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  1. Bit of a thread revival, but did you use the shorter 165mm sensor cable with the motor? I’m about to build mine and don’t have any brushless cars yet - so thought this build would be a good candidate to try out Tamiya’s stuff. I know there’s faster and cheaper, but I want to stay true to the brand!
  2. Thanks mate. I do like what you’ve done with the bumper on your Renault 5 - but I HAVE to go box art…. Was looking at it the other day - and only just realised it doesn’t come with door mirrors…!
  3. Just a set off of ebay - for jr style servo connectors. I’ve seen a few you tube videos where ratcheting crimp pliers are used, but the links to the products are quite old and so no longer available.
  4. Please could someone recommend a crimping tool for servo connectors. I’m trying to make up some leads, but have really cheap crimpers and they’re (I’m….) making a hash of it. I’m in the UK if that makes any difference as to availability…. Think there are ratcheting types - but no idea on which ones to go for. Many thanks!
  5. Ah thanks for that. I’m in the UK - so it didn’t come up. I’ll get it sent to a friend’s house. There are a few pre assembled lines with plugs available here, but I’m after a length of cable like you’ve posted a link to, so I make up a few of them. I searched for “receiver wire” so that might help too.
  6. Please could someone recommend where to get three wire black servo cable from? I need to rewire a few black low-profile servos, as the standard leads are too short. I’ll either make extension harnesses or resolder them - but want to use black cable, not the brown and orange stuff or black, red, white either… I can’t seem to find any?
  7. Any views on how the diff should operate and feel? As mentioned, if I tip the car onto its front wheels and turn the rears, the fronts don’t try to drag the car forwards, the diff just slips with a slight bite to it. many thanks!
  8. Thanks - Just watched a video from Mick on his RC Hobby Shed you tube channel (in his avante build) and he used acetone to clean up the mess and then a light polish afterwards - and it looked pretty good.
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