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  1. Here’s a gratuitous photo of my Kyosho Field Baja Beetle! I used to want one of these two decades ago (hence the era-specific paint scheme) — better late than never eh?
  2. Hahaha, I’ll have you know that I’m quite a looker! Though not a patch on those lovely aluminium wheels.... 😉
  3. Good shout! I considered one of those upside down ice cream cones but erred on the side of caution on the basis of “less is more”! Will consider it.
  4. Greetings folks, I hope you enjoy these photos of my latest creation — an ice cream van edition of my trusty Lunchbox! The body shell is Kamtec’s lexan reproduction of Parma’s long discontinued version. I used pearl white which doesn’t quite show from the images but is warmer than the normal white. The decals and ice cream motifs are from Etsy — a treasure trove of cute handmade items. Enjoy!
  5. Thank you, but they’re a bit punchy (14 turns I believe) for the clod
  6. Greetings folks, I am currently working on a vintage Tamiya Clodbuster project. I'm looking for a good or new condition Kyosho K-Speed Magnetic Mayhem brushed 540 motor (the non-reverse rotation model specifically, as I have already sourced a NIB reverse rotation model from across the pond). The image shown is for reference only. Please let me if you have one to sell! Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you so much! This was my first attempt at a styrene shell since my Juggernaut 2 way back in 2000, so a good opportunity to take stock of all the good advice out there. Here are the steps I went through: I began by removing flashing then giving the shell a good wash. I then keyed it with some 1000 grit sandpaper. Three light coats of fine primer later, I used 2000 grit sandpaper to remove some imbedded dust particles and a general once over, before moving on to four light coats of black. I then painted the details on by hand, then gave it a couple of clear coats, before finishing with decals. For Lockdown 2.0, I've purchased a Kamtec/Parma shell to create a vintage ice cream van theme... stay tuned!
  8. Greetings folks, After stumbling across what appeared to be the last Black Edition Lunchbox in the UK a few weeks ago at Sussex Model Centre, I decided to go for it and indulge in a shelf queen project. Here’s the finished article! For those interested, the aluminium wheels and heatsink were each made in Dorset by Miniature Manufacturing, and the motor is my vintage Trinity P2K2 Pro. I used black screws to instal the side exhausts as I found the stock silver ones a loud contrast to the stealthy tone of the Black Edition. Finally, I opted for black aluminium body mounts for the front, and red rears, to tie it all together. I really enjoyed the entire process — a much needed repose from all the tumult out there. Enjoy.
  9. Some really nice parts. The aluminium Lunchbox wheels are on another level!
  10. Hi all, on the topic of primer, is there much between Tamiya's "fine" surface primer and "normal" surface primer? Would it make any difference when priming a Lunchbox body shell? Thanks!
  11. Small world eh?! I've ordered some bits from them this morning for a Black Edition Lunchbox build that I've got underway. Will post some pics when they land.
  12. Hi folks, I recently came across this great little shop on eBay which manufactures aluminium parts for Tamiya classics such as the Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, Grasshopper and Monster Beetle. The icing on the cake is that they're based in Dorset and appear to be a small independent business. I have no personal connection with them, but have been impressed with their variety of parts and comms on eBay, having just placed an order with them. Perfect for a little shelf queen indulgence. Enjoy. https://www.minimanufacturing.co.uk/aftermarket-model-parts
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