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  1. Hi all. Just a bit of info. Wether anyone has discovered this before I’m not sure, so apologies if it’s already out there. Trying to strengthen the diffs on my TT-02B has proven difficult as I couldn’t find the necessary metal internals. The TT-02E has metal internals and the diffs are interchangeable. This still leaves you with a plastic crown wheel however. After a bit of comparing. I’ve found the metal crown wheels for the Gravelhound fit the 02E casing. This has 3 screws, not four as the 02B has. GPM racing also make metal bevel input gears to fit the 02B (on order) Gaz.
  2. Yes. I thought about that but in reality I think the receiver is just crap. Plus, to shield it correctly would involve connecting the tape to ground/negative. tbh once I’ve solved this little glitch she’ll be up for sale. I think it’s at its limit for what I want so I’ll be moving to a bigger scale. Gaz
  3. Yeah. I’ve moved the esc in front of the motor and put the receiver on top of the servo (no box). I’m getting range issues and jittery steering. Not sure if that’s the radio (Flysky GT5C and GR3E receiver) or the servo interfering with it.
  4. I wish I still had my original Countach. That’d be worth a few quid now! The wife 😂 has a landfreeder. I’m not impressed with it but she likes it. Again the steering is rubbish and the suspension is dire but it’s adequate for her. It maxes out at 10mph. i think the diffs will fail next on the plasma. I’ll up them to steel lsd or ball dependant, then that’ll be it as far as upgrades on that go. I’ve ordered a Arrma Kraton EXB. I’m not overcooked on pre built stuff. But these are pretty bullet proof so I think the fun will increase. And there’s ALWAYS room for some spannering 😉 Where did you move to? Gaz
  5. Good choice. It’s a very strong buggy. Even snapping the chassis took a 40mph impact. The only other damage was a bent center drive cup shaft and the front hubs snapped on the steering spurs. Total repair bill was less than £20. in standard guise it should be very reliable. The next logical step for me will be Arrma. I’m not into putting perfect models on shelves and admiring them. No disrespect to those that do. (Each to their own). A lot of my enjoyment comes from the wrenching side of this hobby. I’m actually glad when something gets dirty, or breaks. It means I get to rebuild it all over again. This is how I got into this hobby 42 years ago when Tamiya RC was a new thing. I was 10 or 11. My daughter has a off road buggy. All be it a toy grade, but she’s interested. Even at 4 years old! This really in a fantastic hobby
  6. I’ve not run it yet with these wheels. I’m using the high speed gear set (68t) and a 25t pinion. Hw 10BL120 esc and Xerun 8.5t brushless motor on 3s 45C lipo. 41mph was on standard wheels and tyres with 0 deg timing. Only problem was it didn’t stop it just skidded. (Results of that pictured below) Hence more rubber! good fun though! 😆 I’ve upped the braking % and increased timing to 11.5 deg. See what happens next.
  7. I’ve been experimenting with the TT-02B. I’ve managed to break it a couple of times but the parts are super easy to find and very cheap. Just re-built it tonight after snapping the chassis in two. I’ve sorted the steering by modding some parts from a TT-01 and added the full turnbuckle kit. I’ve hit 41mph so far. Aiming for 50+. These big wheels should help with stability and clearance.
  8. Are there any bigger body options for the above? I need more height to rearrange the electrical setup. cheers. Gaz
  9. Well I sorted the steering. I used some linkages and parts from a TT-01E. After some mods to the chassis, it worked a treat. Although it would still benefit from the turnbuckle set. 41 mph today! Xerun V10 8.5t motor. Quicrun 10BL120 esc. 3s 45c lipo. Hi speed gear set 25/68. The original tyres however have woeful grip on tarmac. More evident when braking. The result is pictured below 😖 Stripping down now and listing the parts required. Damage is superficial at first look. The tub has taken the brunt of the impact, and one support bearing from the center drive shaft is currently on its way to the moon.🤣
  10. I’m guilty of using the stock SS in all 3 of my kits. the only one that seems to suffer with it is my TT-02B. It’s on a crappy Futaba servo however. I’m going to try one of the high speed JX ones as they come recommended. I’ve got Power HD LF20s’ in the other 2. Not the fastest, but good solid power. I think I’ll be upgrading the servo savers on them all soon to the metal type. The plastic one has been ok, but just so. The TT-02B has just received a massive power upgrade (8.5t motor, 10BL120 On 3s LiPo) and the steering is definitely suffering. Other members will probably have more recommendations. I’ve been away from this hobby for a while now and LOTS of things have changed. Gaz
  11. Just check everything is straight. What servo have you fitted and do you use the plastic servo saver supplied in the kit? The upgrade kit is the Yeah Racing Rapid performance kit. have a shop around. Your looking at £140 ish for everything.
  12. Well. The bearings made a difference. A whopping 1mph. 🙄 Obviously as the power increases these will help at the higher speeds, but really If you’re staying on a standard kit I’d say spend the money on something else. Beer maybe🍻 As stated above. The handling side of things will be next. It’s very twitchy. Probably due to it wandering and trying to correct it all the time. some positive steering would be a big plus.
  13. Hi. Well done on your first build. the steering is troublesome on the TT kits. I’m about to go out and do another speed run, after that I’ll be fitting the front end upgrade. This should allow me to dial in some camber and toe in to help the steering. Watch this space 🤘 Gaz
  14. Well I’ve literally just managed some speed runs. I’ve been waiting for the ice to melt. I decided not to have the body on as it’s pretty dark and I didn’t want to risk hitting the kerb (or anything else). I did 6 runs over about 50-60m. The obvious basic upgrade to my mind would be the plastic bushings to bearings. It’s a cheap upgrade that many do as a matter of course, without ever fitting the plastic bushings supplied in the kit. so. 18mph was the speed. Slower than I expected. lets see just how much of a difference the £10 worth of bearings actually make. Any input about the next upgrade would be appreciated. Everyone has their own ideas as to what’s next. I feel the steering could definitely do with some attention however as it’s really difficult to get it running straight. just to recap: stock kit TT01E , sport tuned motor, 21/61 gears (pinion slightly higher than the stock 19t), TBLE-02s esc, 7.2v NiMh battery. 18mph.
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