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  1. I would have loved to find one from the period... but I couldn't. I ordered the parts bag and cross referencing numbers it "should" work. Will report back. Going back to the motor... after pushing it a little harder it... well... stopped moving. So I assumed I wiped out the tranny. Ordered the parts... took it apart today to find the tranny was fine... I blew apart the wheel adapters. Yes... I took it apart with the arms and wheels still attached. Rookie mistake... but now I have some spares. I will need to find a gearbox parts tree now... which works out cause I found my gearbox was cracked. I also picked up a beaten Boomerang... being that I am coming into to this fresh without stock of parts... trying to bring these older cars back to life is getting pricey very quickly... but still fun since I am stuck at home.
  2. @RiggsbyUK my Fox does not do that. My sons TT-02B does with a Tourqe Tuned motor. Only happens on when full reverse to full forward on a high grip surface. I told him not to do that anymore.
  3. What are you doing for decals? I just saw you have new decals... where did you score them?
  4. I ended up going with a Super Stock RZ @Jonathon Gillham... def made a difference! I really like the way it looks as well. Buzzed it around in the grass for a while and it didn't cut out but I didn't really beat it bad. Also.. I don't have the biggest pinion in. So now that the car is moving along... the need for a sway bar has surfaced. Would anyone have a recommendation/lead on where to find one? Would one off of a Nova work? Also (to any of the longtime members)... is it cool if I keep editing my title? I would like to keep all the info in this thread... does that break forum etiquette?
  5. Looks great! Did you have a hard time finding any of the parts you needed?
  6. @Mrowka I just ordered a Super Stock RZ for my Vintage Fox... will report back how it goes. I asked a similar question and got some helpful feedback in the post below.
  7. @Wooders28 and @Juhunio ... just pulled the trigger... will be my first build ~30 years... really excited!! Thank you for all your help!
  8. Thanks for sharing!! I am leaning towards a DF-03 for now... will most likely go for a Boomerang next.
  9. Cool! What lipo are you running? when I research get conflicting reviews of whether a particular pack fits vintages Tamiyas.
  10. There is one on eBay now. Seems a little pricey? anyway... here it is for anyone interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274544099807 (I do not know the seller and have nothing to do with this auction... just trying to help anyone looking for this model)
  11. I had to get an adapter plug (couldn’t solder)... to go from a Spektrum receiver to an old Futaba analog servo. I got it from Radical RC. https://www.radicalrc.com/category/Adapters-53
  12. I don't have access to a lathe... is the piece from RW Racing just a press fit? Must say... the custom work on this site is amazing. Anyway... not sure I would take it that far right off the bat. I think the initial list you shared is a fair start... and will keep me and my wallet busy for a while for sure!
  13. Thanks!!.... you have basically just helped me source my next build!!
  14. I did glance thru that thread... looks like it is coming together nicely!
  15. I am in the US... when ready feel free to shoot me pics and a price... thanks!
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