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  1. Thanks for the great feedback! I was contacting my dealer and he suggested switching channels which I did. I initially had the ESC set on channel BEC and the servo on channel 1. Against all odds, leaving BEC unassigned and moving the ESC to channel 2 worked. It’s not clear to me why but that at least worked. I also left the motor connected. It says the opposite in the manual. Now onto my next task: chassis!! I am still fighting with myself whether I should go for black / gold or just metallic blue *g*. Any votes are highly appreciated LOL! Cheers, Harald
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post so please be patient :-) I have ventured into the realm of RC cars and I am very excited to get my first car running. I built a DT-03 racing fighter. The car is complete and I now want to pair my remote with the TBLE-02s ESC. Somehow it’s not working. Here is what I did: - I unplugged the motor (it’s the standard silver can brushed motor) - the ESC is configured to brushed mode, LED blinks green - I turn on the sender - I hold the SET button - I turn on the ESC - ESC goes into blink sequence green - orange - red - I let go of the SET button when red and expect the ESC to go into high point / throttle setup mode and blink red To indicate this. This is not happening and I cannot continue the high point / throttle setup. I know the sender is connected to the receiver and ESC as I can steer (front wheels move accordingly). Does anybody have a tip of what to try next? Is there a way to do a hard reset of the TBLE-02s? Kind regards Harald
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