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  1. Trying to find the 6 spoke gold wheel set that was included in the ARTA NSX TA05 kit Thank you
  2. The plastic bushings included for the front transmission that are 6 (OD) x2 (ID) mm, what is their width? Are they 2.5mm or 2mm wide? I'd like to order some spare ball bearings and I seem to have misplaced my notes......
  3. 1. Hot Shot II 2. Dirt Thrasher 3. Taisan Starcard Porsche 911GT2 4. Super Hornet 5. Mad Bull
  4. 1. I can buy replacement parts. Yes 2. It won’t break immediately as I run it around. Yes 3. Is this an off road buggy? No That body with TT-02 platform is not intended for off road, so it will struggle, if run at all, on grass. It is definitely NOT recommended if off-road capability is a critical characteristic. I don't know about that side of the "pond", but in North America, the best resource of Tamiya parts remains Ebay. The international nature of Tamiya and Ebay makes it far easier to acquire and maintain a healthy inventory of spares. That being said, maybe consider other chassis options, such as the XV-01 or DF-03RA. They better handle off-road, even though accommodating full fendered body options.
  5. I'm having a hard time deciding on a decent direction to take for the motor in my VQS runner. I have at my disposal both brushed and brushless options. I'm leaning towards brushless, so I am wondering what others have done that is suitable for the stock gearing?
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