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  1. Wow... what a nice find!!! I really like my DF-03 and I think it handles nice and is fun to drive but I don't have the experience of other members here. I paid $145 plus $75 shipping for my DF-03 from RCMart to the US as a comparison for you. Also... I would be willing to buy all those parts from you if you decide to bail on the DF-03. Good luck with your build!
  2. I have the Venom version of that charger. I recently built some packs in a custom configuration for a friend. The cells I used were new but very old... then I went to charge then with that charger... got the same error. I bought a trickle charger and trickle charged them for a little... then tried again. They have been fine since. Dumb question... did you set the charge amperage to 0.1 AMPS? I would think for that pack you should be at 2.0.
  3. I felt like mine were like that as well. I used some softer springs that seemed to help.
  4. Not sure which you are referring to but they both seem to be hardened? I am super excited to get this done but am going to take my time. Right now DF-03 slippers are expensive and I don't want to mess up the shaft. Will document and share for sure but it will most likely be pretty much the same as what @Juhunio did. The aluminum mainshaft bits all over the nylon diff gear really bother me.
  5. Looks like they are back in stock... just got mine today! https://www.rwracing.co.uk/product/tamiya-df-03-main-shaft-gear-6-module-18t-12mm-wide On the left is the pinion from RW Racing. On the right is a helicopter pinion I found on the HobbyKing site that might work. I ordered it prior to noticing RW Racing had them back in stock. The HobbyKing pinion slides right on... not a press fit and tooth width is narrower. Not sure if it will work but was going to give it a shot as I am not a fan of the aluminum bits falling off the OEM gear. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbykingtm-0-6m-hardened-steel-helicopter-pinion-gear-5mm-shaft-18t.html
  6. Looks like a Fox owner bolted his left over parts together. If you are wanting to end up with a complete Fox I would wait and be prepared to spend $100+ for something that would be a better starting point.
  7. Here is a vid that demonstrates what I was seeing with the "no reaction to throttle... give it a bump and it goes"..... at about the 1:20 mark... so it seems more and more like the motor was the culprit (either dirty comm or worn brushes... I am leaning towards dirty comm given the conditions I drive it in and the motor having really low hours).
  8. Couple weeks ago... I bought the last couple available through Amazon (US).
  9. These showed up on Amazon in the US and I scooped up 4 of them. They fit my Boomerang, TT-02B and DF-03 without issue.
  10. Hello, Looking for a worn DF-03 slipper mainshaft. I am in the US. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  11. I just went through this with my sons TT02B. I ended up with DF03 damper set, Tamiya Front and Rear Carbon Towers and larger diameter wheels. To me... its like a new buggy. I love it. Will post pics if I get a minute.
  12. Yes... I did see that technique!! I may pop it back apart to sand the comm when I wire up the the 1060 capacitors. I am going to go the BEC route and run the servo wire to the capacitors between the motor and chassis over to the same side as the steering servo... where I will end up mounting them. So the rear gearbox will be coning off again at that point anyway. I really do like the way the SS motors look and preform as well. But I think this is the buggy that I will drive the most as I have a little hit (jump) in my backyard that is so fun to launch it over. I think the mud/dirt is not good for the TZ and would think a BL motor would be a little easier to keep clean/going. BTW... your advice of a 13.5 Surpass Rocket with the TBLE-02S worked a treat with an old Boomerang I decided to bring back to life.
  13. @Wooders28, @Juhunio, @Dressed4succes, @Jonathon Gillham You might not know me as I am a newbie but you have all contributed to this build. The knowledge you have shared throughout this forum been invaluable to me and I am so happy with the way the buggy turned out. I had planned to put some big post together with pics and all but reality has set in and I just need to share what I can. @DeadMeat666 asked for a pic so it gives me the opportunity to post what I can and say thanks before life gets in the way. First... a couple build pics... nothing new... Never built a diff before... and didn't even know what @Wooders28 was talking about when he told me to get an extra set of front out drives and put them in the back. Sweet... got that done... didn't even know how and RC car could have a clutch (the last car I built was a Boomerang or Falcon in the late 80's) but ordered one once again.. trusted the forum and ordered away... Gearbox coming together... ... still going ... ... ah ha! my first RC diff and clutch. Clutch was too tight and diff was too loose at run time... but you gotta start somewhere right? CVDs and turnbuckles... No pics of the front diff assembly... all of a sudden we have a slider... Thanks again @Wooders28 With stock suspenders... Steering... Swapped Silver Can for SS TZ... Roller status... Need a pick me up... I finished the build minus the body in the dead of winter. I was doing an electric conversion for my buddy who dug his old RC10GT out from his parents place. I got through about 2 rule of Lipo batteries and he wasn't having it.. so we had to make custom NiMH pack to fit his chassis. I took this pic to send to him and the Dark Impact was in the background. This the only pic I had of the DF-03 before... ... my son slammed it into a wall and snapped the rear arm off the gearbox. I honestly didn't even get it outside. He saw me driving it around the house and asked if he could try. He knows how to drive so I thought .. OK. He decided to chase his sister with it through the living room at full throttle and ... BOOM! off topic... RC10GT electric conversion mock up... ...and I here was the shell after I just finished the body. I painted it when it was too cold and the paint is flaking now... my bad. .. RC10GT finished (since I am a little all over this post)... After some runs in the back yard... Well... I love this buggy. Thank you again all!
  14. I wanted to put together a build and thank you post together because this forum basically built the car for me. Will post soon!
  15. After taking the TZ apart to inspect (and not really knowing what to look for) the comm was def dirty. I ran it under water for a couple minutes which was a bad idea... cleaned things up but almost completely wiped out the brushes and the comm now seems uneven to the eye. I figured.. what do I have to lose at this point? Put it back together with bearings instead of bushings and gave it a rip in LIPO mode. Went into limp.. just like you stated. I switched the jumper back it NiMH on the ESC... ran a couple packs through it. Seems fine. I didn't fully understand your post until I saw the Tamiya Legend youtube fix and what his car did. I ordered the capacitor kit... will see if it works. I def like the idea of being able to run it in LIPO mode and trust the ESC to determine when LIPO charge is done... instead of me eyeballing it. Live and learn.. gonna chalk this up to a combo of dirty comm and 1060 going into limp. Might switch this car to brushless.... or get a HW 1080 instead. Given my backyard can get muddy... wondering if SS motors are really the right choice for me. Thanks again everyone for the help.
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