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  1. I was pretty pleased with only 1 lap behind the other tt-01e and my Xv-01 did OK. Got some tyres and done some tuning so hopefully the Xv-01 will be more road friendly for me, just me that needs tuning now and I'm a bit old and broken for that so no hope there 🤣
  2. Yes many thanks for organising and help, it's been really good and beneficial
  3. Hi, yes I understand how to do the droop I'm just going to have to remove the shock tower to access the front one cheers
  4. hi, thanks very much for the reply, I think I mistakenly put long damper version on my post so the towers are fine. How did you manage to adjust the front droop with everything attached? next thing I got some yeah racing 50mm shocks as I want some anyway as all my others are 55mm so if they don't suit it's no bother I'll put them on another car that needs them, it has lots of springs but I've heard they are very hard but will see I guess unless you have any experience with them ? if so can you give me a recommendation for which insert to use also there's so many ? and thanks for the settings recommendation, so much out of stock but got some 500k oil for the front diff which should help ? Thanks so much for your help everyone, mechanically I have no problems but just no idea of a starting point with setup so this is a great help
  5. Springs I have off tt-02r are all the same stiffness unfortunately ,plan to change the shocks anyway if and when I can find some. Just a case of finding the oil and a few other things I need to do it all at once, thanks for the help
  6. Hi, so it's not really possible to fit the droop screws because you can't get to adjust them without removing the upper suspension linkages and worse at the front . If I put a 5mm spacer in the stock shocks I'll probably get ride height down to 10mm maybe, currently has hard front and medium rear xv-01 offroad springs,30k front diff,10k rear diff is how I've been running it for a while. I have some tt-02r hard race springs lying around which I could try or drop my tt-01 to probably 6mm with spacers. any thoughts ?
  7. hi, is there a difference in width between the 2 variations as I see the TC uses different arms and hubs? Just wondering if I could change mine over if need be still using the dog bones. Is there a massive difference if the xv-01 is setup for road against the TC variant ?
  8. Ok thanks , I'll have a proper look at the pros and cons over the weekend
  9. plastic or alloy? doubt I can get either atm tbo, or 3d printed from somewhere ?
  10. Hi, regarding your tt-01, what do you use in the diffs? thick grease ? I'm thinking now it may be easier to use that as it's easier to work on and plenty of spares about, it's just limited to adjust and I don't want to start buying rear hubs and stuff as it's better to put the money to get a better car. Any help is much appreciated
  11. No it doesn't have them but there are some holes in the arms that look like they could be fitted if anyone reading this knows can you please give me a shout
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply , the chassis isn't the limiting factor that's me lol I know it's not ideal and it's heavy but it drives better on a tight track layout than my upgraded tt-01e with aluminium steering and turn buckles as well as the usual, or it's just the way I drive lol
  13. Hi, I have a xv-01 lancia so I presume long damper or looks like. I've used it generally stock for general use -I don't bash my them though lol- but I'm thinking of trying out casual racing as a club restarted locally indoors, seems more fun based than serious. I do know it's a tight track and given my limited ability my xv-01 is easiest of my cars to drive in that respect, but without going and spending a fortune at this stage how do I improve it for the carpet? Obviously appropriate wheels and tyres, lose the electronics cover and mud guards, but it's the shocks and ride height I need help with. Changing them is not an option as there's non around atm anyway, I have some hard road springs that will fit but what I'd like to know is can I put some internal spacer in the shock to shorten it's travel with the xv-01? How exactly do I use the drop screw I think it has one?? If shocks become available do I change the shock towers and get 50mm shocks ? any advice much appreciated
  14. A little larger would be nice but I'll go with the flow
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