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  1. WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE MINI CARS???? I havent seen them here in the states! They're cool!!
  2. Yeah, like a lot of Bruiser, Hilux, and Mountaineer kits/parts for sale.....
  3. I was going through my spares and came across 3 brand new mechanical speed controls (x9426 switch plate), and (x9425 switch arm) if interested, send me a message, and see if you have any spares to trade, or even Moko Chan stickers or stuff...
  4. Thanks for the info! I may even try to just repair the broken one, just figured if some one had an old one they'd part with....
  5. i have a broken grille that needs replacing, anybody have one that they can spare? even if it has been painted, i'm just looking for a good unbroken one..
  6. I'd be interested as well, I live in the US, how much plus shipping to New Jersey, USA Zipcode 08071 Thanks and CHEERS!
  7. I agree! Both look very good, Wish I still had my D2 Merc C-Class TA-02 from years past...
  8. Not sure if you can get it in the UK, but here in the states I've been using a product called chameleon for years, and I've never had a problem stripping either ABS or styrene. and strips them day one new too.... it comes in quart bottles is perfectly clear and harmless, other than drying skin...
  9. I always enjoyed seeing the moko chan series in the guidebooks and when I got my kits. Back in the 80's I put an order in directly to Tamiya here in the states and asked if they had any "goodies" for a tamiya nut. I received 2 Moko chan books covering 1-17 and 18-33. I still have them, and will never part with them. I'd just like to know if anybody else has seen them in book form, or just the single pages? How many adventures were made?
  10. I dont know if I can help, but I have a collection of spares that I bought from a LHS a few years ago that had fox parts in it. if you send me your needs, I may be able to help.
  11. I live in New Jersey, I'd still love to see a meet come together. Anybody interested in my area?? I wouldn't mind coming down to NC for a meet as that's where I originally started racing. I'm not sure if Island Raceway is still around, but that's where I used to race. I think it's important we work out some details. Thanks fellas
  12. Hello guy's I'm new coming to this thread. Did you guy's ever meet?? I to am a BIG vintage tamiya fan and have owned cars for over 20 years. I think it would be great if we could have an annual meet or reunion.
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