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  1. Thanks for the advice @ThunderDragonCy! Ordered a wild willy 24t pinion gear. I'll give it a go.
  2. @ThunderDragonCy I have a silly question being new to RC Cars. I was able to get the 21T brushed motor you suggested with 18T pinion. I also installed a 32t Spur Gear from wild willy. So I tried hooking up the motor and it doesn't engage. The motors works just fine when it's detached from the transmission. Is there a little trick I'm missing here when attaching the motor?
  3. What sort of gearing\transmission adjustments do you recommend with a 13.5T motor?
  4. Thanks TurnipJF and Juggular! Sounds like the 13.5t makes more sense. Do the Speed Passion motors usually come with a Sensor cable? I noticed that my Hornet kit didn't include one.
  5. I just bought a Comical hornet and I'm looking to speed it up. Looking for to find a 13.5T motor that works with the stock TBLE-02 ESC. Or do I need to get a new ESC and Motor combo all together? Any recommendations? I'm a noobie with little experience looking to experiment and have a little fun Looking at the following motor: Speed Passion Competition V3 Sensored Brushless Motor 13.5R with current TBLE-02 ESC. Hobby Wing 38010204 Ezrun Max10 ESC with 3652SL G2 Sensorless Brushless Motor - Combo (4000Kv) My Current Setup: Transmitter & Receiver = Radiolink RC4GS V2 Servo = Futaba S3010 High Torque (HT) Batteries = Venom 7.2V 5000mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery
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