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  1. yes tbg bodies are nice, but keep in mind that they don´t supply the undertray (afaik), only body + wing.
  2. if you go hornet you have to get the ampro battery door upgrade, its a must!! the stock battery door is notorious for falling off while driving = dragging the battery behind the car... no fun at all! other than that: sport tuned motor, ballbearings!
  3. I had to have one, being an Alfisti for 25 years.. handles reasonably good with stock configuration (540 motor), i was actually surprised how fast it was! later i installed a brushless setup, 4000kv on 2S, which a lot of people might argue is overkill. tyres go pretty fast as they are soft, so maybe get a second set if you buy the kit...
  4. No! But i plan to build a second Falcon from leftover parts as a runner! I have never driven a Falcon! It´s about time...
  5. Loving my restored Falcon too! On the right you see the car i originally ordered as a 9 year old, on the left you see the one i actually received because the Falcon was out of stock... what a disappointment...
  6. You know, i have heard from people hiding their cars from their wives in the attic or somewhere. The things grown up men have to do, eh... Seriously though, you can try to sell it for whatever price you desire, if there is a buyer is another question! good luck!
  7. The Shadow 4WD was my first buggy back in the 80ies, during lockdown beginning this year i bought a "mint" one (never run, not finished completely) and refurbished it. Its not a very good car tbh though... plastics are getting weak and crack everywhere, i am not running mine because its so fragile, but i had sentimental reasons urging me to buy it. judging from your pics, yours is not in mint condition, so i would guess you wouldn´t get much money out of the sale... if you´re sentimentally attached to it (was it your car back then?) i would say its not worth it... keep it.
  8. thank you purplefish! yes i have read about marwan, didn´t know mci was offering bodies as well... another option would be tbg (or team blue groove), anybody have experience with one of their optima mid bodies?
  9. hi all! so i bought a repro-body for my optima mid custom off ebay from a seller in the uk. when the body arrived i noticed it doesn´t have any lines, or markings, for cutting out. is that normal on the optima? was it like that on the original? i seem to remember 30+ years ago, when cutting out the original body, i had a few problems too, especially with the rear portion.. cheers
  10. hi all, first time poster here! as i have just finished a super hotshot too, i wanted to confirm that the gearboxes really are pretty tight, especially the rear. i have not experienced this with my other cars.. but it drives without issues, and i feel it did loosen up a bit.
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