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  1. I’ve bagged a TT-01E raw kit from eBay. It was a steal so I’ve hatched a plan. im gonna build the kit ‘as is’ and see how it performs. I’ve ordered pretty much every hop up that I think will make a difference, and then plan to rebuild it using them and see just what effect they have if any.
  2. Made a start. I’ve ordered some 15mm spacers to widen the track too. lifted the body slightly to accommodate the bigger wheels. Drives better already just with the softer tyres. Had a good blast out on the local skate park yesterday.
  3. Well that’s one way of doing it😦 I was thinking more of just some softer springs and mushy tires I think I got the wheel size as 88mm. DF03 shocks?
  4. The last one I had on a Tamiya was wire wound with a honking great resistor on it lol. my helicopters, drones and boats have all had built in or combined systems that you can’t adjust.
  5. 😁 yes. For the wife. she hasn’t had one before, so I’m advising her based on my findings 👍
  6. First run of the newly built landfreeder highlighted a few problems pretty much straight away. The suspension is too hard. The wheels are too small and little grip from the tyres. ( running on grass ). The track is too narrow. It rolls over for fun. The steering is sloppy and has a wide turning circle. On the plus side the speed is good. The first port of call will be bigger wheels and tyres I think, and to widen the track Has anyone any recommended wheel/tyre combos? cheers Gaz
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353234854671
  8. The RR is from Jaz. that’s the total price inclusive of shipping (£15)
  9. I’ve looked at both. The pro is scarce and the cheapest one is £303 on Amazon. The RR is plentiful on eBay. Cheapest £357 imported. If I go that route the RR is a no brainer for the extra £50.
  10. Thanks. I’m gravitating to the XV. Lancia Delta Integrale to be precise. seems to be lots of hop up options and I like the fact it’s sealed well. now to find one at the right price 🧐
  11. Lots of info there cheers. I’m not after setting any records. I just want something 50-60mph range. I’m now looking at 3 chassis types. TA-07RR, XV-01 and TT-01. The TA looks like a money pit to be honest so it’s between the other 2. Any thoughts? gaz.
  12. Hi Jonathon. Fast as in 50-60 mph+. I’ve been modelling for 40 years but the new regime of esc is still a learning curve. I was flying Helis before gyros came along so I’m gonna assume the new breed of motors and escs are a similar advancement. what do you mean by esc timing?
  13. Hi Andy. Which kit is it you’re building? Gaz
  14. Hi all. I’m looking for recommendations for a (very) fast road racer to build. The more complicated the better. It doesn’t have to be Tamiya but I would prefer if possible. Cost isn’t a big factor but I’m not a millionaire so it needs to be sensible, and parts and upgrades need to be easily obtained. thanks in advance. Gaz.
  15. I hit a snag while setting up the Landfreeder. I installed a Quicrun esc with the intention of running Li-Po packs. They don’t fit in the slot provided in the chassis. Fortunately they do fit in the tray on the TT-02B chassis so I swapped the speed controllers around and reset everything. I’ve fitted a couple of Turnigy switches in the truck for future use. I did have to file the on-off switch slot slightly to accept the rubber boot that comes with it (TBLE-02S). Just need a day to give them both a bash in some mud and gravel now! 🤘
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