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  1. Thank you very much, pal, that's very kind of you! Unfortunately by the way the post office here works lately I might get it by Christmas of next year... I've already sharpened a screwdriver tip and using it, and it's doing the job. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks a lot, I will look to order this tool, or the one he is using in the video. It can also be used to practice dentistry on the side... In the meantime I might try to deepen the grooves with a utility knife or something similar.
  3. Hi I'm new to model plane painting. I have a 1/72 jet fighter which has many very fine and pretty shallow panel lines. I've put a primer paint which seems to leave them still visible. Then I paint by brush with model acrylic, which seems not to be too thick- in fact pretty watery, but it seems to cover the lines completely. I've tried doing a wash on the painted areas, and indeed- the thin lines are no longer deeper than the surface, so will not get darker. They are lost. How can I do this? If I remove the paint and do a pre-shading I will just cover the shading with the paint. If the lines aren't deep enough in the original model, I don't see how I can retain them in the final painted model. I can try using very little paint, but it's very hard to paint well with brush while getting full cover AND not seeing ugly brush strokes because the paint is too dry. And I don't have the option of airbrush at this point. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Right. this reminds me that I've seen complexity or difficulty ratings on some sets. Maybe I can find some online store that shows these on the product page, or even look at the picture of the box.
  5. I've done a Tamiya 1/35 tank recently with over 200 parts, but now that I'm looking at 1/72 jets, they only have about 50-60 parts each, which makes a rather short build for my taste. Seems to me tanks and ground vehicles have a lot more details on their surface area. Are there any modern kits (Tamiya or otherwise) for aircraft, that have more parts? Or is that the general ballpark for 1/72 or around that size? And how many parts in your average 1/48? Thanks
  6. Hi I'm doing my first model build- a Tamiya M51 tank. I got to a point in the manual where it says "make holes" in the hull, and the locations are shown. Also, when I look at the actual hull there are many little indentations (shallow holes) that I assume serve as markers to where to make the holes. But the problem is that on my hull the indentations are at DIFFERENT places than shown in the manual. And when I look at a picture of the finished tank my hull indeed doesn't have indentations in those places, where later you put tools and stuff that go on the hull. Am I incorrect that those indentations are markers? If not, I would have to estimate the locations, which is a bit weird. Am I missing something here? Thanks
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