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  1. Ok Cool. I'll finish the build and monitor. Cheers
  2. Hey y'all. So I'm building up the re-re Turbo Optima. I built up the diffs being careful not to overfill. I did rotate the gears while filling to make sure it got into the bottom of the diff. Some oil did seep out a bit past the gasket and onto the belt drive pulley when I was putting them together and trying to get everything aligned. I continued to build the drive-train and chassis and noticed that the belt was glistening (i.e. looks like the diff oil got on the belt and pulleys). I took apart the front drive assembly as it was way easier to get at the front diff than the rear. Opened it up, and yeah, some had seeped out from the gasket area which I think is leftover from the assembly but I think The seal is ok otherwise. Filling diffs is messy business. So I guess my questions is: does oil on the belt matter, I mean it may attract dirt but the belt is enclosed in a guide. Will it deteriorate the belt material? Thoughts? Should I try and get at the rear diff? Should I clean the entire gearboxes, drive-train, belt?
  3. Back into the hobby recently and I got the Re-Re Turbo Optima as a birthday gift. It's a beautiful kit. I had the original T.O. back in the day. The manual recommends 5000-30000 diff oil (which is not included). Wonder what experienced builders here would recommend for the front and rear diffs? I assume those numbers are CST (manual doesn't specify units) I'll be mainly bashing with it on grass, gravel and some packed dirt (BMX park) mixed with tarmac of course. Power will be a 2S Lipo to a Tamiya Sport Tuned (for now, may go brushless eventually). Thanks in advance!
  4. This is on my wish list! I had the original Turbo Optima when I was a teenager.
  5. Agreed. I am similarly close to a major port of entry (Vancouver airport - YVR). They only thing I can think is that it went to customs, likely here in YVR, and SF just says "Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the CRA head office is there so that's what we will put down as the location" even though it may be sitting in a warehouse at YVR... Very few international flights (by comparison to YVR and Toronto and/or Montreal for that matter) go to Ottawa and it's not a major cargo hub at all. (and working in the aviation industry (see handle) I have some knowledge of this )
  6. I ordered some parts on Aug 28th using the SF-Express E-Parcel and they only just arrived last Saturday the 12th in country: Shipment arrive at 【Cross-border service point in Ottawa, Canada】 and then today: 2020-09-18 12:16 Shipment loaded at 【Cross-border service point in Ottawa, Canada】, prepare to send to next station. Not sure why Ottawa would be the initial entry point for this package seeing as I'm on the west coast of Canada (then again, this package did spend a few days in Amsterdam for some reason). Also not sure why it took almost a week to do whatever it was doing (clearing customs?) in Ottawa. Next time it will be the FedEx option methinks... In all RcMart has great inventory and prices, but I'm hesitant to order any "time sensitive" kit from them.
  7. Ah this makes much more sense now. Thank you.
  8. Excellent. Thank you both for your replies and input. The little barrel things (tiny bullets) in my palm in the first pic are what was throwing me off. I didn't think of added resistance from adding the bullets in the middle, didn't realize this was a thing. I may go with DeadMeat's "solder extensions" method (#2). I saw a great tutorial on this where you take some thinner gauge wire to tie the two (tinned) ends together and fuse them together. Just gotta remember to slide the heat-shrink over first... Just waiting on some 63/37 solder to arrive today (couldn't find any locally) then I'll get to it in the next day or two. I've gotta solder a connector onto the esc battery leads too.
  9. Hi all. Fairly recent return to the hobby here. Just picked up a Hobbywing Quicrun ESC/Motor combo. ESC is the 10BL60 sensored and the motor is the 3650 G2 (sensored). It's going in a Tamiya XV-01 chassis, and the ESC leads don't reach, so I am going to create a connection in the middle with 4mm bullets. Easy enough. However, I'm trying to figure out how to attach the new wire leads to the motor posts, so that they come out vertically, instead of horizontally (see photo). The kit came with these tiny bullets (see photos below). Hobbywing suggests running the wires horizontally in (per instructions). So, I'm wondering, how would you attack this? This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'd like to not mess it up, lol. Do I need the tiny bullets if I'm coming out the top? If so, should I solder them to the wires first? I've watched several YouTube videos and I'm just trying to figure out the best way to attack this. I would tin the motor posts, yes? And the wire leads? Shrink tube on the posts afterwards? (I see a lot of motor connections without shrink tubing on them). Any suggestions appreciated! Sorry for the NOOB Qs...
