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  1. so the weather on sunday was dry but cold so nipped out and had a practice and did a couple of runs the second of which was pretty good ,started a 3rd and it dawned on me I'd missed putting the marker after hairpin now cold and battery not at it's best corrected the course and quick practice and 1 run , at least I have 1 lol Laptrax, best way to set it up as it wouldn't work for me outside and my son wasn't in the mood for messing with it so he just did it on his phone for me but kept putting me off with his commentary !
  2. Looks good, should be fun but all those right turns are going to play havoc with me, still I'll get plenty of practice so I might improve at keeping my hand on the stick turning right lol
  3. Thanks, yes it was only the second time I drove it, the course helped me as there weren't so many turns lol
  4. well I came last of the M's but only by a lap to you turnipjf and only 3 behind the top one, I'm well happy with that result, I know my M-05 is easier to drive but I'm still happy with it. Some amazing results up top again, well done
  5. So I managed to get out today and put a few runs in and practice with my M05, when I got home to clean it up I noticed the outside of the left front was a little grainy (not surprising as it's doing most of the work ) medium shimizu. Any suggestions to prevent it ?thanks
  6. is that the correct way around ? I've been practicing the other way as Monza is an anti-clockwise circuit isn't it ?
  7. I did ,schumacher shimizu and what a difference , lovely to drive so can't wait to get some timed runs in weather permitting
  8. ah,so I might be better with them as that's what I'll be doing and i can use the stock for messaging about. Any suggestion as to hardness ? hard-medium or medium-soft combination ?
  9. Hi, do you have the part number for those tyres just to be sure please ? 53254,50684? Do you know if the shimitzu are any good on tarmac ? i know they are only 55mm just wondering as the tamiya ones are hard to find
  10. I take it that you run mediums up front?
  11. Guess I'll have to get some at some point then, so expensive though, how do the soft wear on the rear?
  12. So finished and managed a quick 10 min test and it was so much fun, it was cold and maybe damp, but I noticed that the stock tyres lack a little grip,fine for messing around, what do people use the tamiya super tyres when a bit more grip is a required or will these wear in a bit ?
  13. Well had the shocks and suspension shafts already and took your advice for the rest, so thanks
  14. So my parts finally arrived last week and I end up in bed for a week ruining my chance of getting a run in as well ,typical
  15. Hi, one last quick question , as access to the gears on the m05 is difficult is there any need to fit the hardened gear set if I've no plans to run anything above 27/25t silver can or 22.5t brushless, I always run a steel pinion, is it good sense or overkill to fit it? thanks thanks
  16. I've got some 3mm washers that I normally do it with so I'll try them thanks
  17. Hi, waiting for parts before I start building my M05, yeah racing steering is there anything I should be aware of ? Does it definitely need shimming or is it pot look as to fit? thanks
  18. Hi so thanks for the advice, had a busy couple of days making the most of the weather, mazda still has its film on and no decals on either yet,,brz is for the Xv-01 to finally look like a road car to match it's setup at present , had it ages and been putting it off lol hopefully parts for the M05 will arrive soon so I can get it up and running for this months course 🤞
  19. Think i'll just be being careful this build , but thanks for the information for the future
  20. thanks ,that looks great ! that's the one , I won't be doing the outside varnish on the hood , haven't got any and although it looks amazing it'll be a runner and so ,you know lol Out of interest I noticed in the instructions the m05 has a number of machined screws, is it best to tap the plastic first or just be careful ?
  21. i'd like 2m or 3 or 4 with my driving, but happy to go with whatever. On another subject , since I'm waiting for parts for my m05 build and the weather is good I want to get the body done which I find a chore tbh, I know from my other kits the body post markings are pretty spot on, it's an mx5 can anybody that's done one please tell me if the markings were spot on ? thanks
  22. Hi All , I finally got an M05 couldn't resist dropped below £100 so shifted a car on to make room lol. Just a quick question as I know a lot of you run them, I'm in northern england, car park and a little 'fun' indoor , rubber or metal shield wheel bearings ? look forward to your opinions, I don't do rain , damp conditions at worst , wheelchairs and rain don't mix well lol
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