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  1. I'd say so , I have blue (hardest) to last and on grass plenty of grip
  2. oops forgot to say xv01 is Lancia delta ,tt01e mercedes sls, dt02 sand viper. Seriously need to sort some tires out and I played with my tt01 setup and made it worse it's twitchy as a rabbit now,too twitchy for my ability I'm just in awe at those at the top my brain and hands couldn't move that fast
  3. wow given the way I had my practice runs those cones wouldn't have lasted , you must have plenty of skill and patience
  4. Are you in the UK ? It's very difficult at present with the restrictions and what is permitted ,I haven't been out of my own boundary in probably 4 months until today except for appointments but being wheelchair bound and electric at that exercise is well, open to interpretation somewhat. I have a quiet park a few minutes roll/walk away which has some tarmac basketball /football type courts left in disrepair and pretty much unused and tucked away so I took the opportunity to have half an hour in today's mild weather. A lot of parks have them if you've one near you
  5. well I tried my tt01e today ,wet slightly algaed tarmac and grip was a challenge touched the power and slid the back end out ,still it's was fun to be outside off the drive and no chance of hitting the house Tires are way too hard for the conditions
  6. Hi, can I just ask the guys running tt01/2 on flat tarmac ,how low can you take the tub without it catching everything ? like a court not a track I mean
  7. Tried my sand viper on the lawn and getting the track positioned was a challenge in itself ,always 1 part very tight to the border. Had to restrict the throttle to 40% and it was still hard work not to put a rear in the border over the time. Needs a little tuning but got a full run in at least , not telling how many aborted runs due to going off into the wilderness though
  8. It's the easiest and slowest to drive being stock ,have a tt-01e and dt-02 sand viper also ,if I can get the track on the lawn might try the viper but not on the drive I'm bound to overcook it and hit the house !
  9. Hi, no I won't disclose my laps ,that count I gave was from the last rounds track I never submitted
  10. Hi, so I gave it a go in the freezing cold and it was pretty taxing for me ,expecting to be bottom but here for the fun, only had 1 quick try at the last one due to no time left and ice so didn't submit managed 23 with stock xv-01 . Started hobby again after a 30+ year break which was pretty enforced by a rugby accident left me paralyzed from the neck down in 88 but ce la vie. Started again as my son is interested in cars so thought him building would show him how they work and modern power chairs can get me places the old ones couldn't. I have a small amount of movement in the shoulders and biseps thankfully so can manage with adaptation just enough to have decent control. prototype pics p Anyway ,have time this time so hopefully I can improve at least, nice to meet you all
  11. very good , just never seen one that size
  12. 5.1mm is a precise size , what did you use to drill that ?
  13. Hi, can you please tell me what adapter you are using please ?
  14. Hi, those can't be original tyres so what are you using please ? I have my 33 year old big brute but it's tireless as you can imagine
  15. lucky her, good luck with it when all this is over
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