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  1. Not gonna lie, Christmas 2021 was a really good one!
  2. Hi Jimmy, Thank you so much for your positive comments. I decided to post this Dynatech 02H renovation because other than Glen “Tamiya Legends” YouTube video there really isn’t a lot of reference material online. I have an ultrasonic cleaner (they truly are a tool of the Gods) which I used to clean the can and end caps once I had extracted the bearings. It all came up fairly well except the spindle end cap which was flaking paint already, hence the need to respray. Luckily the writing was predominantly intact and just the sides needed a touch up. Used my wife’s Cricut Maker to create the frisket film mask for this.
  3. It’s an RC universal Bearing Tool, or Ball Bearing puller. This one is from MOTIV RC. It’s to safely extract and insert ball bearings. A very handy little bit of kit.
  4. Hi RC_OX, The late 80’s and early 90’s was exactly the same time I got into Tamiya RC with my first being the Monster Beetle and my last being the Avante with a Dynatech 02H. Sadly they both and my 959 were lost over time with parents moving etc etc. I got my son a 2013 MB rerelease as his first RC car too and have a NIB 2011 ABS and rere 2021 Egress both to build with him over the Xmas holidays. This 02H is going into a 2011 Avante which we are also building. I have to say just rebuilding the motor has been an amazing trip down memory lane and so much fun! I’m glad I have helped trigger fond memories for you too!
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