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  1. Thanks again Guys. Bumper and steering knuckles... Silver-can, I suspected this looking at the chassis layout and weight distribution. I'm sure it made sense back in the days but so did motorplacement behind the rear axle.
  2. Guys, many thanks! Gave me a good idea on what I'll be dealing with. Hotshot it is then (I'm fine with the worse handling monoshocks). Jonathan: I can only justify one new car for him now. Dad needs a new motorbike as well Madinventor: Good to hear the transmission can take a beating. I will be moving over the 13.5 combo from the lunchbox to start with, but the headroom is nice to have for future upgrades.
  3. Long story short: I’d appreciate hearing from owners of the re-re hotshot how they find the durability, weak points, what/if any durabilty related mods are a must and also how noisy/clanky the chassis is? As in the battery rattling in it’s compartment or excessive slop in suspension/wishbones? Short story long: My 5-year old has had a re-re lunchbox for two years now and went from not really in control to racing with me on the local astro turf rc track. Fully in control and getting good at it. While the lunchbox is fun and after some mods rather sturdy - it is what it is. The rearward and high cog won't really allow bridging jumps or keeping some cornerspeed on a track. Just not it’s thing. So looking for the next car. Alternative 1 is getting him the same one I use. A competitive 2wd buggy. Both cars would share spare parts and he could grow with it. Downside being that he still likes to bash his car around the house, in the sandbox or down a slide at the playground. A modern carpet/astro buggy with an open gearbox won’t survive that for long. And it’s important for me that ’his’ car is his to do or play with however. A car that is his but one he can only use with supervision at the racetrack, is not something he will feel enough ownership of - and thus, hopefully, take care of. Alternative 2 is getting him a modern bashing car. Something from the traxxas arsenal perhaps. Looking at youtube videos they seem to to shrug off a serious beating and are capable enough for the racetrack. Alternative 3 is a re-re hotshot currently on the shelf of a local rc store - with a 15% discount. Loved the looks since I was a kid and it’s a 4wd which makes it easier to drive than a high powered 2wd. Also I’d much prefer him racing something as classy as that over just another traxxas short course truck. However, don’t want to buy him a delicate and high maintenance nostalgia queen. He is past driving full speed in to a curb but will it hold up for some jumping and tumbling? The lunchbox is simple and rugged but still takes a beating now and then. Landing on it’s roof broke off the body posts, (Aluminium replacements holding up fine), the front windshield area caved in a few times for the same reason, anti wheelie bar needed strenghtening not to damage the gearbox and servosaver has been replaced twice. Can I expect the hotshot to survive a simillar beating despite it’s more complicated nature or should I look elsewhere? On a side note. One thing that always bothered me about the Lunchbox is that if driven offroad it sounds like half the parts are loose. Battery rattling about in it’s compartment, gearbox slamming around it’s simple pivots and the hard plastic shell amplifying all sounds like some acoustic instrument of noise. Really not a showstopper and perhaps part of it’s charm but makes me cringe. Is the hotshot anything like this? Best Radek J
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