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  1. Hello, does anybody know how to get the famous Tamiya poster First 100? Thanks for your input! Regards Chris
  2. Hello, I need a transmitter for my cars. I am flying rc helicopter and I have got a Futaba T18 MZ (stick transmitter). In my childhood I had several cars from Tamiya and I had also a stick transmitter (pistole did not exist at this time). Now I am starting with rc cars. We have got a local club. I will buy a 1:10 electric car. I do not know which transmitter to buy: a stick or a pistole. In my choice there is the Futaba 4GRS (stick) or Futaba 4PK (pistole). Or the Sanwa Exces Z or Sanwa M12S. Which type of transmitter do you prefer? What are your main reasons? Besides: Futaba or Sanwa? Kind regards Chris
  3. Hey Rob! It's me ... Chris ... Toyota Hilux ...
  4. Hi! I am looking for a Nikko Suzuki Summerwind for many years now. I have never seen one on ebay. Is anybody out there who owns one? Do you know any possibilities where I can get one? Kind regards Chris
  5. My parents bought me a Big Bear in 1985. It was a V1. I still have it. So I guess V2 must be produced later.
  6. I guess you can see it if you open the box. If there is a 540SH in it, it will be V2. An on the box itself of V1 you can see a pic of the motor. And there is no pic of the motor on the box of V2.
  7. Thanks for your postings! I have got two NIB as shown on the first pic. So I have got two V1. This means I have to start a new search on ebay for a V2 NIB.
  8. Hi! Thank you very much for your posting. See at wikipedia for the entry "Big Bear": I guess the first line is a mistake. V1 has the motor M480-RS. I have two NIB Big Bears. They are the same. It seems that I have V1. If you look at your box: Is the picture on the front (left corner) a M480-RS or a RS540? Mine shows the M480-RS. Does your V2 box show the RS540-SH?
  9. Hello! Is it true that there existed two versions of the Big Bear? Does anybody know how to find out the version? Do they have different boxes? Sorry for my bad english ... Kind regards Chris
  10. Shipping to US is about 30 USD. I will ask the postman for the shipping costs to canada. For further contact please shoot me an email midotkom@me.com Chris
  11. Hello! I am from Austria! I ship all over the world. But: If you are living in the European Union, you do not have to pay shipping costs! I pay it for you!! Greetz Chris
  12. Hello! I am selling my Big Bear NIB from Marui. Here are some pics: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/365355/1/big_bear?h=aeb5d3 Please make me an offer! midotkom@me.com Kind regards! Chris
  13. Hello! The reason why I want a red canopy is that my Beetle which I had in the 80s as an 8 year old child was red. I don't mind if the model is shrink wrapped or not. This is the box: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/365355/monster.png So guys: What do you think? Red or white?? As I told: The number on the bar code is 04950344580606. Besides: The seller wants 900 Euros ...
  14. Because the red one is the "original" one. I owned a red beetle in the 80s and I want a NIB with a red body shell. Maybe you do not understand, because you are no enthusiastic collector.
  15. Do you think that #58060 are white ones and #5860 red ones? The thing is that I could buy a NIB Monster Beetle still in the factory celophane. But neither the seller nor I know which colour the shell has.
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