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  1. Took a bit of work but I was able to find just about all of the parts I needed on eBay for my Striker and Astute (and also my Hornet). Follow up question on my Striker. The one part that I can't seem to locate is a Striker body (including driver head). I get they've been out of production forever. I see one on eBay from Japan for like $170. Any other 'more accessible' options? Would be nice to complete all three cars. Appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. Hey All, First time poster and new to the forums. I'm looking for some guidance as I attempt to rebuild two old Tamiya's, my old Striker and my late uncle's never-completed/never-driven Astute. I'm finding it hard to source parts through eBay and some general web searches--turning up short or things are surprisingly expensive. I'm curious what my options are and whether that's just the market for these things. I'd like to get original parts if possible, particularly for the Astute, given it was never even completed. Really appreciate any help. Here is what I'm lacking: Striker: 1. Body 2. Decals 3. Crossbar that the resistor sits on (part A5) -- I may just need to buy the full 'A' parts tree 4. Rear tires -- I have the rims but with foam/street tires on them Astute: 1. One Front Upright 2. Body 3. Undercowl 4. Front damper mount (part 'BF8') - looks like a little cylinder but with two different sized ends that goes in top of front damper 5. Hardware/Mixed screws and nuts: (1) BA3 screw (3x25mm), (1) BA4 screw (3x20mm), (1) BD5 nuts (3mm locknut), (3) BD6 nuts (3mm flange) For the Astute hardware, I'm assuming I can just use regular screws and nuts from a hardware store but, at the risk of sounding overly particular, I'd like it to match the existing screws and nuts already installed. Also, from what I've read it looks like my best options on the body and undercowl may be the same parts from the super astute. Wanted to confirm they are identical. Appreciate y'all and any thoughts you can share! Dave
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