  10. Hey guys. Getting back into the hobby after many (30) years. Sorry for the N00B question, please be gentle. Got my XV-01 all built up and it's fun with the stock silver can but now I'm looking to upgrade my motor to a brushless system to unlock a bit more of what this thing is capable of. Uses: XV-01 chassis for now, but as this is my first brushless I want to be able to swap with potential future cars (looking at a touring car build next) bashing the XV--01 on tarmac and mixed surfaces (short grass, gravel, etc.) Potentially trying out the novice class racing locally, with the potential to move up in classes. Currently the local club runs these rules for electric on-road. I know the XV-01 isn't truly meant as a touring car but I thought I'd give it a go in the novice class just for fun: Class Rules: Minimum 5 cars for the class to run that day. No other classes to be run unless scheduled. Motors and ESC to be ROAR Approved. Novice: New and Young Racers, Come have fun! Scale Spec recommended, but full spec not required. Silvercans, kit spec OK. Scale Spec: 21.5 Blinky 1380g, FWD cars 1200g F1: 21.5 Blinky 1050g TC Stock: 17.5 Blinky 1350g TC Mod: Open Motor and ESC 1350g I'm looking at maybe a touring car next for novice+ racing at the local track so it would be nice to have a system that I can "grow into" as it were. I see that Hobbywing has a pretty good sale going on right now if you buy direct. I have been looking at these combo sets: a: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/collections/combo-special/products/quicrun-10bl60-sensored-esc-combo?variant=31170855889 I like this one in that it seems like it's more versatile, with being able to adjust the timing etc. b: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/collections/combo-special/products/xr10-justock-esc-g2-1-combo?variant=14796877398131 not sure the advantages of this one? Seems like it's less customizable for playing around with settings while bashing etc. c: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/collections/combo-special/products/ezrun-max10-combo?variant=27757683857 Don't know much about this one other than it looks like the performance specs are listed in kV instead of turns. --- For motor I was thinking 17.5T or 21.5T (with tuning options) as primarily this will be for fun bashing with the XV-01 As it stands I'm leaning most toward option (a) above (the Quicrun combo) in a 17.5T variant. I'd also pick up the programming card (and for that do I really need the advanced firmware upgradable one (thinking future-proofing for a future ESC), or just the plain LCD one for 1/3 the $$?) Thoughts? Thank you for indulging this n00bz question.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, great info. Really looking forward to getting this thing built. I did pop by the hobby shop this am and they had the hi-torque servo saver hanging on a rack so I picked it up. Quick job to install. As mentioned waiting for the alu suspension bits and drive belt to arrive (sitting in a sorting facility in HK right now...) but I'm trying to get as many parts ready to assemble as I can right now.
  12. Hey all. New member here. Getting back into RC cars after about 30 years after my youngest son expressed an interest. A couple weeks back we built up a CC-01 chassis together with a Landfreeder shell and the bug bit me hard. A week later I laid out for an XV-01 kit with the Lancia body, which I am in the process of building now. I plan on driving it on mixed surfaces, tarmac and gravel and a bit of dirt/turf. No racing (yet?), mainly some fun bashing in the 'hood. Having been so far removed from the hobby for so long, the learning curve on new tech has been steep but lots of research has helped. For my XV-01: - I plan on running the silver can (Johnson it came with) with a Hobbywing 1060 ESC... for now, until I learn the car's driving quirks/style. Any suggestions on motor/esc upgrades appreciated! - I got a 4200mah 2s LiPo as a gas tank. - After some research I decided to order the aluminum suspension mounts and a reinforced drive belt (which is currently holding up the build as I wait for their arrival). I am holding off on the slipper clutch as reviews seem to be mixed on whether it's worth the cost for my application, but I'm open to persuasion. I am building and prepping as many parts as I can while I wait for the package. A couple questions then: 1. Gear diff oil. I just put the 900# damper oil in both diffs as per the instructions but after some reading, realize that this may not be the best choice. I'm still early in the build so I could make a correction if anyone has suggestions? Or am I overthinking this for my intended driving? 2. As mentioned above, any suggestions for a motor/esc upgrade? Pinion size to go with that? Slipper needed? 3. Ok, super noob Q here as well but can't find an answer on the web: The foam inserts for the tires came in strips. The instructions say to glue them with rubber contact cement. I need some guidance here. Do I glue the two ends together to make a ring and stuff them into the tire or do you glue them into the tires? Or both? Also would the rubber cement you get at the craft store (Elmer's or the like) be sufficient? Sorry for the lame Q. Ok, I think that's it for now. Reading the posts here as a lurker for the past while it seems this is a great community and resource. Glad to be here. Thanks in advance for any advice! Cheers
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