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  1. Send me your zip and I will see how much to ship. I am in NJ.
  2. I agree with BuggyDad … looks awesome but color will depend on body. Could it be the yellow that matches the original Fox decals?
  3. Can’t wait to see this in action.
  4. Amazing stuff … do you create spares of your custom parts?
  5. Not sure on arms but have you seen this thread?
  6. .... just checking before I toss them. They were included in a parts lot buy that has already paid for itself.
  7. In the article linked above it states that you can Boomerang rear lower arms. Just another option to try. Really enjoying the progress.
  8. Following. What does he plan to do with it after you get it going? The answer to that might help in advice.
  9. I used YR DF-03 universals in the front and DF-03 dogbones in the rear of my sons TT-02B. Oil filled diffs as well. Joints and bones have been awesome… oil filled diff leaks :-(
  10. I used these for the front of my Boomerang. GPM SDF1268C Steel Universal Drive Swing Shaft For Tamiya RC Manta Ray/Top Force
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