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  1. Welcome back and welcome in the club of the fantastic four (kids)
  2. The parts arrived today… …and are ready for a bath
  3. For the upcoming 3D printed parts, one of the King Cabs mentioned in the first post is coming to me for a quick visit to check the mounting points with the transmission case for tolerances... Very fascinating how detailed this body is, especially the front bumper area.
  4. And the result of the today‘s work… I‘m not 100% satisfied with the result, but there are decals which hides the problem zones
  5. One month ago, since I started the painting work... Today I will apply the last color PS-1 (White), but first the progress of the last weeks step by step. PS-5 (Black) done... Preparation for PS-12 (Silver): Front grill, cooler housing at the back and the stripes on both sides. And paint job done... Unfortunatelly I missed to make pictures of the preparation for PS-2 (Red), but the result was this: And work of today for now...the preparation for PS-1 (White):
  6. I will wait for the next Re-Release of the Super Astute
  7. That‘s awesome! I thought about the same thing two years ago, but decided against it because the price in total was higher than a NIB from the "bay". And then I found a Dyna Storm in really good condition. But I still have my eyes open for a Super Astute… And I’m looking forward to your build
  8. Not only a sexy differential, there is a sexy modified gear case behind...stage 3. Once again summarizing... Stage 1 - TRF201 gear case for TRF20 ball diff + mounting bracket on the top (2 fastening points with the plastic chassis) + new (carbon) chassis plate + TRF motor guard Stage 2 - 3D printed gear case for gear diff (TA06/FF03R/XV01) and ball diff (TD4 - but not tested) and with 4 fastening points with the plastic chassis + new (carbon) chassis plate + TRF201 motor guard And now stage 3 - Modified 3D printed gear case which used also the 4 fastening points with the plastic chassis but...can be used with the original FRP chassis plate and the original motor guard. No additional chassis plate is necessary. I moved the gear case ~2mm up to get more space for original motor guard. Here a picture of the first test part: The final parts will arrived next week and looks like this: View from bottom side with mounted cover. Same view with the removed cover. I decided to use a cover instead of increasing the gear housing to close the hole in the chassis plate. Complete drivetrain. Drivetrain without motor and motor guard. Additional view from bottom side with mounted cover. Additional vew from bottom side with removed cover. View from the left hand side. View from the right hand side - The gear cover plug is now also a 3D printed part
  9. Teaser of today… What could be hiding behind this small cover? 🤔
  10. @GTodd: It's an original TRF201 gearbox and it shines blue...nothing else to say I've tested this drivetrain this year in February in my lawn (with a 3000kV brushless system) and it performs excellent. I don't know what's your plan with your Monster Racer, but in my opinion there will be earlier/first issues or cracks of the suspension/chassis/steering, before there will be an issue with the drivetrain. The package will include the parts shown on the pictures below: TRF201 gear box with TRF201 ball diff Top bracket in PA12 3D print Blue TRF201 motor plate TRF201 motor guard TRF201 gearbox cover 2x blue aluminum spacer For mounting the carbon chassis plate with the plastic chassis and the screws for mounting the suspension arms onto the carbon chassis plate, the original screws/nuts can be re-used. PM me, if you are interested...
  11. Due to different design loops there is beside the „setup“ from my last post (3D printed gear case, gear diff, carbon chassis plate) a previous setup with the gear case from the TRF201 (original TRF201 gear case incl. ball diff, carbon chassis plate). The upper bracket is now also a professional 3D printed part (PA12). @GTodd: Sometimes you have to part with things to be able to do/make new things. And maybe this could be also an option for you. Let me know…
  12. It is the original TRF201 cap...so far still
  13. The tale how this chassis finds the way to me (due to a special friend), I will tell in a new worklog…
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