build while I’m at it!
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