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  1. For me, I would like to see a 2WD buggy with a vintage design/body shell and over a chassis with a modern drive train (ball diff /gear diff option, slipper clutch, battery options for standard pack or shortys,...). Like what @Collin present five month ago: The Project X - Pre-series premiere exclusive on TC IMO the BB-01 chassis makes a lot of things better than the TD2, but not so far that I would buy this directly. But to be honest, I am positively surprised. And I’m also excited how the battery has to be de-/installed.
  2. Good things take time...so today I present the final pics of my TRF417 V5. Detail views of the front... ...the rear... ...and the motor and electronics. And some pics with it's shaft driven sister TB Evo 5 on the right side... Since I want to drive this chassis (a little bit), I'm looking forward to spring and better weather
  3. @ThunderDragonCy: Your gear box design/baby wants to return to daddy 😂 @DaveBuildsRC: But this design is no mid-motor-configuration
  4. It took some time, but today I present the final pics of the TB Evo 5 build (with white springs). Detail views of the front... ...the rear... ...and of the motor (Super Stock TZ). A great building experience...but now off to the shelf
  5. @Twinfan: I don't know why Tamiya uses here two different expressions for the same part. But summarized, the drive train and drive train options (center torque splitter or center lock) are identical for Avante Black Special, Egress (2013) and Egress Black Edition.
  6. Center torque splitter and Center one-way should be the same
  7. Of course there was foam parts inside to protect the cars If you are interested in how… Everything is documented
  8. Unfortunately, the axles of the King Cab / Monster Racer are slightly longer than those of the (Super) Astute. In this case, the referenced will not fit in a King Cab without modifying something
  9. The thread goes on with this nice piece… The Hilux Monster Racer is done…now (or in 2023) it’s time for building its sister model.
  10. Today arrived a huge package with great content IMO. On the first look „only“ a King Cab chassis, a non-Tamiya car (Carrera Structo Porsche 917) and a box with spare parts and manuals/brochure. But under the King Cab chassis, there was the main reason of this purchase. A new Nissan King Cab Body Parts Set (50369). And the complete box with content
  11. Found two Mabuchi RX540VZ (Tamiya Technigold) motors in a race boat… The motors are in a great condition… And the motor brushes are also almost new/unused.
  12. @Kol__: These grey dampers with yellow springs look great with the body. Good choice 👍🏻
  13. @Juhunio: You‘re right, the yellow springs are the medium ones of spring set 53440/53163. Since I still have two sets from previous projects and the chassis will be a shelf queen, I'm thinking of installing the white extra hard springs.
  14. As the TB Evo 5 will be part of my chassis (only) collection, there is no body planned for this. But I‘m preparing a Nissan Skyline R32 with Calsonic livery for my TRF417 V5 which will also fit on the TB Evo 5. It would be a pity to hide this chassis under a body
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