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  1. thank you purplefish! yes i have read about marwan, didn´t know mci was offering bodies as well... another option would be tbg (or team blue groove), anybody have experience with one of their optima mid bodies?
  2. hi all! so i bought a repro-body for my optima mid custom off ebay from a seller in the uk. when the body arrived i noticed it doesn´t have any lines, or markings, for cutting out. is that normal on the optima? was it like that on the original? i seem to remember 30+ years ago, when cutting out the original body, i had a few problems too, especially with the rear portion.. cheers
  3. hi all, first time poster here! as i have just finished a super hotshot too, i wanted to confirm that the gearboxes really are pretty tight, especially the rear. i have not experienced this with my other cars.. but it drives without issues, and i feel it did loosen up a bit.
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