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  1. Hi all again, got from Tamico that the chassi from the Lancia should work with the Vaillant body plus new wheels & tires. I might give that a go if it’s possible to source the wheels. Anyone know if there is anything else I need to consider? This kit: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58654-Lancia-037-Rallye-TA-02S-Bausatz
  2. Many thanks for your detailed responses! Perhaps I should make it easy for myself and just order the Carrera TT02 as a starting point as everything is included. Have found them 115gbp which seems like a good deal
  3. Hi all! First post so please bear with me if this has been covered. I would like to take up RC again and would like a 1/10 porsche model with vintage feel. From my understanding only the Martini version with TT02 is readily available online whereas the Valeant and Jägermeister versions have been discontinued. My questions is if there is any chassi that is possible to buy new that would fit the Valeant body (which is still available from tamico) or if the Martini version is the "only" possible option. I would preferrably get a little bit more high-spec chassi than the TT02. Also, is there any way to get the Valeant body to fit the TT02? Many thanks and sorry if this has been covered, couldnt find it when i searched.
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