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  1. Here some pics of WIP Engine brushless now 4300 KV 60a ESC 2s 5200 MAH lipo Lights Hardened steel front and rear diffs Underway slipper clutch. tnx a ton Wooders Road tyres
  2. -First upgrade new tyres -Adjustable shockdampers -Spektrum DX3 - Front and Rear lights
  3. wow sicck advise here many thanx! will updsate on progress
  4. thankx a ton Jugular ! i will definately look into this.
  5. I have aquired this building project from a family member. Its all finished now and here is the final result. I have equipped the model with: - 540 sports tuned Tamiya engine -standard servo, -Graupner GM6 sender 40 mhz - I run 5000 MHA NIMH accus with a brushed motor/ standard ESC ITs all very very basic. I am looking for a nice upgrade advice - what kind of brushless / ESC would you recommand ( 100$ max) -Sender upgrade needed? -Is it possible to add lights? What do i need for this Thanks a lot! Fer, Netherlands, Europa.
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