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  1. Just replied - thank you. This is the next best thing - but I think is the updated part? (Am trying to do an original vintage shelf queen unless it becomes impossible!).
  2. Hi - I’ve bought a NIB vintage TA02 kit, and thought it was complete - but it’s missing the bag with the uprated (part off the kit…) motor mount and blue wheel nuts…. Part no is: 53142. I think there was a revised part but it comes in a few pieces, so am trying to source an original. Anyone have one for sale? I have both US (a friend can receive stuff for me) and UK postal addresses if it makes any difference. Many thanks!
  3. Wow - that’s amazing!!!! I’m doing mine in red. I hate myself.
  4. Yes. Interesting on shortages. I’ve just received my Mitsubishi Evo V kit (preordered ages ago….) and it has what looks to be a hobbywing 1060 esc in it, but with a random logo and a black heat sink (I’ve had a couple of carson branded equivalents too in other kits this year). Let’s hope for some announcements in the new year!
  5. It feels like it’s gone a bit quiet on the rere and new release front? It feels like something new (or rereleased) was about to “drop” (as the kids say…..) every month last year and the year before, perhaps cashing-in on lock down boredom and the general fervour of rediscovery of the hobby for many? I guess a long term strategy has to be taken by Tamiya to drip-feed things things through - but their catalogue is quite extensive, and I want some more rere kits! Am I being impatient (as stamps foot….)?!
  6. I’ve used PS paint for the colour match and then ts clear over the top for the shine… so on one of the Subaru Impreza cars I've done, I used ps16 in the shell and also on the spoiler - leaving the spoiler the correct colour match, but very matt. A couple of ts clear coats on top, and it looks perfect.
  7. I want to know what colour you’re going for!!!!!! Let me know if you get stuck on the battery front - happy to help send it over (a friend of mine travels between the US and the UK a lot, and acts as an RC parts mule for me…). And do let me know when you’ve managed to post the manual. I’d be seriously grateful for it. And as a final point - does your user name indicate you’re into Subarus…?(!)
  8. Few more of the rear bumper and ancient driver(!).
  9. Porsche rear bumper assembly is stunning. I added line tape to the bonnet/hood and doors after these pics.
  10. Great thread mate - I’m a really big fan of the tam tech series and have managed to pick up three of them nib - have built the gto ferrari and the porsche 935 - and have a lambo awaiting assembly. They have a really interesting chassis - and the suspension layout seems to have been copied across a little bit (the pivot points at least!) on the new td2/4 chassis. They really are a great build, and screw together really nicely (I enjoyed the builds as much as with the XV-01, which again, I think is a really nice kit to build - more so than my recent Avante build!). To your question - and if it helps - I ordered these from modelsport in the uk - plus a tamiya standard to tamiya small battery adaptor - and it fits perfectly (I should also swap the actual connector over for a neater fit): https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/overlander-nimh-battery-pack-2-3-af-1600mah-7.2v-mini-tamiya-384284 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/overlander-battery-connector-adapter-tamiya-to-mini-tamiya-386169 Now. Importantly. What colour are you going to go for???!!!! Pics of mine to follow - and while I can see a bit of it from your pics - I’d be hugely grateful for a bit of favour… I’ve got the manuals for the gto and porsche but there wasn‘t one included in my countache kit. Is there any way you could send me some pics of it - I’m pretty sure the chassis is the same (although it would be nice to know for sure!) but I’m not sure how the body set mounts - and it’d be good to check if I do actually have all of the parts!) I can't find this manual on line or for sale anywhere - so would be hugely grateful for some pictures. Happy to send you my phone no. by pm if easier for whatsapp etc.
  11. …. Like most of the advice in my life - I have now “just got on with it” - applied much lighter costs - holding the can further away and allowing drying time between coats. Much better final result.
  12. Thank you. Have been using much lighter coats and trying different angles of attack. I might drop some paint down there with a brush as suggested!
  13. Hi All - after a bit more painting advice please. What’s the best way to get paint into the top parts of the wing on the Avante? First effort was a mess - as I ended up putting the tip of the can virtually into the wing - and it resulted in the flake from ps16 settling on the surface (so when viewed from abive it went silver and light blue) - and of course left horrible run marks. I’ve managed to strip it all off with carson paint killer - and it’s not too cloudy - so ready for a second effort….. Is it best to spray super fine mist from a further distance to try to get it into the narrow channels of the the wing, or to move the can nearer? Any tips appreciated! Many thanks.
  14. Bit of a thread revival, but did you use the shorter 165mm sensor cable with the motor? I’m about to build mine and don’t have any brushless cars yet - so thought this build would be a good candidate to try out Tamiya’s stuff. I know there’s faster and cheaper, but I want to stay true to the brand!
  15. Thanks mate. I do like what you’ve done with the bumper on your Renault 5 - but I HAVE to go box art…. Was looking at it the other day - and only just realised it doesn’t come with door mirrors…!
  16. Just a set off of ebay - for jr style servo connectors. I’ve seen a few you tube videos where ratcheting crimp pliers are used, but the links to the products are quite old and so no longer available.
  17. Please could someone recommend a crimping tool for servo connectors. I’m trying to make up some leads, but have really cheap crimpers and they’re (I’m….) making a hash of it. I’m in the UK if that makes any difference as to availability…. Think there are ratcheting types - but no idea on which ones to go for. Many thanks!
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