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  1. I also love older chassis from the 90's (TA01, TA02, TA03, FF01,...) upgraded with frp or carbon double decks more than a full option competition chassis from (for example) the TRF-series. TRF cars are competitions cars with max. weight reduction (open gearboxes/spur gears, carbon decks, alloy/titanium parts,...), which are for my use cases (driving on the street before my house or on parking lots) oversized. Or maybe, because the older chassis (rallye/touring cars and/or also buggies) and their bodies have a character, which modern racing/competition cars (without "realistic" bodywork) in my opinion not have.
  2. The last weeks were very busy at work, so the project progress is not so far how I was expected. But good things must have time In this build I don't want to use the Tamiya self-tapping screws, so I ordered various M3 stainless steel screws in different length and head types: Armed with thread cutter and screw driver, I started with the front gearbox. I also install the "torque control unit". I haven't run an stock TA03F-chassis until now to have a comparision, but we'll see if my driving style can handle it... Next step was the build of the dampers: In the kit of the Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03R) was hard damper oil (#900) included, in my Porsche 934 Turbo (TA02SW) soft damper oil (#400), so I will try a compromise with the medium oil (#600). And installed on the front gear box: In the manual are also turnbuckles for the upper arms (front and rear) shown as hop-ups. My TA03F PRO David Jun will get this also from the beginning:
  3. Yesterday the postman brought me a lot of missing parts, so the assembly can start in the next days... The thing with the most needed spare parts for the TA03F...the dispender for the black chassis parts: And then a lot of small parts...all from major and minor hobby shops, nothing from online auctions portals. Regarding the "torque control unit" I know that this is not for use in the TA03F due to the 14T pulley. I will use in the first step only the 16T aluminum pulley. These are hard to find (and expensive), so for me is is cheaper to buy two of these "torque control units" only for the pulleys
  4. This is my first thread, so a short summery about my RC history. When I come back to the RC hobby after over 20 year in 2020, there was only a Grasshopper II from 1995 and a Manta Ray from 1998. Beginning from April 2020, more and more RC cars found their way into my collection. Most/all of them are from the late 80s, respectively the 90s. There are a Porsche Turbo RSR 934 Black Edition (TA02SW), a Dyna Storm, a Avante 2011 and an Egress 2013. I'm a fan of the RC cars/chassis from the 90s like the Top Force, Dyna Storm, TA01, TA02, FF01 or TA03 since I was reading (or more soaking up) the Tamiya guide books when I was a teenager. This summer it turned out, that @wtcc5 and @Quincy live near to my home town. After a nice on-road race day, they convinced me to add a FF01-chassis to my collection. After buying, restoring and full upgrading a FF01 (PIAA Honda Accord), the next project should be starting...a TA03F. Especially the hop-uped TA-03F PRO "David Jun" edition impressed me even as a teenager (guide book from 1998, page 39). But to find a DJ edition is hard and expensive, so I want to convert a standard TA03F PRO into a "David Jun" edition. Starting point: The hopefully the final status in the future: The standard TA03F PRO version used grey plastic parts, so the challenge will be to find the black ones. Fortunatelly there is the re-re of the Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03R-S), so a lot of parts in black are already available. Also the aluminum parts (rear hubs, pulleys, motor heat sink,...) will be hard to find, because no longer produced by Tamiya. So the first step was to disassemble the complete chassis, cleaning all parts and have a look, if any parts can be reused or are broken and have to be replaced. After the inspection of the parts, the front and the rear gearboxes have cracks and have definitely being replaced. The front gearbox will be no issue, because it is the same part as the rear gearbox of the TA03R. More critial is the damaged rear gearbox part. Fortunatelly, the seller of the chassis sent me an additional rear gearbox as a spare part. I will use this one until I find a black one. The gear wheels itself comes in almost new condition and also the ball diffs looks good. The installed low friction dampers are looking good as well, so I will renew only the seals/o-rings. Now it's time to make the list with additional parts for the David Jun edition: A-Parts (front gearbox/suspension mount - black) (10005657) B-Parts (rear gearbox/suspension mount - black) (50699) C-Parts (steering parts - black) (50700) D-Parts (suspension arms - black) (50701/10005660) E-Parts (front bumper - black) (19006835) J-Parts (battery holder - black) (50703) 53157 - Aluminum King Pins 53172 - 4WD TA02 & FWD TA02 Universal Shaft Set 53226 - 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Front Hub Carrier 53275 - TA03 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink 53276 - TA03 Fluoriscent Color Stabilizer Set 53278 - TA03 Aramid Fiber Reinforced Drive Belt 53286 - TA03 Aluminum pulley (16T) 53288 - TA03 Aluminum Rear Upright 53302 - TA03F PRO Carbon Chassis Plates 53325 - TA03 Aluminum Knuckle Arm 53157 - Aluminum King Pins ... (If parts are missing, I will update the list) Once again, I was lucky, because @Quincy also work/worked on the same chassis and have some parts for me: Important parts and also hard to find. Thanks a lot for providing me these parts As I mentioned, most of the black parts are shared with the Porsche 911 GT1 (TA03R-S). I'm currently not sure to buy these parts as spare parts or the complete kit (depending on the price difference)... Now the list of missing parts got a little bit shorter: B-Parts (rear gearbox/suspension mount - black) (50699) 53275 - TA03 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink 53276 - TA03 Fluoriscent Color Stabilizer Set 53278 - TA03 Aramid Fiber Reinforced Drive Belt 53286 - TA03 Aluminum pulley (16T) 53288 - TA03 Aluminum Rear Upright ...
  5. Finished my „Tamiya FF Full Option“-chassis…
  6. I‘ve started and almost completed my FF01 Chassis conversion from bathtube to FRP double deck…plus some hop-up parts:
  7. I bought my Egress mid of June and was in the same situation what to do with: At the end, I decided to build the car and I did not regret it
  8. Do you have the silver Dyna Run? Only on pictures from this I see some kind of noses: The black can shouldn‘t have this noses.
  9. Yes, the internal design is the same as of the old motors from the golden era (Acto Power, Dyna Run,...). But it‘s also described in the manual The removing of the bushes was no hard work. The one from the end bell easier than the one from the motor can. Sometimes it helps to cool down the complete motor in the fridge. There are also how-to videos on youtube from „RC Action Australia“ and „TAMIYA Legends“. Search for „super stock rz bearing“
  10. Yes, I‘ve replaced the brass bushes by ball bearing. The dimensions are 3.175 x 9.525 x 3.967 mm respectively 1/8 x 3/8 x 5/32 inch.
  11. @wtcc5: Do you have plans to change the brass bushes of the motor to ball bearing?
  12. You can also have a look into the manual of the Top Force. The Top Force also use this suspension shafts instead of the screws.
  13. Finished my Egress chassis…electronics and body are the next steps.
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