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  1. Thanks for the offer but I’ll give it a miss thanks 👍🏼
  2. How much you looking at if you take out the motor?
  3. Hi grumpy, yeah I see it yesterday just a bit to much for me unfortunately.
  4. Hi Doc, yeah still looking. How much are you looking for? Do you have any photos? Thanks
  5. Aren’t they always!! I’d be a millionaire if I got what I wanted for things I sell.
  6. Ok thanks, no worries I’ll check it out, sounds like it’s going to be mega expensive when you say it like that! 😆
  7. Still Looking for a Tamiya lunchbox will consider anything.
  8. Thanks, I think they have changed pretty much everything on the cars to get them to that speed. I’m tempted by a manta ray but am surprised by how much they are and how they seem to hold their value! I can’t get over how much some of the Tamiya cars actually sell for!
  9. Great thanks for the suggestions, I had looked at the plasma edge 2, what’s it like? To be honest a couple of my friends have a manta ray and the other an Avante and they have upgraded them so go nearly 50mph so it caught my attention
  10. Hi, I’m a complete novice to rc cars so looking for a 4wd Tamiya buggy I can use and upgrade and just figure out how it all works! thanks
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