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  1. @Willy iine: It looks like a paint from Revell or a TS paint. But the paint was definitely applied via brush. With the mentioned „paint remover“ it was also easy. Applied with a brush, wait 15 seconds and then wipe the paint off the rims with a towel. Edit: Unfortunately, not every area of the rim is accessible by towel
  2. Tried to remove the paint of my King Cab rims... LHS painted in silver...RHS after a (brush) treatment with "Methoxypropanol": Cleaning one rim per day is enough for my hands...
  3. On the right hand side (Wild Dagger twin speed controller) from the postman, on the left hand side (original King Cab speed controller) from a good friend. The best of both will become the speed controller for my Monster Racer.
  4. Bad news for your wallet, it will also work on the Madcap due to Madcap and King Cab shares the same gearbox. And in the (Super) Astute, the gearbox will/should also fit. The pilot series (ok, only one gearbox) is currently in process at Shapeways. If there are no issues, the gearbox will be available on Shapeways from the beginning of November.
  5. @Willy iine: The truck would look even better in a garage with Willy
  6. Finally finished my "TRF201 Transmission Conversion" of my Hi-Lux Monster Racer. More pics in my worklog: Sgt.Speirs‘ Nissan King Cab - TRF201 Transmission Conversion & Restoration
  7. Hello, today I will present you the final pics of the "TRF201 Transmission Conversion" portion of my Hi-Lux Monster Racer. The chassis with gearbox I have already shown, now it's time for the chassis with body. Update I decided to separate the parts list, Shapeways link and manual of the transmission conversion in a separate thread in the „TC Designs“ section of the forum. There I can support interested customers if there are questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. In this case please this new thread: TRF201 Transmission Conversion for Nissan King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer, (Super) Astute & Madcap Now here will be mainly the restoration part of my Hilux Monster Racer. But now the pictures...here we go... The last step of this project will be now the restoration portion. The original gearbox will be installed and and the electronics shall be restored as out of the box (mechanical speed controller, resistor, second servo,...).
  8. Are there people out there, who want to install a non-tamiya gearbox into a King Cab?
  9. Today the postman brought me the last parts for the restauration portion: 14505174 - Mechanical Speed Controller: Due to the prices for original ones are insanely high, I found out that the twin motor MSC from the Wild Dagger looks the same. Some re-work has to be done, but the important thing is that the wires goes out on the right side. 9405534 - Press Parts Bag: Remaining parts for the MSC (resistor cover/plate and servo stay). 0115072 - J parts tree: Body mounts for the Monster Racer And more silver motor plates for more transmission conversions: But now it‘s time to re-build the chassis… 😊
  10. @Elpulio: You received the parts list via PM. Regarding the gearcases I will provide ThunderDragonCy soon a short manual as attachment for his Shapeways store. Back to topic: Unfortunately I can’t show pics from the final truck, but I made a big step towards MINT condition of my Monster Racer. I was looking for the rear tires and finally found some: Unfortunately they were mounted on a complete King Cab. But when I investigated the condition of the truck, I almost could not believe it. The chassis is in a condition…I would describe it as almost „new build out of the box“. Some minor scratches on the main chassis, but the rest it in perfect condition. Ok, the body is not painted in box art. But there are no cracks, only some pressed in edges. And the rims…painted in silver, but no scratches or damages. I have to say that this chassis is in a better condition as my ones (and this is definitely not bad). So I decided to use the new chassis for my Hilux Monster Racer. Due to there were a lot of paint residues from the body inside the chassis, I decided to make a complete clean of the (plastic) parts. The metal parts are as good as new. Good as I‘m waiting still for some spare parts (mechanical speed controller, MR body posts, metal parts bag,…).
