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  1. Thanks Mad Ax! So far you have summed everything about Tamiya and crawlers - there really is no decent one! Currently leaning towards an Axial (scx24 for starters)
  2. What is the best chasis for a crawler? And what set-up should i have (motor, esc, battery etc) Feel free to share your thoughts.
  3. So, i have decided to upgrade to a 10.5T Tamiya BLM for my WT-01. What should I consider for choosing the correct battery? I am using a TBLE-02S ESC. Suggestions are most welcome. Thanks
  4. Hi, may i know where you bought the aluminum shock towers? Btw, very nice build.
  5. Thanks, Busdriver! How about the dampers? Which size/length is compatible?
  6. What bearings are compatible for the WT-01? Can’t seem to find it on the tamiya matching list.
  7. Hi guys, about to purchase the Amarok WT-01N. What are the suggested upgrades i need? It will be my first time building an off-road rc. Thanks!
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