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  1. has anyone used yeah racing 60mm big bore shocks https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-aluminum-big-bore-go-60mm-damper-set-4pcs-for-1-10-rc-touring-car-black-bbg-0060bk-00085015
  2. I am just looking for more reliable shocks but was going to keep them for spare parts when i found some sorry
  3. i have been having problems with plastic end caps ripping/busting out on the hobby king shocks i am currently using so i would prefer if the top end cap is one piece or metal
  4. do you know if tt02 shocks will work on the ta02
  5. I have two real nice all aluminum shocks that were on a ta02 I got and would like to get a full set/repair the one I have.they are 60 mm big bores with no marking or logos. they look like tt02 hop ups to me but i am not sure.
  6. I am having problems with my u shaft backing out will the DF03 3x48 5mm shaft work to replace it
  7. does the 53217 come with the longer diff cup
  8. does anyone know the part number for the ta02 rear diff cups i can only find the short side
  9. will a DF03 3x48.5mm Shaft work to replace my U-Shaft For the TA02SW
  10. this normal razer blade is a tight fit
  11. so far they are good a bit loose but beside that they are amazing
  12. has anyone ever used jazrider uprights and c cups https://www.jazrider.com/tamiya-ta01-parts-c-1298_3778_4725.html
  13. next question will ta04 king pins work
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