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  1. tamiyatef 42 with the M05 pickup ! I think I need to try harder lol
  2. managed to get out in the sun today , found it very tricky and not helped by my new 3d printed control sticks being too slippery , it's not great when you can't feel your hands and it's slipped off and you find out when it doesn't turn a lot of aborted runs but have a result for both m05&6 but honestly not great was great to be out in the sun and had a great time, and didn't hit anything after fixing the alpine paint work
  3. you haven't seen me drive , I'm more sunday driver than boy racer! I take your point it's just the m05 doesn't get hot the same and both have alu motor plates
  4. went yesterday for a first attempt and forgot a tape and it's raining today had a good test with my new M06at least. On 2s stock motor , I noticed it got a bit warm/hot after a full speed run about, is that normal ? do the black gears take longer to run in? Stock motors don't normally get hot on me so just wondering
  5. finally finished it and disaster struck. took it to my normal court for a gentle test run and going fine then some internal wiring controller fault put it on full forward straight into the metal fencing and some paint has come away going to have to strip the bits and hope for the best ,gutted
  6. looks like I won't get a run in, either places locked for the summer or full of kids. M06 coming along though ,just gotta the right paint for the light buckets and air intakes bit of a nightmare lol
  7. can of PS7, 2 good coats white ,1 coat black , lightly smoked windows
  8. here's where I'm up to so far ,decal work is far from perfect but it's a runner . Rear air intakes just pushed in, painted with my mix but it's not quite right, they need gloss as well
  9. PS-62 TS-98 pure orange and x-6 will probably match them
  10. backed with white and primed with various attempt
  11. hi, thanks again , X6 i have and thought it would work but it's much brighter orange and less red than ps7.. Ii did a mix with a touch of red that was close but not good enough in different lighting
  12. I can't rattle can the light bucket parts and I ran out of PS-7 trying things as I gave the car plenty lol
  13. hi would you please be so kind as to run TS-12 on your app?
  14. Hi thanks for the replies ,it would appear I need a TS--12 equivalent then as I can't use a can on the front light parts.
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