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  1. OK. Thanks all for the comments. Is there a way to check if there is an imbalanced cell in a nimh pack? And a way to make it in balance again?
  2. Suppose i had done the charge with say 3A, would the result have been the same?
  3. So the people from our local RC shop said: NimH batteries are very safe, LiPo that's another story, but NimH: no worries. After what happened last night i am not so sure anymore... I was charging my Voltz 5300 for maybe the 10th time (charger on 5.0A). After about 50 minutes there was the sound of 'charge complete' and exactly at the same time a very loud bang, like a shotgun, it scared the badword out of me. One of the cells had burst open. The battery did not feel warmer than after previous charges. I mostly ran this battery in cars like Frog and Super Hotshot where it was quite exposed. Apart from some scratches it looked undamaged though. The charger is an RC plus Power Plus 80. I am now seriously thinking about switching to LiPo...
  4. I had a similar problem with the same setup (TBLE-02 + TBLM -02s 10.5T). It seems that the standard setting of the esc is with Low Voltage Protection enabled. I disabled it and the motor is running perfectly now. How to disable it is explained in the manual. When you start the ESC and there is a long beep with a red light, the setting should be correct. I run it with a Nimh battery so no problem for the low voltage cutoff to be disabled.
  5. Hi, thank you all for the feedback and ideas. So i did a proper read of the TBLE-02S manual and soon found out that the Low Voltage Protection Setup was enabled (it came in that setting, never touched it). So i disabled it. Problem solved! Had a very pleasant ride of more than 20 minutes. Running very smooth and a big difference in power for me, being used to ride with Tamiya silver cans. So for me the conclusion is that the TBLM-02s 10.5T motor is compatible with the TBLE-02S esc. Thanks again!
  6. Hello All, Enyone interested in a sticker sheet for a super astute or egress? The sheets are not complete: only the window parts were cut out, the rest is untouched. Cost: the price for postage + whatever you want to give for it.
  7. Hello all, Before explaining what goes wrong, here is the setup of the car which gives problems: Tamiya Super Astute / TBLE-02s esc/ TFU01 cooling fan / TBLM-02s 10.5T brushless motor/ TBLE-01s sensor cable / Savox 1252 low profile steering servo / Spektrum SR315 receiver / Voltz 5300 nimh 7.2 volt power pack (fully charged) When i hold the car off the ground, everything seems to work just fine: full throttle forward - break - reverse. When starting the car on the ground full throttle, there seems to be an almost immediate cut off, i keep holding full throttle and after about a second the motor starts again and goes to highest speed. This happens every time when i start full throttle from 0 speed. Any idea what goes wrong here? Thanks. Bert
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