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  1. Thanks both. It is tricky. And hopefully it’s the shell and not my painting efforts (which makes me feel better!)! A white shell should be easy! I don’t think I’ll clear the raw plastic (although can see that’s a clever option) as I want to sand the mould lines off. Will have an experiment with different paint options. It feels like racing white might be a touch “too” cream. Thanks again - and yup. First world problems thankfully!
  2. Hi All - I’ve painted the shell on a 1998 Mobil 1 NSX, and used ps-1. I then backed it with ps-12 and then ps-5. I've done this a few times on white cars and had great results. But here, perhaps not leaving enough time for coats to cure(?) the car has gone a slightly creamy white. This “could” be from slight yellowing of the shell I suppose - but nonetheless it is not as white as my other cars, and certainly not the same shade as the ps1 can lid. I now have to paint the rear wing, wing mirrors and canards… and usually I’d use the same ps paint and then clear the top to get a nice gloss finish. I think if I do this here they’ll end up too white (the manual says to actually use ts26 (pure white)). The plastic parts for the wing and mirrors are white, and have aged and gone slightly yellow/cream - and almost match the car(!) - any thoughts on attempting the best match to a slightly off white ps1??? I might try Tamiya TS 7 (racing white) - but suspect that might be too dark. Maybe using grey primer and then ts26 (or ps1 plus clear)?? Pics so far below (third one has a bit of a ps1 can lid cut out and placed on top to show the difference. Always difficult to get true colours via a screen….):
  3. I’m repeating myself, but… it can’t be orange…. The box art is totally red????!!
  4. And finished…. Bit of an epic mission on my part. With many errors rectified-ish… thanks for everyone's help
  5. Yep. Then furniture polish to give it a shine. Might need to remove that if the decal won't adhere…. But yep - need to ensure no white/cloudy residue remains.
  6. After many hours…. I think I’ve just about saved it:
  7. Thanks. It’s intended as a pure shelf queen - so won’t be run. £185 for a wing is a bit ridiculous, and would be good to save the original wing… will try a bit more polishing and see how I feel when the replacement decals turn up!
  8. Thanks for the above - yes - have lots of super fine grade sanding paper/micromesh - not sure I’ll get it all out though. And goid idea on use of alcohol. Is acetone (nail polish remover) too harsh? Am veering towards painting the top side☹️
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