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  1. Thanks for the replies, I have got the bits I need from MadInventor dougan1963 - Thanks, I have got an unpainted body from Penguin, the decals look like they are readily available on ebay. Tamiyabigstuff - Yes I did read that myself, and I ordered some, but when they came they were not quite the same as the blue Boomerang ones. I wasn't sure so I returned them.
  2. Hi, I am new here, having rekindled my hobby during lockdown, first with a restoration of an original 1986 Boomerang, followed by building a new 2008 re re Boomerang, followed by the 2020 Terra Scorcher and finally a Grasshopper Candy Green edition. During my Boomerang restoration I bought a new chassis which I didn't end up using, as I wanted to keep it 90+% original parts. Anyway, I thought I might try to use the chassis and build a Super Sabre from parts sourced on the internet. It is going fairly well, but I just cannot get the red rear wheel hubs/knuckles whatever they are called?? So I thought I would join this club and see if anyone on here could help. I don't really have anything to trade, but I am willing to pay. Fingers crossed. Any other advice greatly appreciated.
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