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  1. This is my spare parts TT-02B and it has a DB-01 Baldre shell which fits well and I really like the look of. It just has the extra bulge on one side for the transverse motor:
  2. An idea: the aluminium reinforced tape for bodies can look quite classy if you use it for cable routing with a nice big piece of tape.
  3. That thing looks wicked, but it really needs a scale GAU-8/A Avenger sticking out the pointy end to go with the shark tooth grin.
  4. I think the TT-02 receiver box is a major pain in the neck because it has four tiny screws into very hard plastic while you're trying to shove receiver wires in and not chop the antenna off on the way out. It's huge and horrible, so do a practice run without anything "permanent" like double sided tape and screws and cable ties and soldering before you commit to it. Receiver on top of servo and ESC on receiver box area is convenient. Sport tuned and heatsink looks good! You're very close to being done, maybe you can be tempted to go ahead and "waste" the spikey kit tires on tarmac for a bit of fun while you decide what to do?
  5. Looks like they're meant for 62/40 tires, with rear buggy wheels being 62/35 (4wd large dish rear). They fit on the buggy wheels but don't quite look right to me. I'd go with the dual block K and have fun wearing them out if it's to be Tamiya.
  6. Same as usual - large market, strong exchange rate and sales tax not included in the list price (that would drive me bonkers).
  7. 1. Could the ticking come from the universal joints? Try compressing the suspension (carefully with your hand) until the universal shaft is horizontal/neutral, one wheel at a time, and see if that is related to the sound. 2. You're in ESC reverse mode (which is usually 50% speed) when the wheels spin in the forward direction. Reverse the throttle direction in your transmitter so that transmitter forward is ESC forward, then swap the wires between ESC and motor so that ESC forward is motor forward.
  8. I agree that the DT-03 is awesome but not so good for "fun" because 2wd and understeery. Aqroshot with proper tires is pretty great if you like that chassis. TT-02B is lots of fun and 4wd so a bit more capable and nimble in general. Bonus is parts compatibility with your TT-02s. Not sure if the bodies inspire you (I like them, but there's some TRF bodies that look cool and sort of fit if you want more). I totally agree that all of the "big tire" models are a total hoot. Like Mad Bull or Lunchbox. Big tires let them go anywhere even with 2wd. A lot of people here rate the Thunder Shot/Thunder Dragon/Terra Scorcher for fun and capability, and they all look uniquely cool. Edit: CC-01 rally (faster-than-crawler motor) and XV-01 are super fun. It sounds like you're looking for "off-road fun" specifically - yeah it's in the title.
  9. Mind = blown! But you know if you buy reinforced arms _and_ a tub to finish your 90% tt02b, you'll have at least another 15-20% left over towards the next one. 4ws tt02 GT-R?
  10. Do you have the little A9 bits? They're very important for the front kick-up and I could only find them on a tt02b spare parts tree from Tony's Tamiya Parts on eBay.
  11. TT02B Carbon Fiber Reinforced Gear Cover & Lower Suspension Arm Set Black. Item No 54815. And Tamiya 51076 (SP1076) RC DF-02 B Parts (Upright). And Tamiya 53141 (OP141) G6-01/WR-02 Lightweight King Pin Set. Get the reinforced tub while you're at it and build a tt02br from spares. Edit: I guess you know all this already, after I read your post more carefully.
  12. You're super welcome and I've learned so much from everyone here. It's such a good forum and community.
  13. Woohoo! I'm sure your radio and receiver are functionally just fine. Try fiddling with TH - you want it in the middle/neutral. You probably need to turn ESC off and on after each change. If that fails post some pics. Good luck!
