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  1. I guess that means I'm lucky too... all of my FlySky gear works flawlessly
  2. Huh? You can set a max time easily. When you're in the main screen, tap and hold on the timer/clock icon and it will ask you to "set max time". Just tap on the number digits until they increase to 5:00 and then hit the clock icon again to save. Then you're good to go. My old phone has a wonky audio system, so I'm not sure, but I think it's supposed to beep or something when the timer runs out.
  3. Do you have an old smartphone that you can put Laptrax on? Then just get a cheapo tripod from the gas station for ten bucks (or lean the phone up against something for free) and you're good to go
  4. Hmm, it does sound like your motor is just about done then. One last question: did you lube the motor bushings/armature shaft? If so, and it's still slow, it's probably cooked (pretty common with silvercans). Since the rest of the drivetrain seems to be in good shape, you should be able to use either 23T or 21T motors with any of the gearings. I'm planning to run a 17T Trinity motor in my Frog with standard gearing, which is probably overkill. My Mud Blaster with a 27T motor will do 25mph on a wheezy old 6 cell NiMH with the torque gears installed (larger tires, though).
  5. Well the motor could indeed be tired and/or dirty, but most likely it was overgeared, or the gearbox or driveshafts aren't as smooth as they could be. I think the "speed gear" on the Frog is a 19T? Try the standard 18T setup, or even the "torque" gearing (is that the same as Blackfoot gearing--16T pinion?). That old silvercan probably doesn't have enough power for the speed gear, so you've gotta gear down or at least match the Hornet's gearing if you want similar acceleration, because the Frog is a heavier car. And speaking of the Hornet, they really made that gearbox perfect... it's one of the most friction-free drivetrains on the planet with bearings installed, while the Frog/ORV is the opposite and seems to always have more friction than it should (maybe the rubber driveshaft boots have something to do with it?) As for hotter motors, if the ORV gearbox is any little bit loose or crunchy already, more power will only make it worse. I have an old 27T stock motor in my Mud Blaster, and the diff sounds like popcorn because everything's so worn out. Do all the cars have ball bearings everywhere possible?
  6. The two halves were just ever so slightly misaligned, and when you tightened the screw down to attach the head to the torso, it twisted a bit.
  7. How about a 5-cell, 6V battery instead of the typical 6-cell 7.2V stick (or, shudder to think, a LiPo)? Then there's no need to change motors, and Dad can still bomb around with the fast battery once Junior has had his fun with the slow one
  8. I've only ever run 6-cell stick packs, but I got bit by the speed bug and built a Y harness with a 2-cell boost pack (the velcro is offset so it fits in the Grasshopper) For occasional speedruns, but mostly for bashing what's left of the Mud Blaster against my cousin and his 3s/brushless Slash 4x4. I'll accept the weight penalty if it means I get 9.6V of MORE POWER!!! (insert Tim Allen meme)
  9. I just realized I didn't put a direction arrow on it... are we running it clockwise or reverse? (fwiw I believe I had anti-clockwise in mind for the original)
  10. One of my previous suggestions looks pretty similar (just rotated 1/4 turn and a few markers are offset from the centerlines) Maybe too small though? (5x3 instead of 5x6)
  11. Yep, should work. You'll probably have to get creative with the body mounts, and the fender arches might have to be expanded to fit the larger wheels. The Blitzer chassis is a few mm longer than the ORV that the Brat originally came on, but the wheelbases should work out fine if you line everything up with the rear wheels.
  12. This is not meant to sway your decision, but I can tell you that, at least in my opinion, the Grasshopper is just as "exciting" to drive nowadays as it was back then, especially when you've upgraded it to modern electronics. Obviously it's not going to win any races on handling, especially over rough stuff, but it's still a fun car to bash around with. The broken used cars on Ebay are probably "originals" and likely command a higher value to certain collectors than the new cars in boxes, which are probably re-releases. The reres are still available from many places online, so they're not considered as "desirable" as the originals. (But they're still just as much fun!)
  13. Nothing official yet, but last night I got some encouraging results, testing a GPS speedometer app on an old phone. Over 23mph in the Grasshopper with the "slow" battery
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