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  1. Hahaha that’s brilliant!! thanks for all your help on this - it really is much appreciated. Right.... I’m off to buy a servo saver!
  2. Hi!! so I’m finally having a go at this! I have just purchased the servo, radio gear, battery and the motor/esc combo. What does a servo saver do in broad terms and what do I need the M3 rod for? i realise I sound a bit of a numpty - this is largely because I am so I appreciate your help! 😂 cheers matt
  3. So a big lunchbox gearbox? what type/size motor? cheers
  4. Ok will do 👍🏻 Yes I’ve got one that I had to cut out which I’m not too pleased with tbh 😂
  5. Ok great - think I’ll give it a try! Thanks very much!
  6. I don’t no - is there a decent cheap radio set up you would recommend?
  7. Hi thanks for asking, see pic as to set up - am I doing something wrong? 😅
  8. Hi all, I recently decided to get my old Maplin wildcat (traxxas cat) up and running now that my son is of an age where he’s interested. However, we managed to hit a kerb at high speed and smash the thing to smithereens. what I decided to do was find an old chassis of a car not working and rebuild using some of the salvageable bits and some new. So I got hold of an old falcon on eBay and set about rebuilding. I decided to use an esc and was able to use the 540 motor And radio gear from my old car. A new steering servo and some steering rods and I was in business...... however...... ive now got an issue that when I use the radio control I push it forward and it will move for 2 seconds, stop for two seconds, move for two seconds, stop for two seconds and so on. Can someone please let me know what they think this could be - would be great to have her fixed and working properly. many thanks matt
  9. Oh and where is the place to get all of these parts? Ebay?
  10. Perfect!!! thanks for this - I feel a project coming on!!! Matt
  11. This is great! so I’m not particularly skilled in these areas but relatively speaking (and with some help from the old man!) this looks fairly simple to achieve? if you were going to write me a shopping list of parts I would need to achieve this - how would it look?!! (If you get a minute and don’t mind!) thanks matt
  12. I like the look of that actually - is there a brushless motor that will drop straight in? Or is it likely I’ll need to do some chopping about? cheers
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