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  1. The kit doesn't have pre-drilled holes. It has markers on the bodyshell to show where the holes should go.
  2. Thanks, Dakratfink for the info. Yes, I'm leading down that path myself as I can't see any other way to shift the bodyshell forward a few mm's. What I should have done was to get magnetic body mounts in the first place and used them. You live and learn.
  3. Yes. Well, it had "where to drill" markings for the support posts.
  4. Thanks all for the information and the pointers! Having reading the manual again, I had missed it. Doh! So, I stripped down the steering mechanism and now the front wheels sit inside the shell However, the front wheels still touch the shell when turning. Something still isn't right. It's as if she bodyshell needs to be moved forward a bit on the chassis. Any ideas? The wheels are still on 5 mm hexes. Not sure going down to 4 mm would improve the situation. *ignore the horrendous tyre gluing on the back wheel
  5. Yes. Having just googled "toe angle", yes, that was the issue originally. Since I had to google toe angle, you can tell I'm pretty new to this stuff! I will go back and take a look at the whole front wheel and steering section again to see what I have messed up. Thanks all for the replies! It's been very much appreciated. Steve
  6. I don't remember seeing that at all. They're on threaded shafts to allow for adjustment. Not seen the cutting down references. But, I will check again. I may have missed it.
  7. Thanks for replying, ChrisRx718. Yes..I forgot that you built yours from individual items rather than a kit! Cheers
  8. Thanks all for the replies! It doesn't appear to be he same for the rear axle. The wheels are within the bodyshell. As requested, I've added photos of the interior. When I built this originally, I had to adjust the camber on the front right quite a bit to get the wheel to actually point in the right direction! The recommended camber adjustments in the manual didn't appear to be correct.
  9. Hi all, I hope everyone is well. I have an issue with aTamiya 47431 Eunos Roadster on a M-06 chassis build. This is my second build, so bare with me! As far as I can tell, it is built as per manual, but when I put the shell on the chassis, the front wheels stick out from the bodyshell. This results in when the wheels turn, they hit the edges of wheel arch. I've looked at photos of other peoples builds, their wheels don't stick out and the body shell sits quite low on the chassis. If I want to clear the wheels, I have raise the shell ridiculously high. The chassis wheelbase is correct for the bodyshell. Does anyone know what I have missed? I've read around this forum and I notice a long thread regarding the build from ChrisRx781 - and he mentions that he had an issue with the bodyshell and had to order M-04 chassis parts but not which parts. From the tone of the thread, it appears to be a common issue? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Steve
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