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  1. I have a Sonic Fighter and NB Lancia(58040) up right now. Good advice, I'll start posting in the forum!
  2. Hello. It's time for some of my Tamiya's to go. Thanks to everyone here(while on ebay) who engaged in buying and selling with me since 2000. Ebay ID - buc605, mrx951, euruopro975, jr-rc, tamiya-rc, m.o.o.s.e.y!, f1tam, ckck321, slither302, vintage-tamiyaparts, duck710cat, & tamiya_rc_car_spares just to name a few. Please top by my user id and check in for the remainder of the year as I will be listing every week. Thanks again all. - ebay id: motopsycho87
  3. Sold. Please email me(wbauer2152@aol.com) and I will pp you the $30 payment. Thanks!!
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