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  1. A pic of front gearbox plastic I notice is pretty old has a bit of upward flex under strain, so installed a small (2mm?) screw I had laying around with a washer and nut secured with JB weld to help hold top gear cover down, and a rear pic of homemade wing mount and a dab of JB on the rear gearbox (ugly!) Might clean it up by adding more JB and shaping it up.
  2. Some more pics for you guys Anyone feel free to post some top force picks! I'd like to run one and keep one shelved, so I did some mods to the car. Kinda ugly but I'm going for function over looks lol The under guard I know 'top force' it's backwards! but I still love it.
  3. Man this thread is old but wow nice car! Wish I had the means to machine them trick alloy bits myself!
  4. And here's Manta. I haven't decided on what color to paint her on the taped bits: I have pink, generic paints are red, yellow(not gonna happen), white, and Rusto St Tropez (which is showcased here) and Island Coral:
  5. A better shot I think I gonna touch up that pesky black spot on the bottom; it's a thorn.
  6. I will. Is Top Force durable? It seems kinda weak due to the fact that the shock towers are secured by just two screws, and said screws are driven into fragile-looking plastic. I know about the shock tower braces mod but still...
  7. LOL Thanks I know right?! That tow bar has saved her on many cliff-hanging excursions! I'm gonna have to take it off sometime but I figured it makes her seem brand new. kinda absurd now that I think of it!
  8. I just joined HELLO/CHEERS I just finished up my new top force! Here are some pics, They don't do her any justice, she's gorgeous.
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