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  1. Hi, Did this issue ever get resolved? I have exactly the same issue on an XB Frog I've just stripped down and rebuilt. Everything sounds smooth until the hubs and wheels are back on. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  2. Hi, Have had Tamiya cars on & off for the last 30+ years, and this recent lockdown period has given me the opportunity to get into this hobby again. Due to a lot of models being out of stock I decided to get a Comical to keep me entertained. All built no problems, but I notice the steering tracking is not quite perfect with one wheel always sticking out. The arms are set to 35mm however as per the recommendation in the instructions Whilst the car seems to drive OK, I wonder if the setup could be more optimal. I notice the placement of the servo is not perfectly centred in the chassis (see pic), it sits to one side by a millimetre or two, there appears to be no adjustment options here. Does this make a difference and could this be the cause of the alignment issue? I would assume if both arms are the same length then the steering would be slightly out? Has anybody else experienced similar in their comical builds? Would adding some shims to servo mounting blocks help to centre it? Should I lengthen an arm, or would this cause more problems? Is this even a problem at all really? I've also read some people are adding shim to the wheels to help reduce wobble and play here too? Thanks in advance for any help here Jeff
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