  11. Hi @Elpulio, I run stage 3 only some short rounds along my street, but not in the same way as I had run the first prototype / stage 1. But due to the internal gearbox layout is a takeover of @ThunderDragonCy's “TA06 Gear diff transmission case for TRF201X and DN01 Zahhak", I have no concerns that this will not work. And regarding your second question: Of course, the final step of this project would be that interested King Cab and Monster Racer fans can order this gearbox incl. parts list. Currently I’m thinking more about what would be the best way to offer this gearbox. In some cases, Shapeways is not the best/cheapest way depending where are you located
  12. And you didn‘t run your Hilux Monster Racer?
  13. Thank god there was @ThunderDragonCy, who designed this masterpiece
  14. I really bought this car only because of the almost new tires for my Monster Racer… …now it turns out that the chassis is also almost as good as new. The ball diff also feels buttery smooth… The body is horribly painted (completely red), but no cracks and the paint can be removed with your fingernails...no Lexan paint was used...perfect for a restoration project!
  15. Sgt.Speirs

    wtcc5's TB-02

    @wtcc5: Your build makes me hungry to start with my (first) TB Evo…
  16. MCIracing has replacement decals for the motor…this is also my plan
  17. I think you made the same experience as I did on my TRF201 transmission conversion for my King Cab/Hilux Monster Racer. The distance between both diff output bearings of the TD4 ball diff is identical with the TA06 gear diff, but further apart than on the TRF201 ball diff. So TRF201 diff outputs or a wider gearbox is needed…and both options are available
  18. Are you sure that it is the diff (which slips) and not the motor (which turns)? What happens when you tip the car on the (for example) left front AND rear wheels and you turn the right rear wheel clockwise? If the center diff works fine, the right front wheel have to turn counterclockwise. By the way, did you tighten the diff screw well? The manual says "Don't over tighten" but in my Avante box there was an additional note on this step that the screw must be fully tightened.
  19. Step 26 to 28 - Oil dampers Step 29 - Damper stay (front & rear) Step 30 - Attaching rear dampers Step 31 - Attaching front dampers Step 32 - Attaching motor The manual suggests a Dyna-Run Racing Stock Motor for this chassis. Last week I found a really cheap one, but the motor needs first a bit love before it finds it's right place.
  20. Finished my Monster Racer body…finally.
  21. The haul of the last week… Tamiya TRF417 V5 Tamiya TRF415MSX Marc Rheinard (with TBLE-01 ESC and TBLM-01 8T motor) Pink Acto Power Off-Roader 2WD motor (with box and manual) Dynatech 01R (labeled by Graupner) RX-540VZ Technigold (labeled by Graupner) Dyna-Run Racing Stock
  22. Finally I found time to finish the body… The front bumper is also a new one and will complete the „out of the box“ look. Summery of the body set (body is from TBG, the decals from MCI racing): The quality of the decal sheet was fine (I selected „premium color option“). But the sheet is no 1:1 copy of the original. Two things struck me as negative. The left headlight sticker is completely wrong. It seams that the right sticker was only mirrored. The „K“ is upside down and the geometry is also wrong (the sticker is on the bottom wider than on the top). The black wheel house stickers are four times on the sheet. At the front they fits fine, but it was impossible to apply this on the rear wheel house. I have to split the stickers to fit the geometry of the wheel house. To the body there is nothing negative…well done TBG Overall my expectation was not to have the same body set quality as I expect from Tamiya. Nevertheless I’m happy there is an alternative solution to restorate a Hilux Monster Racer. And at the end I‘m really happy with the result Stay tuned for the final pics of this project…
  23. Hi Thomas, thank you for this absolutely stunning work/project! That‘s what Tamyia have to release instead (or parallel) to the Astute 2022. Modern technology in a vintage (Tamiya) buggy design… I‘m super exited to see pictures from the final prototype or/and in action Thumbs up! Thomas
  24. It looks the same on my Avante and it runs fine… No worry, when you install the gear case cover (B3), this will push everything into the right place
  25. And the next step is the suspension respectivley drive shafts... Step 16 - Universal shaft Step 17 - Rear axle Step 18 - Attaching rear axles Step 19 - Front axle Step 20 - Attaching front axles Step 21 - Steering arms & tie rod Step 22 - Attaching steering arms and upper deck Step 23 - Attaching battery holder Step 24 - Torque rod & tension pulley Step 25 - Attaching torque rod Detail views of the front... What really impresses me is that there is no play in the suspension in drive direction. This is not comparable to my TA02, TA03 or FF01 chassis...
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