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  1. What did you upgrade to Jonny? I have a DT-03 Racing Fighter and whilst the current motor is fine, was thinking about upgrading to get some speed. A bit puzzled by all the brushless options. Want something quicker but not crazy!
  2. Finished off my Christmas dt-03 today. First shell and spray job so a bit rough but learned lots and my 5 your old still thinks it looks 'awesome'
  3. Thanks for the recommendations folks. It's built up now and i just took it for a blast out the front of my house on wet tarmac. They weren't as bad as i thought they would be but I'm confident these recommendations will work better, just by getting more rubber down. I've seen both the Schumacher cut staggers and Carson's recommended on other buggies so will try either of those i reckon
  4. Hi folks, half way through building the racing fighter my wife bought me for Christmas. Really happy so far and I'm not sure about the front tyres. I'm mostly going to be driving on hard dusty off-road and tarmac surfaces and these look like they'll not offer much grip. Anyone have any experience/recommendations on front tyres for this car? Or are the stock ones better than they look? Thanks! Adam
  5. I got a DT-03 for Christmas as well 😁 hoping to have it built before the extension closes
  6. I love the little scale workshop! Really nice touch. Plus the 2CV is great.
  7. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=16890 I've got these in my mp and they fit fine
  8. More scientific than my "hold it and blow" method. Question is... Did it flicker in the right direction? ie, heavier? I would expect vibration to be erratic / lifting force. You'd probably get a truer reading with the car flat on the scales. The running with and without is probably a more fun if less precise way of doing the science!
  9. Well as it's freshly liberated from its place on your buggy, try blowing over it. If you hold out lightly by one side you should be able to feel it lift ever so slightly if its doing anything
  10. Think about an rc plane at take off. They generate lift at a couple of mph around walking pace albeit just a little bit. Your wing is just an upside down wing so a good one will begin to generate downforce at very low speeds. Plenty of vanity spoilers which which work the same way as stripes. They look faster therefore they are!
  11. Interesting if true, because this type of behaviour can be illegal in Europe and the UK. Recent big fines for Fender and Roland for leaning on retailers to keep prices high. Industry is different but the principles will be applied exactly the same.
  12. Very handy, I'm hoping my Racing Fighter will handle similarly well when it arrives at Christmas, with some tarmac friendly tyres fitted of course.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions I'll give it a go in a different position and of not just try the video and count idea someone else gave.
  14. Hi Folks, I took my pumpkin out to give this my first go on the local basketball court. Little bit wet on the ground which made the going pretty easy, the car was sliding nicely and not tipping over too readily. I did have one big roll which flung one of the rear wheels off and ended the fun. Lesson learned to always pack the wrench! I didn't get very far with Laptrax, and then lost count twice trying to do a manual timer and counting the laps. It wasn't very many... But I'll still need to go down and have another go tomorrow I reckon. How do you folks set the Laptrax up? I couldn't see an option to just count laps, do you just set a really high number of "Max Laps" and a 5 minute race limit? How about the motion/colour sensing, on a track like this one would it count a lap if you went through the line in either direction? Thanks Adam
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