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  1. Snappy1: Yea the motor plate looks like a possible powder coat, maybe it's really stout paint IDK which but it's not commin off anytime soon that's 4 sure. Yea there is still some fluid in the hydra, I took out one of the plugs and it started to ooze a bit so I plugged it back in lol. I like it, it is pretty long wb, and can be stretched a bit further, I suppose for the truck variant? Gonna try to fit her with some pink/green springs too. Thanks for checking out my post!
  2. Here's how she looks at the moment. Note the chopped-up chassis & front brace...Not a big deal, it's still strong enough. Added some shoes: Wrapped the underside with some black vinyl : Had to use some shoe goo so it got a little messy but totally removeable Gonna make a nice runner. Not a shelf Queen but I'd still say it's a good display piece once I get a body.
  3. Some anti-corrosion yellow paint cleaned up pretty good
  4. This is what I was able to do. Filed the axles down:
  5. I got this on a popular site for $30.00 US (postage included) Looks about the correct price for it lol. Was in pretty rough condition lol but I noticed the black mass inside of the slipper cover and said to myself "what the badword" and bought it. this is how it looked when I got it:
  6. Hey Kurt I forgot to mention, nice cool vintage ultima pro you got there as well dude. I'd like to get some legit ultima pro tires/wheels, but these og tamiya ovals hit good on the slippey frozen pavement/grass & dirt patches outside. Had to hang her up on the old pegboard, as we just started getting pounded w white radioactive ice from above haha I kid on the radioactivity...or do I...Isotopic Fallout is almost everywhere in varying doses. JK. Or do I?! JK. I'll stop being weird now so back on track.. sorry I'm tired. I will definitely get a video or two up once weather improves, but I have had her running indoors on my kitchen floor before so hmmm...(good for burnouts only )
  7. Thanks Kurt. By upgrades, just meaning a beefier front upright, that's all. But I just got through bashing some more after fixing the broken upright with super glue & JB Weld. I beefed them both up actually...They won't be breaking again soon I can tell you that much haha. Yea I noticed the front tower being metal as well...I just need a wing & front bumper.
  8. Hi I just kinda fixed up an ultima pro rolling chassis I picked up a few months ago. Took it out for a spin. Very fast, temps were great (albeit being just about freezing weather) She handled well, & nice experience for me to hear old school motor scream. esc: Novak 610-RV had this since like 93 & i haven't used it for more than 15+yr, still works great, especially on 2.4Ghz. motor: Some brushed piece with a 15t pinion battery: 2s 5000mah I guess the front knuckle and end links, being dormant for so long were under such immediate shock from being used again and in such cold weather, were just like "I give up" Love this car tho...So anyone know of an upgrade or anything? Are the ultima rb6 uprights stronger or will they even work?
  9. Good eye sir! Home Alone yea it's on Hulu Me & my GF were on a Home Alone binge lol
  10. Thanks lol yea just waiting on the body & lipo now!
  11. No man, I totally get where you're coming from! It's gotta be like that if you're from there, I remember the pointing Junipero Serra statue on the way there... Some more pics of a temporary dust cover made from a takeout taco salad tray...It's ugly only because of the shoe goo, otherwise it's a real nice looking addition and it's almost 100% sealed except for the motor area.
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