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  1. Just a guess but I'd say the RPM/speed brushes would be harder than the torque/power brushes. I believe a softer brush gives more punch on the low end but also more friction, possibly limiting top speed/peak RPM. Assuming all the dimensions of the brushes etc. are the same otherwise.
  2. It looks to be in good shape for its age, although maybe a bit bloated (not sure if it's just the angle of the pic, or if the cells have bulged). It may give you hope to know that I still have two of the 6-cell 7.2V "hump" packs like this, and they still charge up just fine despite their age, and are actually quite "punchy" compared to some of my other old batteries. You won't get much runtime out of NiCds in general though
  3. Do you happen to know a part number for those bearings? I'd like to replace the worn bushings in my old Yokomo stock motors with bearings at some point. Lots of great looking cars in this thread! @Marcus2116 I had to laugh at your modified shocks I did the exact same thing the other night with a pair of shocks because the original shock ends/spring plates were too short which limited the suspension travel. When you don't have proper replacement parts, improvise!
  4. Thanks for clearing this up with some firsthand experience, and sorry if I misdirected the thread... apparently I have only ever had OLD (pre-BEC) MSCs!
  5. It was the "Youtube mix" for that album, not sure who the uploader was but every track was really muddy and low quality. The weird thing was that it sounded remixed too, as if they took all the edge off of the guitar and his voice, and cranked up the keyboards instead somehow. I've just listened to the one you embedded in your first post above, which sounds like what I remember. Ah, I see what you mean now, yes a bit lost in translation there! After I posted that I thought about it some more and realized "of course, RC planes and anything nitro will have been doing this for ages now" I just haven't delved into those categories in my RC journey! And yes, that's exactly I was thinking: you could have a servo located essentially anywhere in the chassis tub/frame, and just have a cable linkage to a steering actuator on the axle. That's cool they're already using it for remote locking diffs, I can visualize all kinds of applications for it. I'm sure the big rig and RC construction equipment folks use remote cable linkages all the time. Which has now got me thinking of how to use cables and a remote servo for a plow or snow blower on the front of one of my trucks...
  6. I was describing the typical MSC setup. Yours is clearly different, as I have never seen an MSC with an extra power plug for the receiver. This makes it function basically the same as an ESC. Except with two plugs in the receiver for the MSC (servo plug, battery plug) instead of just one in the servo channel for the ESC. All 2.4G receivers should have BEC built in, so even if this is the case on OP's car, it should be no problem to just plug the old switch harness right into the new receiver, same as the old setup.
  7. Yes, exactly! The servo on the 2nd channel changes the position of the MSC plate, which makes it contact different points on the base, giving the motor different directions and speeds (some of those contact points are hooked up to the resistor(s), to provide lower-power/speed throttle options).
  8. You just have to think of MSC setups as two distinct systems in the car, working together through the MSC. Instead of everything tied into the main 7.2V battery (receiver, steering servo, ESC), you have the "motor system" and the "radio system" that are electrically separate in an MSC car. The radio system is the control system: receiver and servos for steering and throttle control, powered by the 4AA battery box. Then you have the motor system which is literally just the big battery and the motor, with the position of the MSC plate determining how much power the motor gets and which direction it goes.
  9. Let's clear some of this up, because there's a lot of conflicting info. The car on its way to you has an MSC, two servos, and a battery box that will house 4 AA size batteries. Judging from the plug setup in your pic, it looks like there may already be a receiver in the car. The receiver will be powered by the 4AA battery box, which will also power the servos. The MSC is just a switch plate for the big battery--the direction and power of the big battery to the motor is switched by one of the servos. The 4AA box, receiver, and servos are on the same circuit, which should be completely separate from the large 7.2V battery. (I have never seen an MSC with an Rx power plug, but who knows what kind of funky stuff is out there) You can remove the old receiver and install a new 2.4G receiver to match your transmitter, as long as you plug the servo and battery box into the new receiver the same way they're plugged into the old one. The new receiver will run off the 4AA battery box exactly the same as the old one. And the car will work exactly the same as it would have with the old receiver. You can even keep the ON/OFF switch in the same location. If, in the future, you decide to install an ESC, you will have to remove the MSC switch plate, the servo that powers the MSC switch plate, and the 4AA battery box. Then just keep the steering servo plugged into the new receiver, and plug in the new ESC in place of the old servo (no extra batteries will be needed) and you will be all good to go.
  10. lol, what strange computer voodoo!! Maybe I'll still post up a summary of all the tracks/rounds/winners to date.
  11. Could do an FX10 livery since the tub is white, but you'd have to repaint the wing which looks to be in good shape. Here are some more color and body ideas for you (I don't even own one but I could look at these pics all day long... maybe that means I SHOULD own one??):
  12. By the way, as a quick diversion back to the band, I found TFTKOF on YouTube yesterday and turned it on as I was working, and it sounded HORRIBLE!? I don't know if they've "remastered" it since the original release but the recordings are WAY different (unfortunately not in a good way, so anyone finding them for the first time on YT might be similarly disappointed). Also I was re-reading your entries above and one thing jumped out at me this time: "servo cable" is something that I'm surprised I've never heard or thought of before. All the benefits and power of a servo in a remote location? Sign me up! I bet you can get some really crazy chassis configurations going with a remote servo linkage that's also flexible.
  13. Just a thought, maybe edit the first post in this thread and keep the rules there? We could also keep a record of all the track layouts and top finishers for all the rounds too, and it would be all in one place as easy reference... as I say, just a thought, and I can help get the track info together if you want!
  14. This is great to see!! Like you said, especially considering what you started with It's got a new lease on life!
  15. Wow, another Gloryhammer fan, and you know a band member! Can't wait to see how this one turns out!
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