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  1. To emphasize the difference to my gearbox...with this you replace the complete internal gear parts, slipper and diff by available spare parts (especially the capability to use the TA06 oil gear diff which reduce the maintenance of the diff to a minimum) But thumbs up for your idea with the motor pinion 👍🏻
  2. I also used the middle hole for the dampers.
  3. @ruebiracer: The weather was great and the atmosphere was excellent 😊 And the gearbox also ran smoothly and without issues. But I struggled with the track, especially with the small double-jump after the big overpass. Maybe the different gear ratio (compared with the config last year) was the reason why I didn't get this section so well. But let me explain it in a nice way…now I‘m a professional in exchanging front hubs and rear suspension blocks 😉
  4. I have to precise: I had not issues with my Manta Ray. I only struggled with the loosy suspension of this 30 years old car 😁
  5. Today is the day we have the first meeting/event on the outdoor track in Laupheim. Weather is fine and the anticipation too My Dyna Blaster is prepared in Tamico Offroad Cup spec (except the original plastic chassis)… …and the DIY polycarbonate undertray is installed: Let‘s have some fun with my Tamiya buddies @wtcc5 and @Quincy.
  6. I used for my FF01 the out drives with p/n 54183. Are there any differences compared with the original ones (p/n 9805468) respectively p/n 9805502? And otherwise, as always, great work!
  7. I could finally create and upload the video of the assemby of the gearbox... PS: It's a video from an designer/engineer and not from a professional video editer
  8. If you mean you're missing the J7 part...I could help out here:
  9. @bsy2010: In this case no competitior...I will only compete in the truck class.
  10. In which class do you want to start in Laupheim...only for information for me if you are a competitior for me or not
  11. The Tamico Offroad Cup last year was my first racing event ever and a great experience 👍🏻 Unfortunately the driving distance and date don’t work well for me, although the (dirt) track in Kinzigtal looks great. My current planning is to attend at the event in Laupheim (September 14th/15th) and there is a chance for the event in Augsburg (August 24th/25th ). But AFAIK is in Kinzigtal a good chance to meet Quincy and/or wtcc5 😊 Cheers, Thomas
  12. The question which you must answer for yourself could be "Is your Astute differential worn out and you want a replace it in a cost-efficient way?" or "I want to replace the fragile diff/gearbox by a modern one with better spare support + a slipper clutch and the higher costs are not so relevant"
  13. I like your work from an engineer's point of view. But to be honest, I would rather see this equipment in a (non-Tamiya) scaler/crawler than in King Cab/Monster Racer 😊
  14. This transparent gearbox parts look awesome! Looks similar to these rare TA03F clear gearbox parts.
  15. Last weekend the weather was excellent and I decided to do a first test run (complete 4000 mAh lipo battery) on tarmac in front of my house. Everything was fine: The car drove great and gearbox ran smoothly and without issues…great feeling. In the next time I will do further runs and will check after that the gear wheels for wear before I will go on the race track.
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