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  1. Had a chance to have a good go at it today ,it's tight! I should have made the effort to put smaller tyres on my m05 and the tarmac wasn't that grippy either but I managed two extra laps by the end so at least I was improving. Sunny day wednesday would be nice if someone can order it please
  2. I think it's fine, I'll have to have a go with it, something else I can miss lol
  3. blimey 50+ laps!! I'm only 2 laps behind the other m05 I'm happy enough with that considering, just glad you didn't have yours out Turnip or I'd probably be 15 laps behind Got out today for a couple of hours in the sun, managed to get my xv-01 flying around the tarmac which was fun as it's setup for tarmac casual driving, such fun
  4. Got a chance yesterday to get out , had a blast about the bowling green with my DT-02 just for fun and then a few attempts at some laps with the m-05 but found it tricky , patchy tarmac ,dry grip then damp no grip lol still I got a run done at least and some fresh air
  5. Hi thanks that's interesting, I didn't know about the servo?? How do you find the 3r shocks? I was referring to m chassis springs you can get, very soft but if the kit ones work OK then it will save me
  6. Hi, I won't be rallying it as I don't have any suitable area and I hate or rather my helpers hate cleaning it afterwards lol it'll be a runner I don't really display them as such, and if I think it'll be going to get a bash I have the mx5 body on my M05(just realised it's short wheelbase not medium so might need one ) I can use that's had a bash or two racing or rather crashing. I think I'll get the steering and motor mount while I can the motor mount looks painful to retro fit. Think I'll just have to keep my eye out for shocks at the right price, spring wise is it soft all round?
  7. Hi, so I've been thinking and debating what project to do and the latest releases have sealed it as I've wanted the alpine a110 since I started back in the hobby but never any about until now , on pre-order and won't be here until june probably so plenty of time to get some bits together So this will simply be doing some fun car park running and postal circuit, stock motor probably and 2s lipo. What upgrades beyond bearings and shocks does it NEED, I like to replace screw pins where I can so take that as given even though I know it's not essential lol. Does it need aluminium steering like the 05? aluminium motor mount ? What are the 54000 dampers like @£60? just wondering as yeah racing ones plus springs will be £42+, or super mini cva and springs about £35. Looking forward to your thoughts
  8. hi guys ,bit off topic , looking for grass rears for my dt02, UK based so it's damp wet grass generally and just casual driving, 13.5t. Any suggestions please?
  9. Do you have any footage of the M04 going round TurnipJF? Would love to see it if you have
  10. Just noticed that I got beaten by the super striker!! Hold my head in shame lol
  11. yes I saw those on youtube but supply is sporadic, and even worse now
  12. Can anyone tell me what 4000+ lipo fit the standard M05? Core rc? Overlander? Thanks
  13. Hi, I want to replace my stock 540 in my M05 but don't want to go silly, I'm wondering whether to get a torque turned or spoil myself and get a lightly tuned or a third option a cheap carson cup but it lacks torque. Obviously the tamiya website states TT 16000rpm 305 g/cm 10A LT 16300rpm 565 g/cm ?A open to suggestions, if someone has used both and can tell me how they differed that would be great. Obviously the LT is twice the cost so I'm just wondering fully ballraced, oil shocks , metal motor mount , 20t steel pinion,tbl02, 7.2 NiMH etc for reference thanks in advance
  14. Well it was sunny yesterday, only about 7° and the car park was damp but nice to be out and having a go. Had a few runs before I froze, the M05 was lacking a bit of grip even with the super soft on the rear and medium up front but the tarmac was very cold. Hoping to get another go next week, school has finished so the car park is free all day lol
  15. Obviously Grastons it's a fine example of the Super Stricker, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, that's only my opinion though lol
  16. congrats Ferruz and Turnip , I think I could have squeezed another few laps maybe 46 if everything went right for me but the cold really effects me and the rain cut me short but no way I could ever get near the 53 you are put in with the swift turnip, congrats, well done to everyone a good round of results there
  17. lovely cars, what's under the 911? without giving anything away how did the M06 compare up with the M08?
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