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  1. Finished my Egress chassis…electronics and body are the next steps.
  2. @Quincy & @wtcc5: You're putting pressure on me to look for an Super Astute too
  3. @ruebiracer: Apologizing for what? No crash, car was everytime on the track…I‘m sure, my driving skills are worse than yours
  4. House building is 6 years ago, but with 3 kids (and the 4th is expecting) time is also rare for me. In this case, driving several hours for a meeting will not be possible for me. Also, because RC is for me more a nostalgic hobby, but not my most important one…unfortunatelly. @wtcc5: Where is „Steinbruch Keltern“ exactly? Google tells me only a place near Pforzheim.
  5. With my Manta Ray, I can also use my brushed equipment: - Hobbywing 1060 / Tamiya TBLE02 - Standard silver can / Tamiya GT Tuned Motor (25T) Or in the next weeks an additional Tamiya Super Stock BZ for my new Egress
  6. @wtcc5: Thanks for remember on me As I‘m a Racing/competition newbie and I have for my onroad car (singular) only a body for the shelf (and/or for Sunday cruising), I would prefer offroad. What is your the expectation of this event, when you already talk about esc/motor regulations?
  7. I‘ve waited, too. But after I wasn‘t one of the lucky pre-seller, I decided to buy this one:
  8. This planetary differential is also used in the Avante (2011) even twice and in combination with a GT Tuned Motor, so no worry
  9. When I have no other dates at the same time and you let also drive a TA02SW (Porsche RSR 934) beside your FF-01…of course
  10. Nice video of your Blitzer and Blaster! It's also nice to see that such trucks are not built / restored just to be put on a shelf Greetings from Laupheim
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