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  1. I'm not going above the torque tuned tamiya motor. Think that speed fits this truck. Will see how the stock transmission goes and upgrade if needed. Cheers
  2. And just want to say thanks again all for giving your inputs. Really appreciate it.
  3. Hey thanks. Is that hop up to stop the original transmission breaking or does it improve performance? Or both It? For a 50 quid upgrade wondering if its worth it.
  4. the windows into the motor are not big. I can't see anything amiss and I can't take it apart right?
  5. Hi all. Just been outside for 8 minutes. The truck is rapid and is great fun in the wet. So it was the motor. I feel I shld have just swapped them before I posted, but didn't think. Thank you for all your help and comments. So I will get back to the shop about the motor. Its brand new. I dont see any debris in there, all looks clean. So just a faulty motor? Some other questions if I may? Am I OK to run the tamiya sport tuned motor from the Racing Fighter? I've read about the transmission case bulging - do I need to be pro active here? Or should I return to the standard tamiya motor?
  6. I've installed the torque tuned motor. It feels nice and free, forward and back. I tested it with a C battery and it now turns forward and back, same speed. So it looks like its a dodgy motor! I have a full battery so will rest it now.
  7. Checked the length of the screws and they do not extend into the motor. They only go into the motor bracket.
  8. I was just thinking this. I can't see all the numbers because of the tamiya sticker, but the BF has their standard motor. But actually the Racing Fighter came with a 'torque tuned motor. So I can't try that but it looks like it is the faster motor. The question will be whether it heats up as bad. When I turn the motors out of the car, the BF standard motor doesn't turn that freely. The Racing Fighter motor turns completely freely. Think I need to give the BF a run with that motor... BTW, when the motor is out of the BF the wheels turn freely. So it looks like the motor...
  9. I hit reverse signal and its slow forward and quick reverse, so guess the transmitter set up OK? When setting it up I didn't really do anything. I havent set high point etc. All I did do was minimise the neutral brake
  10. I've tried this with a new C battery. Is that what you mean? I can hear something very faint. But the wheels do not turn. I can try adding washers or something to shorten the screws in case 'fouling the rotor'.
  11. Thank you. The diff is working fine. And I stripped the transmission the other day and it looks good. I attached the motor (as a test) in a way where you can see the gear mesh and that looks good. Was that you meant by the correction paper ( the bit about the pinion)?
  12. Hi. My first post, so thanks in advance for any help offered! I've just bought and built a 2016 Blackfoot. Everything standard apart from metal ball bearings. 3000mah nimh battery. The transmission seems very smooth and working properly. But with the motor in, if i turn the rear wheels forward (with my hands) it doesn't turn as easy as I think it should. When I turn them in reverse its harder again. So this was concerning. The gear mesh is good. When running it, to me, the truck seems slow. I expected a quicker pickup. With a 10T pinion the top end is never going to be that quick. The engine gets hot quickly and after 4 or 5 minutes it is extremely hot to the touch. ESC is not hot. After about 5 minutes the car loses any punch it did have and after about 7 minutes its lost a lot of speed. It could run for a few more minutes but the fun has gone by that stage. Other thing to mention, it doesn't freewheel very far. In reverse, though reverse is slow, it practically doesn't freewheel at all. I'm trying to work out how much of this is normal as Ive never had a tamiya truck before, and how much is a problem. I'd be happy to buy a better motor and battery but no point if the same problems persist. My daughter has a Tamiya Racing Fighter, same set up, and it is so much faster, runs so much longer, motor doesnt get hot etc, that I'm left a bit disappointed with Blackfoot. It looks great though!! Many thanks for any advice.
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