  14. Wouldn't a lipo monitor plug into the balance port, so if the monitor is happy the charger should be happy? If it's a monitor that plugs into the battery plug then you'd only see an overall voltage instead of per-cell - could one of the cells be below 3.2v so the charger sees it as bad and won't touch it? Lipo alarm would tell you. If a cell or cells dropped too low you can force charge it certain ways but that's very risky and dangerous. If it's purely the cable then yeah definitely replace it. Just cut and solder one wire at a time (or stagger the lengths, or be very careful and insulate bare wires with tape) or else you might short them and find out how zesty even one lipo cell can spark...
  15. I re-uploaded the image. It just pointed out that the labels in the manual contradict the sticker on the receiver! So if you followed the manual labels you might have it plugged in wrong. I think the sticker on the receiver is correct (because that would make sense) but I'm guessing.
  16. Step 1: read your receiver manual. Step 2: ignore it because it's wrong!!! Step 3: plug your ESC into THR (second from the top - I mean I guess! Someone with the radio might clarify but common sense dictates THR is the correct one). Steering is channel 1 and throttle is channel 2, and throttle channel 2 should go to the ESC. Make sure the plug is around the right way, too, but it must be or else you wouldn't have power to make your servos work.) (Wow, that's the worst possible receiver design. Bind should be furthest from steering so you can naturally count channels "1, 2, 3, bind" from one side to narrow down the logical possibilities). It sounds like your problem is that the ESC can't calibrate itself. It looks for your neutral throttle signal and tries to figure out forward/reverse/min/max from that. The ESC manual should describe it in the Troubleshooting section. It won't work if the ESC is plugged into a non-throttle channel. You also need to make sure that your throttle trim and throttle reverse are set to neutral/default. As per the manual - "TH" at zero/neutral, "TH/LIM" at 100 and "TH/R" at normal/not reversed (whatever that means, can't tell from the drawing in the manual).
  17. It will look like a Subaru Quattro
  18. What about 50548 and 50549 gold mesh wheels to go for something like this? https://teamilluminata.com/blogs/quattro-rally-build/wheel-selection-for-our-quattro-rally-build You're right those gold two piece look just perfect for a road car but not for rally. The white rally wheels are _too_ rally. Otherwise I think the kit wheels look the best (maaaybe in gold, who doesn't love classic cars with gold wheels???)
  19. You can't swap the polarity of a servo to reverse it (like you can with a motor) because the timing of the signal over the signal wire controls angle, not the +/- polarity. Look for a servo reversing cable - they have a microchip that will alter the signal and "reverse" it. Some transmitter/receivers can take the single steering input signal and do "4ws mixing" to provide two output channels but Spektrum SLT3 doesn't mention that capability so I assume it can't.
  20. We walked a trail and I brought the Lunchbox to tag along with the CC-01. It was great! There were real rocks and steps and roots along the way. The tires are very slippery and it has no throttle control but it bounces over and around a lot of stuff like a puppy dog. I think it might be quite good with the right motor, monster spike tires (is there a CW-01-sized proper crawling tire?) and a locked diff.
  21. Yes. Each rear axle has two ball bearings - one deep inside the gearbox from page 7, and one at the other end of the axle but still inside the gearbox housing from page 21. The ball bearing should go all the way into the plastic gearbox housing with nothing sticking out. If your plastic or bearings are scratched, chipped, or dirty/sandy/dusty it might be difficult to get them in all the way but it should be easy to clean out and free up. Then you just need hub, wheel, and lock nut on each side.
  22. I got a run in a few weeks ago and had fun as usual with the m-08. I was excited to try the lovely ta-08 pro but it didn't really gel. For me it boils down to turning circle and steering response which the m-08 and xv-01 (long damper spec) excel at. They both have a better radio than the ta-08 (Futaba vs FlySky) but the xv-01 has the slowest servo of the three. I'll figure something out. I haven't found a good surface and tire combo to run buggies on yet. Dual block C compound stick like glue to hot tarmac, but traction roll at high speed is a carpet burn of the soul. I wouldn't know where to start with fleabay tires and wheels so I stick with PJ and Tamiya.
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    That's lovely craftsmanship.
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