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  1. Awesome! Curious to see what you find as the cause of the resistance.
  2. If everything is true... I would want both the Egress and HotShot II. If I can find them before they sell out.
  3. I am in the middle of bringing back a basket case Boomerang. Parts are out there but scattered. I can’t speak to what breaks because I have yet to drive it.
  4. I ordered an adaptor to get a modern receiver to work with an old Futaba servo from Radical RC... https://www.radicalrc.com/category/Adapters-53 ... maybe they have something that can help you out?
  5. I was just in the same boat as you. One thing I overlooked was the quality of solder... a friend who solders for a living recommended Kester 6040. Really made a big difference. I have been doing 14 guage wire in a cold garage at between 300-350 Celsius without issue. As for the pen... I ended up with a Hakko FX601 but cant compare it to anything for you. Just can tell you it works fine.
  6. So... I was being paranoid cause I wanted to see someone specifically build a RC pack and couldn’t find much with how I was searching. After searching “How to Build Sub C Battery Pack” I got plenty of hits with comparable pack builds. Thanks again all!
  7. Thanks! I think it looks pretty cool too... def big improvement with it on! I was confused about the E/C ring deal too... the simplest way to think of it is that the case determines which to use. Nova Case = E-Rings Fox Case = C-Rings In my situation... I used the Fox shafts with E-rings in Nova cases.
  8. Awesome thanks... do you know if it is good practice (or even possible) to discharge the single cells prior to assembling? Or you just gotta be careful? All the videos I find seem to focus on transmitter packs. I assume the technique is the same?
  9. Just wanted to follow up on some things and post some pics. It looks worse that it is... my backyard is my primary spot tp run it and it has been sloppy most of the fall... After tearing apart the trans without checking the wheel adapters (which were the reason why the car stopped moving)... I discovered cracks in the gear cases. Time to tear it down... Plenty of molybdenum left over from '85... OG gears holding strong. My technique for C-Clip removal... I am sure there are plenty of places to get the E-clips I needed to fit the NovaFox cases to my Fox but I just bought a Tamiya bag... (I thought I took a pic of the E-Clips installed but I was rushing and missed it) Put the rear together and moved to the front.... I bought both a NovaFox and vintage sway bar (not the cool Tamiya one)... decided to fit the vintage one... Also... fitted some turnbuckles... No time to clean the chassis... Just makes me smile sitting on the bench... The sway bar install and switch to HW 1060 just made the car so fun to drive in my short grass... plenty quick for me with the SS RZ. She is done for now... on to the RC10GT electric conversion. Thanks again everyone for helping me get back into this!!
  10. Was hoping to find some articles/links on how to build a NiMH pack. I need to go 3x2 with the cells stacked 2 high. With the cells facing the front and back of the car. Any help or guidance would be appreciated... thanks!!
  11. Was wondering this myself... thanks!
  12. I have gotten some of my buddies amped up about this stuff again... hoping to have backyard race in the fall of 2021. I have DF-03 in the box and bought a original. Boomerang to bring back to life. Somthing else I am pumped about is my buddy grabbed his old RC10GT out of his parents basement. He could never get it to run right so it looks new. We are going to do an electric conversion to it.
  13. Just to follow up... it was e-clips with NovaFox cases and Fox shafts. Now... it is shutting off a little more than I would like with the Super Stock RZ and TBLE-02 combo in short wet grass... will be swapping out the esc to the HW 1060.
  14. I have ordered from both Tamico and RCMart with luck. Otherwise eBay.
  15. I have a Super Stock RZ on NiMH with 15t pinion on orig Fox gearbox... been fine so far. Motor stays cool pushing it hard through short grass... pavement doesn’t seem to break sweat at all. The cracks seem to be from age.
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