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  1. Pro-Line Electron purple compound in the front and JConcepts Dirt Webs gold compound in the rear, all with their factory foams installed. Like @mud4fun I'm used to driving on dirt, and my old tires are really slippery, so tarmac driving with the new soft rubber is a whole new level of grip that I need to adjust to. They drive really nice in the grass though, so I may try to get a grass run in this round!
  2. Today I took my new tires for a spin and examined all the possible permutations of "grip roll"
  3. A little internet, a little Photoshop, a dash of trial and error... it also helps that I've been modding that game since it was released (ye gods, has it really been 15 YEARS already??)
  4. Thanks for the idea! I've just created a mod this evening, to turn it into a Tamiya store Complete with 1992 models to fit in the game time period!
  5. I believe this is what used to be called "practice" and yes I too am benefitting from it!
  6. Heartily seconded. Sending healing vibes your way @Carmine A!!! Kill that sickness quicker than the spikes on Hornet knobbies!!!
  7. Give it a shot, nothing to lose by trying! The ORVs are building a presence lately, all of us vying for that wooden spoon! Good luck on your runs today gents, hoping to get some numbers laid down myself in the next few days.
  8. Excellent! One day I dream of doing the same, great job!
  9. It's interesting to me how many of you like the Frog's looks. I love the Frog, but I don't think it's a "good-looking" car. Maybe one of the most "unique-looking" buggies ever made, and my favorite to drive, but there are a lot of much prettier ones out there. I think the early Tamiya buggies (besides the Frog) were all very good looking, and it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I like pretty much any of the cars that came with the deep offset 5-spoke wheels: the Grasshopper and Hornet will always be near the top of my list, slightly overshadowed by the more detailed Rough Rider/Buggy Champ, Super Champ/Fighting Buggy, and Wild One/FAV. I would add the Fox in there too because I like the proportions and the gold wheels.
  10. Congrats, and thanks for the side by side pics. I've always been curious about the differences.
  11. I don't do LiPo, but for NiCd and NiMH I leave them discharged during storage. If it's long term storage I discharge them as much as possible by hooking them up to a car with an MSC and letting it run out with the wheels off the ground. On a nearly dead pack, it's not long until the wheels stop turning. For short-term storage, or if I'm doing a lot of charging and running, I don't bother discharging past the point where the car stopped moving under its own power. It takes a few charges to bring them back up to speed after a long slumber, but they always come back unless they were damaged in some way. Even the ancient Tamiya hardcase 1200s from the 80s. I recently went to NiMH for longer runtimes and it's basically the same story. I got a Dynamite Prophet Sport Mini charger so I could charge NiMH, and it also does LiPo, LiFe, and LiHV. It's a tiny little brick of a thing, but seems well-made, and it has worked perfectly so far.
  12. That's the CRP upgrade kit I mentioned. I need to get the dimensions of those brass spacer tubes.
  13. Those shown above are similar to the CRP upgrade kit, and they work really well for a stock Frog. Since you have MB uprights, here's a pic of the setup I cobbled together for my Blackfoot... surprisingly it actually works really well (I've fitted softer springs and removed the collars since the pic). The shock tower is just an FRP plate from a Traxxas Hawk, flipped upside down with 2 new holes drilled and a bit shaved off the "legs" to fit around the red chassis frame. It's probably not ideal if your'e still using the Frog body, but should work fine with a truck or Beetle. You just have to be careful with the angle of the shock, otherwise it impacts the stabiliser or the old upper shock mounting nub. I added even more spacers than the pic just to have a bit more clearance for the shocks overall. No Tamiya parts were "customized" in this process, I basically just replaced the giant stock Blackfoot shock tower with the shorter FRP unit, and moved the lower shock mounting positions to the bottom of the uprights, instead of the top. The bent turnbuckle is to help front end strength, since the old BF tower had that support built in.
  14. Yeah, there was definitely some sticker shock for me as well on the Super Champ because I'm sort of in the same boat... money has been really tight for my wife and I for a really long time too, and I'm just now finally able to buy a few parts here and there to make my old cars run again. I've never built or run a NIB kit, but hopefully I'll have that opportunity in the near future.
  15. I use them all the time! As spacers for anything and everything, particularly keeping shock ends away from flat shock tower plates.
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